S.H.I.E.L.D. agents moved in to handle the man and child right away. Sitwell heard Phastos’ words, “They are not involved in it at all. If you let them go, I’ll go with you.”

But Sitwell would not pay attention. The neighboring residents arrived at the scene to observe the man and the child’s frantic rebellion and contacted the police.

Phastos instantly stopped speaking as he realized the issue was getting out of hand. He asked while looking directly at Rumlow, who was holding him in handcuffs, “You are not FBI at all, are you?”

He could tell that the people around Sitwell were a big concern because he was an Eternals. Despite their claims to the contrary, they are unquestionably not the FBI.

Rumlow’s expressionless demeanor gave the impression that he didn’t want to respond to the question at all, but it also gave Phastos more confidence in his ideas.

“Let go of my child.” Phastos roared, his hands shaking from the many metal ribbons that were tying them together, but he managed to release them and crash his fist into Rumlow.


Unexpectedly, a powerful energy impact occurred. The force of Phastos’ punch was combined with some sort of energy impact in addition to the force of his fist swing. Even though it was shielded by the steel armor, Rumlow was blown away by the hit and collapsed after spitting out a considerable amount of blood.

Rumlow is stunned after Phastos punches him, and so does his partner and his child. Super S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were sent to defend Sitwell right away, and the people in the area dispersed as they puzzled over Phastos.

“I will say it again, Lay down your weapon.” The S.H.I.E.L.D. super agent raised their rifle and aimed it in Phastos’ direction as a warning.

Once more moving, Phastos pushed the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents—who had been holding his partner and his child—away. The two were protected by an energy shield that was opened by the metal ribbons that created a sphere in each of their hands.

He put up a combat posture and glanced at Sitwell carefully, “Who are you?”

How could Sitwell obediently respond to him when Rorschach’s directive was for this individual to be arrested if possible and dealt with immediately if he resisted?

“Shoot!” When Sitwell delivered the command, every S.H.I.E.L.D. super agent raised their guns and began firing at Phastos one by one.

The inhabitants in the area quickly took off, running deftly into the basements of their own homes to seek safety. The populace has been used to this style of a shootout for a very long time. They might observe the action from a distance in the corners while seeking safety.

Phastos shook his hands once again as the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents attacked him.

Among the Eternals, he is a scientist who specializes in developing various tools and equipment. Phastos waved his other hand in the air while turning on the energy shield on his right hand.

A number of metal rings appeared in the air, and when they got close to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, they abruptly became larger, encasing everyone inside. All of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s super agents were beaten in just one round.

“Go… When I get to a secure location, I will explain everything to you.” In preparation for flight, Phastos pulled up his partner and child while retracting their energy shields.

The two continued circling each other while still in astonishment. Phastos pulled them as they fled in the direction of the home’s backyard. The three of them made it to the backyard, but a black figure dropped from the sky and blocked their path.

“Superman! Superman is here!” The child shouted and pointed eagerly toward the person in front of him.

When Rorschach arrived, Phastos and his partner immediately understood who had arrived.

“Phastos, you have failed this planet.” Rorschach remarked as he moved slowly in Phastos’ direction.

Phastos appeared to comprehend something as he listened to Rorschach’s comments. He made every effort to persuade, “You got me wrong. Listen to what I have to say. I haven’t taken part in any terrorist activities, nor am I a terrorist.”

“Do you have the audacity to deny that you or your creator planned an attack to kill seven billion people on earth?” said Rorschach.

“I…I, this isn’t what you think at all.” Phastos wished to argue further.

However, the look on Phastos’ face made his partner and the child standing next to him feel unbelievable. Phastos appears to be involved in an attack based on these two dialogue exchanges.

Rorschach walked up to Phastos and said, “In addition, there are no innocent souls under the atomic bomb. You knelt down and repented in Hiroshima. You let down the tens of thousands of innocent people who died because of the war. You deserve it.”

Phastos was approached by Rorschach, who said, “Furthermore, there are no innocent people beneath the nuclear explosion. In Hiroshima, you bowed down and expressed regret. You betrayed the tens of thousands of innocent victims who lost their lives as a result of the conflict. Due to your merit.”

For the second time, Rorschach sentenced Phastos. Rorschach immediately lifted his fist and struck Phastos in the head once the voice died.

When Rorschach punched, Phastos turned on the energy shield. He and the two persons next to him were instantly enveloped in a golden energy shield. The metal ribbons in Phastos’ hands constructed defense after defense in front of him at the same time.


Phastos’ shoulder suddenly gave way. However, there was no sign of any blood leaking out. After all, the Celestials, who simulated humanoids like machines, created the Eternals, who were not comprised of flesh and blood.

The Eternals are just like regular people. They can be fatally wounded, and their important organs can even be damaged to the point of death.

Rorschach delivered a blow. Phastos abruptly turned upside down and landed hard. He struggled to stand up because he was down to just one arm. He rapidly treated his wounds with the aid of the Eternals technology.

Rorschach, a superhero with the same power as “Superman,” was also noticed by those in the vicinity. Due to his dashing appearance, Rorschach enjoys a large following worldwide.

Many people gathered once more when Rorschach reappeared. Many people captured this action on their handheld mobile devices.

Rorschach stepped on Phastos’ head with his foot, stamping his face firmly into the ground. Rorschach was approached by a middle-aged white man who yelled, “Mr. Rorschach, Phastos is my neighbor. Can you tell me what he did?”

“He is an alien spy, and his group is preparing a plot to kill seven billion people worldwide.”

Looking into the middle-aged man’s camera, Rorschach said before pointing to Phastos’ fractured shoulder, “Look, the neighbor you mentioned is not even a real human. He is just an alien robot, an alien spy robot.”

The common people are obviously much more receptive to the concept that aliens have arrived on the earth, given the precedent of the Chitauri army’s invasion. The middle-aged man listened to Rorschach’s comments and then aimed his cell phone at Phastos’ shoulder.

As Rorschach had predicted, there was in fact, no sign of flesh or blood on the fractured shoulder, only some sort of alien technology.

“My God, how can the neighbor who has lived next to me for more than ten years be a robot? Do such alien spies still exist, Mr. Rorschach?” The middle-aged man kept inquiring.

“There are numerous others, but don’t worry. After torturing this alien spy, I will discover who the others are and bring them to justice. They will never put people’s lives in danger.” Rorschach smiled as he spoke to the camera.

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Published On: March 25, 2023

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