Rorschach turned his attention to Captain America while ignoring the others and a dejected Coulson.

“This time, I’m here primarily because I’m on a different assignment. I’ve heard that HYDRA also managed to capture your good pal. Do you wish to join forces?”


Without even giving it a second thought, Captain America nodded his assent before asking again, “What about Coulson and the others, can they handle these soldiers?”

Rorschach responded positively: “No doubt. Keep in mind that Coulson and the others are equally skilled fighters as you are.”

Long before the Chitauri army arrived, Osborn Group had resumed supplying S.H.I.E.L.D. with their physical enhancement drugs, Terminator robots, and super troops.

Regarding Coulson’s physical enhancement medication, Rorschach instructed Sitwell to administer a life-saving shot after Loki betrayed him.

Rorschach has now discovered how to use HYDRA’s energy tanks and other destructive weaponry. Because of their superior equipment, the S.H.I.E.L.D. super agents cannot defeat these regular soldiers.

Captain America knowingly nodded. He is aware that there are other super soldiers in this universe besides himself.

“Rorschach, please take me into the HYDRA base.”


Rorschach stood up and flew towards the base while holding Captain America by the collar of his neck. Black Widow couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry as she simply gazed at Captain America like a little cat being taken away by Rorschach.

She questioned, turning to face the expressionless Coulson “Phil, are you certain that S.H.I.E.L.D. is operating normally? Tell me, does Rorschach not appear to be quite weird to us?”

Coulson let out a hopeless sigh, “Don’t even think about it. Aside from arranging for agent No. 13 to approach Rorschach previously, I have had no additional interactions with him. We have worked with and purchased products from the Osborn Group. We should rather be happy for that.”

“In any case, Rorschach has handled the main problem for us, and the rest of HYDRA will be resolved by us,” he said while raising his weapon once more.

Coulson started the attack after speaking. Hawkeye took up a high position and used a long-range sniper to kill any HYDRA members who may endanger the security of his squad as Black Widow and other S.H.I.E.L.D. super-agents closely followed behind.


Sokovia HYDRA Base.

Everyone working at this research base was uncertain when Rorschach first arrived. Baron Strucker was merely debating whether to transfer with his deputy when it was revealed that Captain America directed a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to assault here.

They don’t know why the base’s location was revealed, but even if it’s only those special agents, Baron Strucker is certain he can repel or even wipe off the threat.

After all, the base in Sokovia is well-equipped with military hardware. It is worthwhile, even if it is only a small country’s army. But Baron Strucker’s face changed when Rorschach appeared.

“Stop that Rorschach man at all costs, and send all the remaining tanks and energy weapon personnel to me!” Baron Strucker shouted angrily at his soldiers.

The previous Chitauri War video was widely shared all around the world. The most surprising one was when Rorschach murdered numerous Chitauri soldiers with a single glance and destroyed the alien mothership’s energy barrier with a single punch.

Naturally, pertinent information was also sent to the HYDRA base in Sokovia.

HYDRA has never provoked Rorschach, according to intelligence feedback from HYDRA within S.H.I.E.L.D. Because of this, HYDRA in Sokovia does not believe that a man of that size will approach them when he seeks trouble.

But reality hit them square in the face.

He reprimanded the commander, who became furious and said with a nasty grimace, “All of the energy tanks are obliterated. The moment the energy weapon troops saw the “Superman” Rorschach, they were immediately horrified because he has the power to obliterate a tank with just one glance.”

Baron Strucker screamed, his eyes unwavering, “What an idiot “Superman” is, relying solely on that armor. Tell our soldiers, to blow apart Rorschach’s armor so he understands how powerful our HYDRA is! If you remove one head, two will come back, the HYDRA feared nothing!”

Because of Baron Strucker’s pre-war proclamation, the fervent HYDRA members who served under him were on a high and yelled “Long Live HYDRA” at everything.

“Take those two twins, we have to withdraw, and the Winter Soldier will also be taken away,” Baron Strucker said to his deputy as the crowd began to yell.

Alexander Pierce, a former HYDRA leader, was The Winter Soldier’s first controller.

After Rorschach killed Alexander Pierce, he helped Sitwell ascend to the position of commander of the new HYDRA generation and gave him the task of erasing the relevant records and information from the Winter Soldier.

There was only Bucky the Winter Soldier left. Bucky was trapped in the HYDRA facility in Siberia and lost all recollection of the previous ten years.

Baron Strucker had planned to relaunch the Winter Soldier project, locate the HYDRA facility in Siberia, and relocate Bucky exactly because the death of Alexander Pierce had made the HYDRA branch he led unwillingly follow Sitwell’s orders. Unblock him by returning to his base camp in Sokovia.

The deputy inquired once more, “What about the experimental data of the dead spore virus?”

“The computer has long since been destroyed, and I have a backup. If you don’t go now, it will be too late.” urged Baron Strucker.

Baron Strucker, his deputy, and a group of cronies hastily left the hidden route.

Baron Strucker’s group are heavily armed and guarded on the outer tier of this evacuation crew. The Winter Soldier, who has once more fallen victim to Baron Strucker’s brainwashing, is standing between him and his deputy.

He was followed by a set of identical twins. These two are the test subjects for Baron Strucker. There are several experimental subjects in the base who are similar to them, but Baron Strucker’s most significant experimental subjects are this family of siblings.

Particularly the sibling in the red leather windbreaker. Her body appears to have a strong, incredible power, but it has not yet been released.

“Follow up. We have prepared an off-road vehicle on the other side of the hidden passage, and proceed to the hiding site in the surrounding town first before making arrangements.” urged Baron Strucker.

Everybody picked up the pace. The twin twins also embraced one another closely. They’ve had several opportunities to escape like this, but now they find themselves unexpectedly forced to change their positions. The two siblings’ confusion about the future is compounded by their terror.

Soon, a group emerged from the hidden passage. They were startled to hear a slightly monotonous voice before their eyes adjusted to the bright brightness outside.

“Why did you come out? I have been waiting for you for a long time.”


The others, including Baron Strucker, became alert at once and turned their gaze forward.

He could see two people in front of him. One is Captain America glaring at them, with a mask and clutching a vibranium shield.

The other is Rorschach, also known as “Superman” by the general public.

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Published On: March 17, 2023

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