“Wow, what place is this?” When Hermione, Harry, and Ron entered the Room of Requirement, they couldn’t help but to admire.

It was a little, empty square that contained a variety of stuff, including a large, exquisitely designed bed as well as tables, chairs, and other furniture.

“I just happened to stumble onto this location, so I have no idea what it is. I come here to practice magic if I have nothing to do at night.” Jerry approached the bed and signaled for everyone to take a seat first.

“You practice every night? it makes sense that you utilize magic so adeptly.” Hermione looked admiring as she sat close to Jerry.

She was aware that Jerry was the first grader with the best magic skills. Professor Flitwick commended Jerry for his skill in using magic as he was instructing them.

Jerry was able to demonstrate in class how proficiently he could float a table at will while they were still learning and utilizing the floating spell to float the feathers. It turns out that he is not particularly gifted, but Jerry is practicing casting spells every night.

The three of them admired Jerry a little more in this regard.

“My goal is to uphold the wizarding order as a moral Auror, Hermione, as you are aware. I must, of course, exert more effort in magic.” Jerry explained without blushing or panting.

Jerry has always communicated a concept to those around him so that they won’t assume he’ll turn into Voldemort in the future to professors like Dumbledore and Snape.

His goal is to become a moral Auror who firmly upholds the wizarding world’s order and is incompatible with bad wizards.

“Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s go on. We shall use this location as our secret base going forward. If anything comes up the next time, we can discuss it here. Let’s find out who Nicholas Flamel is!”

Jerry then pulled out the “Basics of Alchemy” and held it in his arms.

The three of them nodded right away. Fortunately, they eventually discovered information about Nicholas Flamel despite Filch almost learning about this journey.

The four of them huddled together, opened “Basics of Alchemy,” and started reading. The “Basics of Alchemy” primarily discusses the use of some fundamental alchemy and the transformation of associated magical items.

Alchemy is not included in the Hogwarts curriculum, but that does not imply it is not vital. Instead, it is difficult for regular wizards to succeed since it is too advanced and complex.

Young wizards typically study the history of magic, spells, potions, etc., whereas alchemy focuses mostly on refining objects with magical properties and permanently imprinting the original limited-use spells onto objects.

Like the time-turner, the wizard’s night bus, the magic car from Wesley’s house, and a variety of other magic-related artifacts, including Professor Quirrell’s suitcase that Jerry is currently holding.

A few people found alchemy to be too complex to understand, but when they turned to the back, they noticed Nicholas Flamel’s name in the introduction regarding the well-known alchemist.

The Sorcerer’s Stone is a mystical substance with incredible properties, and it was only known to have been created by Nicholas Flamel, a prominent alchemist who was born in 1327. The Sorcerer’s Stone has the power to transform any metal into pure gold and to produce an elixir of life that makes drinkers immortal.

There have been numerous claims made concerning the Sorcerer’s Stone over the years, but Nicholas Flamel, a well-known alchemist and opera enthusiast, currently owns the only one that still exists.

“My God, has he already lived for over 600 years?” Hermione shouted.

“Surely that large dog is watching over Nicholas Flamel’s Sorcerer’s Stone! Given their friendship and the fact that he was aware that someone was attempting to take the stone, I guess Nicholas Flamel begged Dumbledore to hold the stone for him. He did it by taking away the Sorcerer’s Stone from Gringotts.” Harry seems to grasp every concept at once.

“Who wouldn’t enjoy a stone that could make them immortal and convert into gold?” Ron gave a shrug.

“It is believed that Dumbledore has set up a number of defensive strategies inside, and that is why the large dog is defending it. Nobody could ever steal that Sorcerer’s Stone, in my opinion.” Jerry also shared his viewpoint.

He used the “Refreshing” to quickly absorb the information on alchemy in the magic book while he spoke, but he kept his eyes fixed on the magic book in his palm.

Alchemy piqued his interest greatly. Jerry practically remembers it with a photographic memory while the “Refreshing” is on.

He calculated that it would be extremely challenging to grasp the profound knowledge of alchemy in a short amount of time, even if he turned on “Refreshing,” but memorizing it would be considerably faster.

Write it down, and he can read it slowly when he has the time. Jerry eventually retained all of the information from the full “Basics of Alchemy” in his head after around 30 minutes.

“Filch should have almost departed. You guys go back to the dorm, I’ll covertly return this book to the library, then I’ll go back to the dorm.”

Following a silent exit from the Room of Requirement with Jerry, the three of them nodded. The four of them are certainly closer than they were before after their adventure-filled trip to the library, especially because Jerry shares a hidden base with them all.

Although Jerry had previously assisted Harry and Ron on the train, they were not assigned to a house and did not attend classes together. Despite having a strong relationship, they didn’t communicate with one another.

In essence, Hermione and Jerry have a closer friendship than Harry and Ron do since they talk about magic and read books together so frequently. However, after this point, things between the four of them improved significantly.

According to a saying Jerry had heard in a past life, the four iron principles are the kind of experience that may forge a strong bond between people.

‘We carried our guns together, went through windows together, split the rewards together, and returned home together.’

The bond between the four of them is undoubtedly strong because they break the laws of the school together, break into the library at night, discover the mysteries on the third floor, and even build a secret base.

Jerry returned the “Basics of Alchemy” book to the second-floor library’s restricted area while sighing quietly to himself. He had first intended to see whether he could read any other books, but after sensing the ominous gaze that never left him, he gave up.

Yes, Harry has already gone back to the dorm, so he naturally doesn’t need to follow. He entered the gated region, which is extremely “hazardous” for young wizards. Dumbledore was bound to follow.

There’s no need to take any more chances because the task for today has actually gone above and beyond his expectations. Jerry returned immediately to the dorm after leaving the library to sleep.

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