“Jerry, hold on a second. We need to ask you a question.”

Jerry was ready to go to the library on Saturday morning with Hermione to read a book as usual when Harry and Ron stopped him. Jerry had just completed breakfast.

“What’s going on?” Jerry sat down with interest.

“Jerry, do you still recall the event when we unintentionally entered the prohibited area on the third floor?” They said to him on the side.

“Of course, I recall that you also mentioned there was a large three-headed dog watching over something significant.” Jerry nodded. He had planned to visit the Response Room that day, but due to the accident, he was forced to go back.

“Harry claimed that something significant Dumbledore had hidden inside, and that was connected to a wizard by the name of Nicholas Flamel was about to be stolen. Have you seen this guy while reading in the library?” Hermione carried on.

Harry actually questioned Hermione first because she frequently presents herself as an expert, but Hermione had never noticed this name in the library book.

She suggested asking Jerry because she was aware that he read more books than she did and that their reading preferences differed. As it turned out, Jerry was also aware of their plan to go to the third floor.

“The Sorcerer’s Stone’s creator, Nicholas Flamel? the six or seven-hundred-year-old alchemist?”

When Jerry’s heart began to race, he halted and instead turned to Harry and inquired, “Who is it that person that wanted to steal something from the forbidden area on the third floor?”

“Well, I’m honestly not sure yet, but he’s probably the one who released the troll on Halloween.” Harry retorted with a hint of deception in his eyes.

Jerry narrowed his eyes and assumed that Harry was about to mention Snape, the head professor of Slytherin, but since Jerry is a Slytherin, Harry chose not to say it.

He was a little perplexed, because his presence disrupted both the Quidditch and Halloween events. How did Harry again pick on Snape?

After some consideration, he concluded that Dumbledore most likely carried out some covert training for Harry, as a result of which this incident occurred. No matter how Jerry’s actions alter the course of the plot, if Dumbledore wishes to instruct Harry, he will direct Harry to the third-floor prohibited area.

“How did you learn that Nicholas Flamel was related to the third floor restricted area?” Jerry re-asked for confirmation.

This time, Ron provided the initial response, “While you and Hermione were in the library reading. Hagrid sneaked a word to Harry and me after we arrived to play at his hut. The three-headed dog was actually Fluffy, a pet owned by Hagrid who lent Dumbledore the animal to watch over that priceless item.”

Harry immediately agreed and nodded, saying, “Unfortunately, he didn’t tell us what that item was, no matter how we asked him later.”

“That is the case. According to what I’ve heard, Mr. Hagrid’s hut is fascinating. Can you take me there to join the next time you have time?” Jerry smiled and nodded once more.

“Of course, Hagrid is a wonderful person. He enjoys playing with us a lot. Do you recognize Nicholas Flamel, Jerry?” Harry was growing irritable.


Jerry remarked while turning to stare at Harry and Ron with a dejected expression, “But I know where to discover information about this individual.”

“Where?” Ron and Harry once more had optimism.

Jerry grinned, “Given that neither Hermione nor I am familiar with Nicholas Flamel. Consequently, the introduction to this wizard cannot be located in the main part of the library.”

“Do you mean?”

When she heard the remarks, Hermione on the side appeared to be considering something before turning her head to stare at Jerry in shock.

“Yes, you guessed right, it’s there.” Jerry made an expression.

“Where are you talking about?” Harry and Ron asked in a hurry while scratching their brains.

“The restricted area of the library!” Hermione and Jerry agreed, and both spoke.

“Restricted area! Yes, why hadn’t we thought about that?”

When Harry and Ron instantly exclaimed, they knew in their hearts that if they couldn’t find it in the common area, they would have to search the restricted section.

“Jerry, you can only borrow one book at a time and enter the restricted area with a note that has been signed by the professor. We cannot borrow books from the restricted area.” Hermione’s little brow furrowed again.

Jerry indicated to the three to approach by pressing his head and then looking to the left and right. “Why don’t we simply sneak over there at night?”

“What?!” Hermione, Ron, and Harry all exchanged shocked looks with Jerry.

They saw Jerry as the ideal student—elegant, polite, getting good marks, the strongest Seeker who broke the Quidditch record, and more—with all the perks.

It was impossible for them to remain unaffected by Jerry’s suggestion to break the rules and go to the library’s restricted area after hours.

It’s as if the best student in the entire school—the one who earned the respect of all the teachers—had drawn you aside one day to suggest to all of them by skipping a class together.

Jerry laughed as he observed this and remarked, “Actually, there’s no need to act shocked. At eleven or twelve in the evening, I frequently hang out in the castle. Don’t worry. This is just a simple hobby of mine. Filch and Mrs. Norris won’t catch me since I have a unique method for doing so.”

If he was right, there was a secret potion recipe and method of preparation contained in what appeared to be a magic book named “Powerful Potion” in the library’s restricted area.

It would be impossible for him to enter the restricted area of the library by himself, but the risk would be much reduced if Harry took responsibility.

“It’s very risky. If we are found, we’ll all be kicked out!” Hermione cast her vote against it right away. It was clear that she disapproved of this infraction of the rules.

“We won’t get caught!” Ron believed that breaking into the library at night was so awesome.

“Hermione, don’t you want to know who Nicholas Flamel truly is and what precisely he and Dumbledore put on the third floor?” Harry urged Hermione.

“Regarding that…” Hermione began to hesitate.

“Hermione, trust me, I won’t allow you to get caught.” Jerry said as he added one last shot at this moment.

“Okay, but just for this one time.” After hearing the reassurance from the most dependable Jerry, Hermione nodded slowly.

Hermione may appear to be a touch stiff and dogmatic, similar to Professor McGonagall, but joining Gryffindor reveals that she still has a deep-seated need for this kind of adventure. In actuality, Hermione started a lot of prohibited activities during the later part of the original work.

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Published On: March 22, 2023

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