On Saturday morning, in the Great Hall.

“Hermione, once you’ve finished eating, head to the library first. Don’t wait for me. I have a task to complete. In about 30 minutes, I’ll be there.” After breakfast, Jerry approached the Gryffindor table and explained anything to Hermione in advance.

He had planned to meet Hermione this morning at the library to study books, but due to an accident on Thursday, he had to go to the Quidditch pitch instead. There, he resolved the issue of taking part in Quidditch practice in the future.

But if everything goes according to plan, he won’t have to stay there for very long.

The Quidditch field at Hogwarts is situated halfway between the castle and the Forbidden Forest. Its area is the size of many football fields, and there is space in the auditorium on all sides for thousands of spectators to sit comfortably.

At either end of the field, three gold poles with rings on top can be seen. They are all taller than ten meters. Only the wizards of the Slytherin squad are now practicing daily on the Quidditch pitch because the Slytherin team specifically applied for the field today.

The other two Slytherin wizards were undergoing passing training with the tall, hulking captain Marcus. About 30 centimeters in circumference and vivid crimson in hue, the ball in their hands was. They occasionally would also hurl the ball at the goalkeeper who was positioned inside the ring.

Two Slytherin wizards were attacking them repeatedly on the opposite side of the room while riding broomsticks and wielding short clubs in their hands. Right now, the black iron balls were marginally smaller than the red balls.

There is also a wizard from Slytherin who skipped the training. He is seated in the audience, and his demeanor is not very good.

“All right, let’s take a break and congregate at my place!” Marcus, who was passing the ball at the time and had also seen Jerry, swiftly waved his hand and said to the players.

Marcus eventually presented his six team members, “Jerry Carmen, a freshman, is the new Seeker we have. Greetings, Jerry.”

Marcus’ voice broke, but none of the other six team members put up their hands to cheer. Instead, they all exhibited contempt.

From their perspective, a newcomer who has never used a broomstick has emerged as their team’s most crucial Seeker. Simply said, this is a joke. Even if Professor Snape made the decision, it wouldn’t him feel trustworthy enough.

“It’s up to you. I believe the professor is making a mistake if you wish to take my place as the Seeker.” The Slytherin wizard was muttering something mockingly to Jerry at this point while seated in the stands.

“The professor this time, in my opinion, went too far. Terrence has done a lot of glory for us Slytherin even though he isn’t the best Seeker. We cannot simply allow this first-year student to take his place.” Suddenly, a second Slytherin wizard spoke out.

“Additionally, Senior Terrence’s final Quidditch match will take place this year because he will graduate the following year.”

“Oh, you’re standing there talking like you don’t even need to burden it. I realize this is totally improper, but if you can, speak to the professor in person. See if he can use dark magic to damn your souls to hell.”

When Marcus heard the complaints from his teammates, he slyly rolled his eyes. Even if they could frown at Marcus, who is large, hulking, and appears to be quite vicious, they are still very scared when it comes to Snape.

He wasn’t actually concerned that Snape would punish him with dark magic. This had never occurred before, in reality. It was only a psychological effect on Snape, he would never punish students with dark magic.

Similar to when you were eleven or twelve years old and encountered a teacher that gave you the shivers. You will still experience some psychological trauma when you think about this teacher, even if you grow up later.

The Potions class was even more strict, and Snape never showed mercy when reprimanding the wizards. He was like this, with a grim expression the entire day and an atmosphere of darkness and terror emanating from him everywhere.

It is a nightmare for all first-year freshmen. Thus, even if these young wizards are adults who are in the sixth or seventh grade, they nevertheless experience some nervousness in the presence of Snape.

“Since the professor made this choice, it cannot be reversed. For us right now, making additional time for training is crucial. Before the first Quidditch match next month, Jerry needs to be trained to improve as a Seeker.”

Marcus understood that whining now was pointless, the only thing he could do was work harder in the future to succeed.

“I’m sorry, Senior Marcus, but I generally have a lot going on and I might not be able to attend your training.” Marcus was attempting to calm the team when Jerry smiled and raised his hand.

“What did you say?” Marcus stood in front of Jerry aggressively, his face full of anger.

How can you have such confidence to say that now, kid? I just mentioned that I need to increase up training, but you don’t have time to train, you’re a novice, and you know nothing.

“I might not have time to come to the training with you because I’m busy.” Jerry grinned and said it once again.

Immediately afterward, he ushered in the seven Slytherin players who condemned them violently. “Stop, stop, seniors, pay attention to what I have to say!”

Jerry retreated to avoid the wrath of the seven seniors before he added softly, “You see, can this work? I am quite familiar with the Quidditch rules, and I know that the Seeker’s job is to set aside everything and find the Golden Snitch.”

“Here’s a bet I’m willing to make with you guys. If I can successfully catch the Golden Snitch three times in a row in the next five minutes, I won’t have to take part in the training. If it fails, I’ll inform Professor Snape personally and leave the team.”

Marcus was among the seven Slytherins who were all taken aback by Jerry’s comments.

Are you serious that you can catch the Snitch three times in a row in under five minutes?

He’s not going to capture the Golden Snitch in five minutes, not even the most powerful Seeker in the international Quidditch match could do. There is simply a slim chance, unless he gets incredibly lucky.

“How about it? wanna bet or not?” Jerry smiled again.

The seven replied at the same time, “Bet!”

From their perspective, Jerry may have realized he couldn’t be a Seeker, so they devised a plan to get him to quit.


After five minutes.

In the center of the Quidditch pitch, Jerry gestured to Marcus while holding his practice broom. The training Golden Snitch was removed from the box by Marcus, who then released it fly.

The walnut-sized Golden Snitch instantly spread out a pair of tiny silver wings before taking off across the entire Quidditch pitch.

Jerry did the same thing, using the “Refreshing” ability before moving toward the Golden Snitch.

“I’ll get it right away!”

Jerry eventually caught the Golden Snitch in his “Refreshing” mode after making multiple abrupt turns.

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Published On: March 19, 2023

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