Twelve o’clock at night.

Jerry entered the castle’s eighth floor by sneakily leaving the Slytherin dormitory, skillfully avoiding the monitoring Filch, and using catnip powder to take down Mrs. Norris.

Instead of heading to the Room of Requirements today, he arrived at the Gryffindor common room door and stood in front of the Fat Lady’s portrait.

“Let’s go to the library now,” Jerry waved to Harry, Hermione, and Ron in a low voice as they emerged from the portrait and then took the lead on the stairs.

The three were shocked to see Mrs. Norris sitting on the ground and leaning on the stairs as they passed the sixth floor, which nearly caused them to turn around and want to flee. They were aware of Mrs. Norris’ behavior.

“She usually has to lie here for two or three hours before getting back to normal, so don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

After hearing Jerry’s statements, the three of them gave Mrs. Norris a quick glance before she went back to her previous state of being drowsy and seemingly daydreaming.

Jerry abruptly stopped as he made his way to the second floor once the four of them reached the third floor.

He turned on “Refreshing,” felt the vacant room next to him, caught someone’s eye, and smelled the same scent in his nostrils as when Harry and the others had previously broken into and exited from the third floor.

Dumbledore ought to have arrived with the Disillusionment Charm and he was aware.

However, Harry is undoubtedly an exception. As the headmaster of Hogwarts, he will not care that the young wizards go out at night, and he will not let the ubiquitous painting pay attention to where the young wizards have gone and what they have done.

The Fat Lady was expected to inform Dumbledore of the situation soon after Harry left the common room.


He pulled out his wand and cast an Unlocking Charm at the library entrance, which opened effortlessly. Even the most basic lock-picking spell can be used to open the magnificent Hogwarts library, which is home to numerous hazardous magic books.

Jerry and Harry entered the library together and, shaking their heads, made their way to a section that was off-limits to them before.

“Mighty Potion,” “Book of Spells,” “Wicked Dark Magic,” “Toxic Magic,” and “Book of Spells”

Jerry instantly felt the impulse to pack all of these mystical books into his own suitcase as he stared at the books on the shelves.

Despite sensing occasional glances from unobserved eyes, he continued to speak quite logically. “Look for novels that are relevant to the character’s biography, everyone. If you still can’t find it, try looking through any books on potions, alchemy, etc. He might not be a typical magician, after all!”

He spoke, then started looking through the books. Dumbledore might be lurking nearby, so he refrained from touching any books about dark magic. He was searching for literature on biographies, alchemy, potions, etc.

It’s only that when he turned the pages of the book “Powerful Potion,” he took a bit more time to read the pages describing the compound decoction’s recipe in particular.

However, after remaining for another seven to eight seconds, he put the book down naturally, closed it, and took up another one. But by depending on the “Refreshing,” he has already successfully learned the compound decoction’s recipe and production process in these seven or eight seconds.

“Found it!”

After setting down “Powerful Potion,” Jerry continued to flick through it until he came upon a book titled “Basics of Alchemy” that featured Nicholas Flamel’s biography.

Harry had only just opened a thick, black book when it suddenly screamed in a strident, spine-tingling manner.

“Run! This is bad!” Jerry hurriedly grabbed the “Basics of Alchemy,” dragged Hermione, and dashed outdoors.

At the same time, both Harry and Ron recognized something was awry. A scream so loud would undoubtedly get Filch’s attention. They might not be able to go if they don’t do it right away.

The four quickly left the library, and sure enough, they heard Filch’s roaring and footsteps coming from the first floor.

“You’re breaking the rules at school. Wait till I catch you.”

Jerry dragged Hermione up the stairs as he hurried upstairs with Harry and Ron. Their footsteps appeared to have caught Filch’s attention since they were being closely pursued.

“Return to the common room!” When they finally made it to the ninth level, Ron suggested that they return to the Gryffindor common room and hide there for a bit. Without a password, Filch could not enter the common room.

But Hermione rejected this suggestion right away. “It’s too late. Even if the fat lady can be awakened and asked to unlock the door, Filch will still find us first.”

Hermione still recalled that the fat lady protested for a very long time before opening the door for them the last time they returned at midnight since she had woken her up. There is no such time as now, since Filch is pursuing them.

“Come with me. I’ll show you where I may temporarily hide from Filch.” When Jerry heard the approaching footsteps, he didn’t argue and immediately took the three of them and raced in the direction of the Room of Requirement.

Although he actually had a variety of options, he now exclusively favors the Room of Requirement. Dumbledore is still with them because of this.

Jerry knew he could conceal the fact that he visited the Room of Requirement every evening from Filch and Mrs. Norris, but he could not conceal it from Dumbledore.

After all, no matter how strong he is, he cannot escape the numerous paintings that cover the entire castle.

At least Dumbledore is unaware that Voldemort’s Horcrux is located in the Room of Requirement’s storage room, thus the room isn’t terribly terrible.

It should still be feasible to state since a young wizard who came to play every day accidentally discovered a room where he could grant wishes.

Jerry will be in a better position to demonstrate to Dumbledore that he is guilt-free, especially now that Harry’s group is here. It is impossible to summon additional individuals at a whim to one’s hidden base if one wants to carry out evil deeds in secrecy.

Will the three’s knowledge of the Room of Requirement have an impact on him?

Of course not. Jerry didn’t use the Room of Requirement at other times, and they couldn’t use it after midnight every day.

“What is this?” Harry’s eyes widened as he observed Jerry pass the white wall and a door appeared there.

“Come in. This is a pretty amazing spot that I just happened to find.” The three of them were brought into the Room of Requirement by Jerry, who waved his hand.

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Published On: March 23, 2023

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