Rorschach discovered the mothership from which the Eternals descended to earth after disposing of the Deviants’ corpses. The mothership of the Eternals has two extremely conventional isosceles triangles at its top and bottom and a 100-meter-tall flat metal wall in the center.

It is obvious that the creator of this mothership suffers from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder.

[Side Mission “Earth’s Star Fleet”, the number of motherships +1.]

This mothership does not welcome Rorschach’s presence because he is not an Eternal.

Rorschach entered the Mothership’s deck by violently smashing through the exterior wall of the Eternal Race Mothership. Rorschach effortlessly inserted the Tianluo artificial system into the Eternal Race after spotting the light curtain blinking on the enormous console. one of the motherships

“The firewall has been breached…data intrusion…”

“The intrusion is finished!”

It took some time for Riverie to entirely replace the Eternals intelligent system. After all, the Celestials are where the Eternals get their technology from.

This mothership is undoubtedly not similar to other galactic civilizations, even though it cannot accurately portray the true technical level of the Celestials. Riverie therefore needed some time to invade successfully.

“I’ve read a lot about information fusion and advanced civilization technology.”

Riverie started self-learning and upgrading after successfully breaching the Eternals’ core and looking for Celestials’ technology that was kept on the Eternals Mothership.

“Riverie, does the database of the Eternals have any information about the genetic of the Deviants?” Rorschach abruptly questioned.

“No pertinent information was discovered,” Riverie answered.

“Alright.” He said. What was Rorschach thinking?

Only the creator of each planet would be aware of the Celestials’ creation of The Deviant. Therefore, there won’t be much knowledge about the Deviants in the scientific and technological material carried by the Eternals Mothership.

The self-described scientist of the Eternals is unable to research the Deviants, even if it is not in the database. How dare you call yourself a scientist if you don’t have the spirit of scientific inquiry?

[Ding, complete “The Eternals Must Die”. Kill the Eternals, take the Eternals Mothership, and award 50,000 mission points.]

The system assumed that Rorschach had finished the job even though the final two Eternals weren’t killed by him. This Eternal Mothership should account for a lot of the 50,000 mission points.

Rorschach gave Riverie the instruction to not take advantage of the opportunity, “Travel to New York aboard this mothership. In addition, this mothership’s décor is far too hideous. Redecorate it in my aesthetic style.”


All of Rorschach’s preferences are known by Riverie’s database, therefore if these are given to Riverie, he won’t have to worry about anything.

The engine fired up as the Eternal Mothership went into stealth mode. The spaceship had almost immediately landed in Queens, New York, over the Osborn Group.

Even if such a behemoth did manifest, it would seem unseen and immaterial, and New York would not be affected by it. Rorschach created a temporary space portal inside the Eternal Mothership after it parked above the Osborn Group.

This location makes it convenient for Riverie to send Terminator robots to the Osborn Group’s interior so they can remodel the mothership.

Rorschach returned to the Osborn Group and went straight to the medical division.

The Deviant stabbed Pietro with a tentacle. Although it appeared to be a major injury, no essential organ was struck. After therapy, he became stable. In front of Pietro’s hospital bed, Wanda was sitting. Her eyes were a little red, indicating that she had recently sobbed.

The attending doctors in the ward hailed Rorschach one by one as soon as he entered the ward. Unconsciously, Pietro, who was lying on the bed, wanted to say hello, but as soon as he raised his hand, the pain in his wound caused him to smile.

“Go out. I need to talk with him privately.”

“I’m relieved to see you so lively.” Rorschach stated with a smile as he gazed at Pietro on the hospital bed after letting the nursing doctors leave first.

Pietro questioned without regard for his wounds, “How’s that monster doing? It eliminated the Eternals and absorbed the power of the enemy.”

“I put an end to that monster.” Pietro was interrupted by Rorschach.

“As expected from Mr. Rorschach.” Pietro was very happy to hear that Rorschach had killed the enemy.

That monster appears to be capable of mind control in addition to having extreme speed. Rorschach, on the other hand, killed the monster, so there is no reason to be concerned.

Rorschach approached Wanda’s hospital bed, gave her a kind touch on the shoulder, and said, “Pietro is capable of robust recovery, so don’t be concerned. This minor wound should heal in two to three days.”

“I nearly believed I had lost him since I genuinely don’t want to lose any family members.” Wanda exclaimed as she abruptly extended her hands and created a ring-like bracelet out of crimson energy specks floating in the air.

She took Rorschach by the arm, placed the ring on his wrist, and said, “This is the protective magic-inspired energy bracelet that I made. This energy bracelet will shield you from harm, and it also allows me to keep track of your current condition.”

The moment the energy bracelet was placed on Rorschach’s hand, it vanished. Of course, this is concealed like dormancy rather than truly disappearing. Is this the Scarlet Witch who went to Kamar Taj to learn magic?

Rorschach is ecstatic despite the fact that he has no need for this at all. This might be viewed as a small act of kindness for Wanda.

“I also have it.” Pietro likewise gestured with his wrist to Rorschach, showing that he also wore a protective band.

Although Rorschach turned his back on Pietro, he posed the serious question, “How do you know my current state through this energy bracelet—is it through bio-energy fluctuations or by observing physical characteristics?”

It is converted from biological energy oscillations using magic runes, which can be more precise than observing physical characteristics. Wanda answered without hesitation.

“Would you like for me to leave? I feel bad for becoming this place’s light bulb for you.” Pietro griped.

Wanda stared angrily at Pietro, “You still have the audacity to say that. You used to have four or five girlfriends who would fight just to see you.”

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Published On: March 28, 2023

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