After listening to Rorschach’s words, Dr. Pym put forward his own ideas.

“That could fully enable me to go back in time to thirty years ago and give Janet a better particle so she could return to the real world at that time, is it? My life might not be the way it is now if I could change the past.”

Dr. Pym was unable to get beyond the obstacle created when Janet visited the quantum realm in his lifetime.

Dr. Pym started to oppose the use of Pym particles specifically because of this incident. Even when his daughter Hope expressed a desire to inherit the Ant-Man suit and Dr. Pym is vehemently against it. He feared losing his daughter the way he had lost his wife.

The father and daughter experienced miscommunication and disagreements as a result. The ability to alter the past now has Dr. Pym wondering what may have happened if Janet hadn’t been lost in the quantum realm at the time.

“It can’t be like that, I’m afraid. I’m not attempting to stop you because hastily altering the history will just add another parallel universe to the existing timeline rather than altering the present.” Rorschach elucidated.

Based on the Marvel universe’s timeframe. A new timeline will be constructed after the established reality is disturbed.

This is the accepted history, Janet went lost in the quantum realm thirty years ago. So if Dr. Pym went back in time, gave Janet the new particle, let her stop the missile, and then sent her back to the present on her own.

Then everything will stay the same as it is right now, and as soon as Janet enters the real world, a brand-new parallel universe will be created.

Unless Janet walked back in time 30 years ago, remained undetected, and avoided meddling with any significant subsequent events, this universe’s timeline might continue to be stable.

Similar to Captain America who went back in time in Avengers 4, even though he was aware of all that transpired, he always kept his existence a secret and did not alter the course of the original timeline.

“I see.” Dr. Pym recognized the reasoning behind it right away.

Forcefully changing the past won’t alter the present and will only result in the creation of a parallel world, unless Dr. Pym is able to totally conceal his lover, as Agent Carter did in Avengers 4, so that everything that should have happened in the sequel will go normally.

This is obviously impossible.

“Yes, the first option I outlined is somewhat time-consuming, but it’s also fairly secure. The main drawback is that studying the technology of quantum realm-time travel requires a lot of effort and time.”

Prematurely releasing the quantum realm shuttle technology, in Rorschach’s opinion, is not a good idea. If one is careless, the multiverse will descend into anarchy. It is no joke if there are multiverse-level beings present.

Rorschach then suggested a second option to Dr. Pym.

“We don’t have much time to help you research quantum space-time travel technology because we have a limited amount of time to decipher alien technology and difficult tasks. As a result, I’ve devised a second, quicker solution in here place.”

“A shortcut? Tell me, Mr. Rorschach, please.” When Dr. Pym learned that there was a shortcut plan, he got immediately intrigued.

Dr. Pym’s heart, which had been silent for thirty years, finally ushered in the day when it would give fruit after learning that it was possible to bring back his wife from the quantum realm. He wished to see his cherished wife Janet and would not hesitate to wait any longer if at all feasible.

“The shortcut is…using magic.” Rorschach said mysteriously.


Dr. Pym thought he could have misheard. He was aware that Rorschach was a scientist, and it was because of his position as a Rorschach scientist that the two of them met to discuss the quantum realm.

Since they had been discussing quantum science for so long before Rorschach remarked, “magic,” Dr. Pym found it difficult to follow Rorschach’s line of reasoning.

“Dr. Pym, do you believe in magic?” Rorschach posed a serious question after noticing that Dr. Pym was frozen.

“I…” Dr. Pym rubbed his hair with his hands, but he soon seemed to understand something.

Before the arrival of the Chitauri army and Thor, Dr. Pym would undoubtedly consider anyone who claimed magic existed in this world to be insane. However, with the existence of Thor, the God of thunder and Asgard suddenly appeared. It suffices to demonstrate the reality of magic in our world.

Dr. Pym was contemplating something when Rorschach noticed him, “The rules of the universe are so vast that the science that humans have developed today barely scratches the surface. Whether it be science or magic, our knowledge is so limited in comparison to this universe. Whether you accept them or not, these things do exist. They are the universe’s main laws.”

“Excuse my naivety, please. You mean you can use magic to assist me to bring Janet back from the quantum realm, Mr. Rorschach?” Dr. Pym’s eyes were on fire as he heard Rorschach.

“I can’t.” Rorschach shook his head once more.

Dr. Pym’s face once more lost its expression.

Rorschach said with a smile, ” Although I don’t know much about magic, I know a very strong mage, and she might be able to help you.”

“So, Mr. Rorschach, what are we waiting for? Please drive me to where she is!”

Dr. Pym got to his feet and wished Rorschach would take him right away to see The Ancient One. Rorschach, however, continued to enjoy the coffee that Dr. Pym had made for him while he sat calmly on the sofa.

Dr. Pym appeared to regret his abruptness when he saw Rorschach sitting like way and sat down, saying, “Mr. Rorschach, you may tell me the address of the mage, and I will visit her myself.”

“How were they able to hide up until now if regular people could locate the mage’s home so easily?”

Rorschach replied, setting down his cup of coffee, “Dr. Pym, you won’t approach that magician defenseless, would you? She enjoys drinking tea. You can look for some quality tea to offer her. Additionally, you need the hair from the members of her family to cast the spell to find your wife, so you should prepare it beforehand.”

In the storyline of Thor 3, Doctor Strange plucked out one of Thor’s hairs to find out where king Odin was. The Ancient One will naturally be familiar with this type of magic since it is not a challenging spell.

Will The Ancient One be able to assist him?

Rorschach believed The Ancient One to be a highly kind person based on their brief prior interaction. She won’t usually be too hostile as long as you don’t do something that affects the environment or the earth.

“Go look for the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York when the time comes. It follows that discovering The Ancient One shouldn’t be difficult if you can locate the Sanctuary in New York.”

Dr. Pym was able to understand right away after hearing Rorschach’s advice that asking for assistance should be done with the utmost respect. He used to miss his wife terribly but had forgotten about it.

“I’m going to start making some arrangements, Mr. Rorschach. I’ll claim you suggested it to me when the time comes.” Right now, Dr. Pym’s demeanor toward Rorschach has already shifted a bit toward respect.

Not only that, but Rorschach also suggested two strategies for saving Dr. Pym’s wife. Dr. Pym also acknowledged his own ignorance and significance.

He doesn’t understand far too many things in this world. He used to be so arrogant, which is stupid, but after speaking with Rorschach, Dr. Pym understood how limited his perspective is.

“I’ll send someone to call you when the moment is right.”

Rorschach observed the attitude shift in Dr. Pym. Dr. Pym’s joining his team is possible, if Janet can be successfully recovered from the quantum realm.

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Published On: March 22, 2023

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