Up to the holiday break, nothing noteworthy had occurred since they learned who Nicholas Flamel was. As usual, Jerry is studying diligently, although at this time, the concentration is on making potions rather than the spell.

He spent most of his time reading books about potions when he visited the library, and most of the inquiries he posed to Professor Snape concerned potions. This immensely pleased Professor Snape.

During this time, Jerry and Hermione visited Hagrid’s hut on Harry’s invitation and struck up a casual acquaintance with him. Hagrid was astounded to see a Slytherin companion with Harry and Ron. Because he was aware of Harry and Ron’s intense loathing for Slytherin.

However, as they started getting along, Hagrid soon saw that Jerry was different from a typical Slytherin, particularly in how much he liked his rock cakes and appeared to be fascinated by magical creatures. Hagrid’s fondness for him was immediately satisfied by this.

Hagrid prepared the rock cake so hard that it would knock Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s teeth out, and they were all in disbelief that Jerry could eat it. He believed that this was something that he loved even more than Jerry’s superb magical talent, especially for Ron.

Jerry can only say that he is in great shape, and the rock cake tastes delicious. Thus, the official start of the Christmas holiday has arrived.

With the exception of a few who lingered in class after breakfast, the other young wizards went back to the dorm to pack their belongings.

Like they did when they first started school, they will eventually board the Hogwarts Express together and depart from Hogwarts Castle, and Jerry is no different. However, he has very few possessions because he has already tossed the majority of them into his magical suitcase.

“Merry Christmas in advance!”

When Jerry approached the door while appearing to be contemplating something, he had already packed his belongings and was pulling a suitcase. While still packing, he turned his head to wave at Draco and the others.

Draco and the others appeared somewhat stunned. They didn’t anticipate Jerry, who generally reads books and avoids them, would approach them and introduce himself today. However, for some reason, the three of them were feeling a little content right now.

“Thank you, and Merry Christmas.” Jerry pulled the suitcase and nodded before he left the Slytherin common room.

When Jerry reached the first floor, he instead went to the Great Hall instead of immediately following the line of young wizards to Hogsmeade Station. Because he scheduled a meeting with Hermione to bid Harry and Ron farewell here.

Hermione wouldn’t choose to spend Christmas at school because she has family, but Harry didn’t want to visit his uncle’s family because he didn’t want to see their faces, so he opted to stay at school.

Ron’s parents also remained with their two older brothers this Christmas because they intended to visit their second kid Charlie there.

Jerry entered the Great Hall and discovered that it was significantly more gorgeous and stunning than usual. A dozen tall Christmas trees were positioned throughout the room, some of which had small icicles and others that had hundreds of candles. The walls were festooned with holly and mistletoe.

Some are even covered with small golden bubbles transformed by magic.

“Jerry, here!” Just as Jerry’s eyes were drawn to the auditorium’s many exquisite decorations, Harry and Ron waved to him from the Gryffindor table.

“Are you playing wizard chess?” Jerry moved nearer to see Harry and Ron playing wizard chess, a game that is particularly well-liked among wizards.

Wizard Chess is a mystical version of chess in which the player commands the pieces to move to the target square on their own. When a piece is captured, the enemy piece will topple it before dragging it off the board.

Jerry is not very interested in playing wizard chess, but he is quite intrigued by the alchemy involved in creating a wizard chessboard.

He made sure to read the “Basics of Alchemy,” which were copied from the restricted area, and discussed this type of alchemy that imbues common substances with spiritual intelligence.

However, the subject matter is quite profound, therefore he most likely won’t be able to finish it quickly. Jerry was still astonished by this type of alchemy’s ability to imbue common materials with spiritual knowledge.

If you don’t look into it, it appears to be nothing, but if you do, you’ll realize that this type of alchemy is actually against the laws of physics and is even a little frightening. This is the same as inventing a brand-new race or life, which is on the level of God.

Although it is still a long way off from the actual creation of life, it has already started to move in that direction.

Similar to how those chess pieces are still disputing and expressing their own thoughts to Harry and Ron despite only being there to carry out commands, showing that they already have a personality or soul of their own.

There is also the magical vehicle that Arthur Weasley used magic and alchemy to change. Because of Ron’s excessive use, it ran into the Forbidden Forest and afterward was irascible and refused to leave.

The Sorting Hat, which has a lifespan of thousands of years, is what stands out the most. It not only possesses intelligence on par with humans, but it also possesses unique magical skills.

“You saw his horse. Why are you sending me there? Whether or not he made a sacrifice, send him.”

When Harry’s bishop on the chessboard heard that Harry wanted him to go ahead, he angrily ordered the soldiers next to him and pointed at them.

When Harry realized this, he scowled and said, “My chess piece doesn’t trust me enough.”

“I’m an expert at playing wizard chess, so even Hermione can’t compare to me. It’s pointless to put a trust.” Upon hearing this, Ron proudly raised his chin. This is the only ability he can show at present.

“Do you want to play a game with me, Jerry?” When Harry was done, Ron rolled his eyes and looked at Jerry, who was too talented.

He can boast about it later if he defeats Jerry in wizard chess.

“I don’t have wizard chess. After Christmas, I’ll get a set, and we’ll play when school resumes.”

This time, Jerry simply intended to take some time to practice alchemy since wizard chess is not particularly difficult. It can be said that he has learned the basics of alchemy if he can create a set on his own.

“Jerry, Harry, Ron, you’re all here!”

Hermione, at this point, enthusiastically strolled toward the three of them while pulling a huge luggage that nearly reached her height and was draped in a Gryffindor scarf.

“How do you have so many items, Hermione? the Christmas break is only two weeks long, not two months.” Jerry believed that Hermione must have jammed all of her items inside the suitcase, or it wouldn’t be so stuffed.

“But I believe that this stuff will be used in the holidays!” Hermione spoke sweetly while her eyes fluttered.

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Published On: March 24, 2023

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