In other words, this wizard’s body, strength, speed, and other aspects are not much stronger than normal people, but his vitality is definitely tenacious.

In other words, while this wizard may not be physically much stronger than the average person, his vigor is unquestionably tenacious.

Neville was plummeting straight to the ground from a height of more than ten meters, and Jerry, who was riding a broomstick, couldn’t help but sigh as he watched him.

If he remembered correctly, Neville only received a few minor wounds when he hit the ground. He was assisted to the school hospital by Ms. Hooch, received treatment there, and by evening had totally recovered.

Even a stronger adult, let alone a typical human, would likely be able injured from falling a height of more than 10 meters if it were them.

“Caught it!”

The young wizards below put out a loud exclamation when they noticed this. But at this point, Jerry, who was holding Neville, suddenly lost his balance and was on the verge of sliding off the broomstick due to the combination of Neville’s weight and the intense descending gravity.

The young wizards below and Ms. Hooch shouted once more.

Jerry has dealt with situations of this nature regardless of who he is. He spared people who committed suicide by jumping off the building before flying on a broomstick.

As soon as he turned on “Refreshing”, his body shook violently, and his feet hooked on the broomstick, immediately converting the force of his fall into a rushing force, pulling Neville on the broomstick.

When all the power had been turned off, he drew Neville back up onto the broomstick. “I told you Neville, you need to lose some weight!”

Jerry, who had regained control of the broomstick, laughed at Neville who was being held in his hand as he soared towards the ground while adjusting the broomstick’s course.

Neville didn’t respond to Jerry’s question at this point because his expression was devoid of any signs of fear. Instead, he let out a loud, awestruck cry while crying a lot and sneezing a lot. He genuinely believed that he would have passed away if Jerry hadn’t intervened just now.

Neville was securely dropped on the lawn, while Jerry rode a broomstick. Jerry rolled over and leaped off the broom. Instantaneously, their classmates surrounded the two of them.

The young wizards of Slytherin were more interested in Jerry than Neville, while Mrs. Hooch and the wizards of Gryffindor were more concerned with consoling Neville.

Even though the majority of the young wizards in Slytherin have grown up around broomsticks, their maximum height when flying is barely three to four meters. Things like a helicopter that almost hit a Muggle are just self-proclaimed jokes.

A young wizard is not permitted to ride a broomstick in the Muggle world at all if they have not acquired the Disillusionment Charm. The Secrecy Law is no laughing matter. Unless they are Weasleys where they reside in exceedingly isolated areas.

Therefore, in their eyes, Jerry’s daring broomstick rescue attempt earlier was too amazing. This is not an exaggeration, it is the truth. A rarely used technique is the movement of the enormous turn of the broomstick that was done just now.

They even believed that no one had ever performed such a challenging skill at the World Quidditch Championships in prior years.

Is it possible for a human to grasp one broomstick in each hand while circling in the air and clamping it between two feet?

“Mr. Carmen valiantly saved Mr. Longbottom after he made a mistake by relying only on his amazing broomstick skills. Outstandingly good. Slytherin receives 10 points from me!”

Mrs. Hooch exhaled a sigh of relief when she saw that Neville was simply excessively scared and that his body was unharmed. She then looked at Jerry. She would undoubtedly be held accountable as a teacher if Neville died as a result, and she would never be able to truly forgive herself.

Because of Jerry’s actions in saving Neville, Ms. Hooch is also deeply appreciative. The important thing to remember is that she was also pleased by Jerry’s recent broom-riding skills. He is undoubtedly will be a strong player in Quidditch.

“Awesome!” All of the young Slytherin wizards, including Draco, couldn’t stop cheering as Slytherin suddenly gained ten points.

If someone is on par with you, you will still want to compare yourself to them, but if they are excessively good—so good that they make you feel somewhat hopeless—your perspective may gradually shift.

At this time, Jerry made Draco feel this way.

In terms of learning capacity, Jerry excels in every topic and is superior to him even in his specialty of potions.

Jerry has a strong foundation in magic and has been able to cast every spell in the Transfiguration and Charms classes, but he has only been able to master one-third of them.

He, Goyle, and Crabbe can all be defeated in a fight by Jerry himself.

Now that he had encountered a broomstick for the first time today and there was only a little hope for him to beat Jerry in this subject.

How is this fair?

Harry had a strong reputation for being the one to destroy the Dark Lord, but he didn’t think Harry was such a genius, which is why he has always loathed him. Even still, he believed that Harry was superior to him in many ways, particularly in Potions class.

“Let me just say that Jerry is unquestionably the best.” At this point, Pansy caught the proud gaze of Daphne in Slytherin.

Pansy couldn’t help but nod as she observed Jerry, who was still grinning in the midst of the cheers from everyone. “I admit, he is indeed a bit unique.”

Knowing that a Slytherin was exceptionally good at it, the Gryffindor wizard on the opposite side applauded.

Because Jerry saved their Gryffindor wizard despite his personal risk, his recent action definitely won them over. Why wouldn’t they cheer? Gryffindor wizards don’t have the virtue of being closed-minded.

The class got back to normal after ten minutes. Neville took a short break by sitting to the side as the other young wizards rode broomsticks and under Ms. Hooch’s supervision due to the recent incident.

Since the ground is soft below you, even if you fall, it won’t be a big concern. But everyone did a good job. The others were rather stable, with the exception of a few students being shaky.

“Hold tight to the direction and slow down, don’t rush.”

Draco froze with Harry, who was getting in touch with a broomstick for the first time, while Jerry rode a broomstick next to Hermione and gently guided her to fly. There was a constant competition between the two of them.

Although it was Harry’s first encounter with him, he was highly talented and did not fall short of Draco in every way, which infuriated Draco.

Losing against Jerry is acceptable, but if he loses to Harry, he will be really disappointed.

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