In a Quidditch match, there are seven players: three Chasers, two Beaters, a Keeper, and a Seeker.

To score a goal and receive ten points, three of the Chasers must play the Quaffle and throw it into the opponent’s goal.

The two Beaters are in charge of escorting the players on their side and throwing the incredibly aggressive Bludgers into the air. It would be even better to hit the ball in the direction of the opponent with the correct technique.

The Keeper’s job is to protect the net and keep the other team’s players from putting the Quaffle through their own three scoring hoops.

The Seeker plays the most significant role. They are in charge of getting the Golden Snitch. The game is over once he has captured the Golden Snitch, and they will receive a total of 150 points.

Therefore, in the normal case, the team whose Seeker captures the Golden Snitch first effectively wins.

After all, a gap of 150 points cannot be beaten even though the enemy had tremendous skills in normal scoring.

But, the Golden Snitch is challenging to catch. The duel has occasionally been tragically prolonged by the failure of the Seekers on either side to capture the Golden Snitch in the past.

Because Gryffindor’s Seekers were weaker than their own Seekers in the past, Slytherin was able to defeat them. Every time, the Golden Snitch was initially caught by their Seekers.

In truth, before Slytherin’s Seeker caught the Snitch, Gryffindor always had a higher score than Slytherin, but the difference was never as great as it is now.

You should be aware that Gryffindor has incredibly strong Beaters and Chasers, particularly the team’s captain Charlie Weasley, who just graduated last year.

Charlie Weasley allegedly turned down an invitation from the British Quidditch squad after graduating.

This game against Gryffindor will be in jeopardy if Jerry is unable to perform perfectly, leading to the opposing Seeker catching the Golden Snitch first. In the hands of his present captain, the seven years of victory over those heedless Gryffindors will come to an end.

Marcus is more anxious than Jerry himself for the same reason.


“Now, let’s open the doors and let the players from both teams in!” At this point, Gryffindor third-year wizard Lee Jordan made an announcement while commentating on a Quidditch match.

His voice grew quieter, and the young wizards outside started to yell together.

“Okay, here we go! Good luck to everyone!”

Jerry, who was riding the Nimbus 2000, and the remaining six team members flew out first after Marcus launched off on his broomstick.

The Gryffindor team, decked out in brilliant red Quidditch robes, and the Slytherin team, decked out in dark green robes, rapidly took off from opposite ends of the Quidditch pitch.

When Ms. Hooch was already standing in the middle of the pitch, he waved his hands coquettishly in the air before slowly descending on both sides of her. The tension in the situation abruptly rose to a peak.



One after another, the yells grew louder and louder. However, it is clear that the voice of support for Gryffindor is much louder than the voice of support for Slytherin. The courageous and passionate Gryffindor is in no way more popular than the haughty and disdainful Slytherin.

As a result, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw supported Gryffindor apart from their respective houses. But something wasn’t right when they closely examined the athletes on both sides of the pitch.

In other words, the Slytherin team’s Seeker is not the same Terrence Higgs who hasn’t changed in four years, but rather a fresh face who clearly resembles a first or second-year wizard.

“That is Jerry! How did he get to be the Seeker for the Slytherin team?” Daphne and all the Slytherin wizards simultaneously let out a collective astonishment in the Slytherin stands at this point.

Hermione, Harry, and Ron, who were also on the Gryffindor side and knew Jerry, also exclaimed in wonder.

“Jerry! Jerry ended up being the Seeker! Hermione, did you know that Jerry became a Seeker in his first year?”

“I don’t know, but that should be impossible. He spends every weekend reading with me in the library but has never attended a training session at the Quidditch field!” Hermione shook her head in shock when she heard Harry and Ron’s question.

“Who can tell me the name of this new Seeker? Oh, Merlin’s beard, we discovered out that Slytherin truly changed their Seeker. They bravely used a new Seeker.” The voice of commentator Lee Jordan could now be heard coming from the tower stand once more.

“What? his name is Jerry Carmen? Isn’t he the Jerry that rescued Professor Quirrell from the troll? But if I’m not mistaken, he’s still supposed to be a first-year freshman. Is Slytherin’s brazen and arrogant usage of first-year students just that, or is there a unique reason behind it? Let’s wait and find out!”

All the young wizards understood after hearing Lee Jordan’s explanation that this new Seeker was the first-year Slytherin who had rescued Professor Quirrell from a troll on Halloween a week prior.

Not all of them had seen Jerry. They had only heard of him before. He was now well-known to everyone at Hogwarts, including the wizards in Hogsmeade.

However, at this point, most people are not very hopeful about utilizing a freshman as the most significant Seeker in place of Terrence Higgs, who has five years of expertise. Most of them frowned, especially the senior wizards of Slytherin.

“Play hard for a while, we’ll win this game.” said Wood from the Gryffindor team to the players in a voice even more giddy than usual.

“Now, I want a nice fair game, all of you”

Ms. Hooch had a broom and a silver whistle in each hand. She cast a quick glance at the two teams, particularly Marcus, the Slytherin leader. Because he frequently utilized his size and muscle to commit fouls in previous games.

She finished her sentence and blew loudly into the silver whistle. All of the players from the two sides immediately ascended into the air.

“What a Chaser that girl is, and she’s pretty charming. Angelina Johnson of Gryffindor snatched the Quaffle right away.” Lee Jordan’s commentary started again once more.

“The Golden Snitch was released. Merlin’s beard, it vanished in an instant because of its swiftness. Oh, our Slytherin began searching for the ball. Did he discover the Golden Snitch?”

“Oh, Merlin’s underpants, what did I just see? I must be dreaming. How could it be? Slytherin’s new Seeker Jerry, he caught… caught… caught the Snitch!”

“It has been less than a minute since the Golden Snitch was released. This is probably the fastest game in Quidditch history!”

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Published On: March 22, 2023

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