Jerry quickly stepped his foot into the supple, lush lawn next to the ladder.

“This is amazing.” he was in awe as he carefully examined the area inside the suitcase.

The entire area in the suitcase is illuminated by a bright sphere that is perched above it. It is said to be a combination of a magic item generated by magic and a lighting spell to create a miniature sun.

A little area was specifically built, and in addition to a lush lawn on the ground, several rare herbs were planted there. While some of them he is utterly unaware of, others he has seen in “Thousand Wonderful Herbs and Mushrooms.”

The water in the reservoir next to the lodge is clear and has a bottomed out. There were some trees planted nearby, and the entire area had the appearance of a tiny villa with a huge courtyard.

This is a fairly typical classical British villa in the wizarding world, with some Victorian design, as you enter the villa along the lush grass.

As you approach the home along the beautiful grass, you will notice that it is a fairly typical classical British villa in the wizarding world with some Victorian style. Professor Quirrell is undoubtedly a wealthy wizard.

Additionally, some magic brews that Jerry knew about or was unaware of have undergone refinement. It appears that Professor Quirrell has only modest proficiency with potions, despite the fact that he is not a master of them. Wizards who enjoy studying black magic won’t need as much potion.

Three bedrooms, a living room, and a bathroom make up most of the second level.

A motherlode of Galleons was located by Jerry after a thorough search in Professor Quirrell’s vault on the second floor, where he also found a note from the professor stating that he was studying dark magic.

Jerry was especially astonished by one of them, the fact that Professor Quirrell detailed his encounter with three unforgivable curses in this note. Imperius Curse, Cruciatus Curse, and Killing Curse.

In addition, there are some powerful curses that are very challenging to control as well as some uncommon curses. Jerry has never been concerned about money in the real world because he can easily make money thanks to his magic skills.

But everyone will be magical in the realm of wizards. He is also a novice wizard. It is a little challenging for him to get many Galleons. He had considered employing some resources and financial tools to generate income.

However, he is not highly skilled in these areas, and his age, time, and strength are not yet capable for him to do so in many situations. His primary concern right now, as a first-year wizard, is learning magic, and he can’t do that without skipping school.

Later, he considered the eight-eyed giant spider of the Forbidden Forest and its venom, which is a priceless item that cost 100 Galleons for only one pint.

However, he considers that it has been momentarily forgotten given that the eight-eyed giant spiders’ level of danger is designated as XXXX in the textbook “Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them” and their abundance.

Harry and Ron highlighted the siege of countless eight-eyed enormous spiders without causing any harm, because they were the main characters of the film.

The amount of threat at XXXX, yet on par with the fire dragon, illustrates the difficulty the elite wizard faces on his own. He is essentially over if he’s not really careful enough when facing them.

Even though they are not as powerful as fire dragons, eight-eyed gigantic spiders have intelligence comparable to that of humans, are sociable creatures, and their venom is extremely lethal. Jerry’s discovery of a thousand gold pieces in Professor Quirrell’s safe is still highly beneficial.

Of course, Professor Quirrell’s notes are much more precious than a thousand Galleons and other possessions.

The three Unforgivable Curses, additional magic, such as fire spells, and Professor Quirrell’s skill with these advanced spells make this something that Jerry couldn’t just buy, but it is not impossible to earn if Jerry is prepared to put in the effort.

With the help of Professor Quirrell’s notes, he had the conviction that even in the absence of a mentor, he could spend a lot of time “Refreshing” his way to mastery.

Using the Cruciatus Curse to torture people, the Imperius Curse to seize control of the mind, the Killing Curse to kill people, and some other magic as well. His magic power must unquestionably increase after studying these four dark arts.

He might just need to deploy a Cruciatus Curse to deal with The Abomination the next time he encounters him.

“Well, this is definitely a success.”

The tiny suitcase was placed in the bag after leaving and returning from the Room of Requirements. Jerry believed that, despite the risks and adjustments, his plan to attack Professor Quirrell this time was well worth it.


After Halloween, everyone learned that their Defense Against Dark Arts teacher had been attacked by a monster and had suffered significant injuries, but had somehow survived thanks to Jerry Carmen, a first-year Slytherin student.

As a result, in addition to the famous Harry Potter of this year’s first grade, all of Hogwarts’ wizards are now aware that Jerry Carmen is a very gifted young wizard.

Jerry Carmen’s name also progressively gained recognition among other senior wizards as opposed to just the original first-year freshman. Even if they are unaware of Jerry Carmen’s identity, at least they are aware of his name.

Thus, November has arrived in time.

November arrived, and the temperature dropped dramatically. The Black Lake is as icy and brittle as quenching steel, and the mountains surrounding the school are coated in snow and ice. There is snow on the ground every morning.

Jerry was also busily studying magic information at this time. He spent most of the day searching the library for various materials in addition to class and dinner.

Alternately, ask Snape about any magical concepts he doesn’t understand and talk to Hermione about Extension Charms and Curses.

He sneaked into the villa at night to work on his dark magic. Periodically, he will also go in the suitcase to try to decipher some of the magic formulas located in the library before returning to practice.

In conclusion, Jerry believes that every day has been incredibly gratifying and that he is constantly learning new things, improving, and strengthening. Everything is excellent, with the exception of the red stars’ incredible speed consumption.

However, he had amassed more than 50,000 red stars before arriving at this time. He should have enough to last him till the end of this semester, even if he uses it a lot.

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