Pietro completed today’s training mission and started making plans to move to the Osborn Group employee community right as Rorschach was searching the Osborn Group for Dr. Pym.

Pietro and Wanda were briefly assigned to the Osborn Group after leaving the HYDRA facility. Pietro was eager to move with his sister to the employee neighborhood as soon as he found out he could live there.

Pietro and Wanda received a family-style flat as theirs. They had never dared to do so at the Hydra base, but now the two brothers and sisters each got a large bedroom and a private bathroom.

Each apartment is furnished with the bare necessities for daily needs because it is an employee community.

The following few days saw Pietro and Wanda arriving at the Osborn Group like office workers throughout the day for various trainings and leaving after work at night to live typical urban lifestyles.

However, anyone with a keen eye can tell that Pietro must be the superhero that the Osborn Group focuses on training because of his good looks and his exceptional character. Therefore, Pietro is surrounded by lots of gorgeous women. Pietro frequently stays out late as a result of this.

Men also approached Wanda to engage in conversation, but they immediately left or steered clear of her when they spotted her. Wanda, who was already highly sensitive, felt abandoned by the outside world as a result of this.

Wanda traveled alone to work once more on this day. Wanda observed the people around her as she moved along the broad employee community boulevard. Each appears to be in a pair.

In addition to living together as friends, there are some couples of lovers. Everyone had a look of intense hope for the future.

In the HYDRA base, this type of scenery is rare to see, but Wanda feels that she is a different kind. She has a strong desire to flee, but she is unsure of where to go.

“Good morning, Wanda.” Wanda met a Korean female scientist at the Osborn Group.

Helen Cho is the name of this young female scientist. She is smiling at Wanda while sporting a light blue researcher uniform and having her jet-black hair curled on top of her head.

“Good morning too, Dr. Cho.” Wanda exchanged greetings with a smile as well.

“Wanda, Mr. Rorschach instructed you to go find him when today’s aptitude test is over.” Wanda and Dr. Cho were walking side by side as she spoke.

Outstanding accomplishments have been made by Cho in the biological sciences. She once made an appearance in Avengers 2’s story. She is a top-notch genius scientist, so it stands to reason that Rorschach would want to hire her.

Dr. Helen Cho was assigned the task of evaluating Pietro and Wanda’s physical status after they developed amazing abilities.

When Wanda learned that Rorschach was looking for her, she recalled what the wizard had said earlier. That she needed to find a mentor to help her study magic, and she should be seeking this right away.

Wanda didn’t give a damn and merely enquired, “Has Mr. Rorschach recently been busy? These days, I haven’t seen him.”

Dr. Cho, who is a few years Wanda’s senior, can immediately see that the latter is thoughtful. “Mr. Rorschach has his research projects, and as a superhero, he frequently receives invitations to such activities.”

“I see.” Wanda muttered.

Following that, Wanda went along with Dr. Cho to conduct various daily testing tasks in order to get strong magical energy that had no adverse effects on Wanda’s health. Wanda’s ability to think clearly, her level of fitness, and other factors have all significantly improved.

Wanda’s physical fitness has improved, but much more subtly than Pietro’s. This is also understandable because Pietro is more akin to an assassin or a fast fighter whereas Wanda is a magician.

Wanda visited Rorschach’s office following the completion of the daily testing items. A young woman wearing a blue one-piece outfit and an elderly man with white hair was the other two occupants in the office.

“You are here, Wanda. Let me introduce you. This is Dr. Pym, and Ms. Hope is Dr. Pym’s daughter.”

Rorschach intended to take them to see The Ancient One after introducing both of them.

“Since everyone’s here, let’s go.” He said.

The four of them then jumped into the Osborn Group’s delivery truck and headed towards the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York.

Rorschach saw a black man wearing green linen a few days ago and gave him a message while he was ready to find the Sanctum Sanctorum’s address in New York after leaving Dr. Pym’s house.

It informs Rorschach that The Ancient One welcomes his coming at any time and provides the address of the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York.

Rorschach was not taken aback. It was only natural to assume that The Ancient One would pay him a visit given that he had the ability to predict the future using the Time Stone. The car soon arrived at the New York Sanctuary’s entrance.

“Mr. Rorschach, The Ancient One knew that you would come today, therefore she expressly asked me to wait here.” the black man wearing green linen said as he stood at the entrance at this moment.

The speaker was none other than Master Mordo, The Ancient One’s current primary disciple.

“I’ll be here waiting,” Rorschach graciously responded.

“It’s my honor.” Once more bowing before Rorschach, Master Mordo held out his hand to extend an invitation to enter the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York.

“The Ancient One is currently at Kamar Taj, please come with me, Mr. Rorschach.”

After a number of people entered the Sanctuary of New York, Master Mordo gave a brief explanation of the situation to a few of them before opening a spark-filled gateway in the sanctuary’s hall.

“Oh my my, is this actually magic?” The faces on Dr. Pym and Hope as they watched Master Mordo open the portal were incomprehensible.

Dr. Pym had entire faith in Rorschach, so when he witnessed the magic used to open the portal, he was even more shocked and intrigued. Before, Hope was hesitant to accept that magic existed.

Hope almost believed her father had schizophrenia when Dr. Pym first told her there was a method to get her mother, but it would require removing one of her hair.

But she followed suspiciously when she discovered that Rorschach, the man who had destroyed the Chitauri invasion, had made the statement.

“I didn’t think it would all be true, so can they truly save mom?”

Hope had finally come to believe in the existence of magic. “Let’s go, let’s get your mother back together,” Dr. Pym gently stroked his daughter on the shoulder.

Hope gave a firm nod while holding Dr. Pym’s hand. At this point, the years of distance between the father and daughter appeared to have diminished significantly. One by one, the group entered the portal after following Master Mordo.

Everyone was able to travel from New York to Karma Taj thanks to the portal, which was only separated from it by a tiny line.

The Ancient One, who was in front of him and wearing a yellow monk robe, poured a few cups of tea and set them in front of her before sitting down in front of the wooden tea table.

She was approached by Rorschach, who grinned, “The Ancient One. Last time, I rushed out of there. I’m here to come to you once again since I still have a lot of stuff for which I need your help.”

“Everyone who arrives is a guest, so please have a seat, it’s all right.”

Everyone was asked to take a seat by the Ancient One. Dr. Pym and Hope were both regular humans who were not affected by The Ancient One’s oppressive power. However, Wanda had a gut feeling that The Ancient One’s immense might was concealing something.

Rorschach addressed The Ancient One directly after a brief greeting and show of etiquette, saying, “The Ancient One, I have taken the opportunity to visit this time, and I would like to concern you with a few things.”

“Tell me, please.” The Ancient One grinned and remarked, taking a drink of tea before turning to look at Wanda.

Rorschach also gave Wanda a glance before saying, “I want to ask you to teach Wanda Maximoff how to utilize magic because she has very strong magical abilities. Of course, I won’t allow the mage’s lessons to go to waste. I’ll give Kamar Taj a group of Terminator robots that can serve as a battle unit and also help with some tasks.”

“Okay.” The Ancient One agreed right away.

She could tell that Elder God Chthon was the source of Wanda’s chaos magic. When this power rages, it will become a dreadful force that threatens the multiverse as well as the rest of the universe. The Sorcerer Supreme’s responsibility is to defend this threat from the multiverse.

Naturally, there is no justification for the Ancient One to deny Rorschach’s request.

Rorschach quickly urged Wanda to say thank you after observing that The Ancient One concurred, and then he remarked, “The Ancient One, as for the second one…”

Speaking of the second issue, Dr. Pym and Hope sat up straight, and Dr. Pym was even prepared to get out the expensive tea he had just purchased. Rorschach had informed Dr. Pym that The Ancient One enjoys drinking tea, therefore Dr. Pym specifically spent a significant amount of money to get the finest tea.

Rorschach said without even turning to face them, “The second thing is that I also want to master magic,”

“About that…”

“Please pardon me, Mr. Rorschach, you don’t have the talent of a sorcerer,” the Ancient One said with an uneasy but polite smile as she turned to face Rorschach.

“That is not the issue. I can probably already anticipate that I lack magical talent, but that doesn’t stop me from learning the knowledge.” Rorschach shrugged without emotion.

Rorschach had mentally prepared himself before this. The short board of Kryptonian blood that is magic is unquestionably not a flaw.

Rorschach still desires to gain magic knowledge even if the Kryptonian blood keeps improving and will ultimately be invulnerable to magic. You have to learn if you have talent, and you have to learn to create talent if you don’t have any talent.

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Published On: March 22, 2023

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