Captain America battled Thena equally, relying on his superior fighting prowess and the protection of the Vibranium Shield. The other super soldiers were not as fortunate. Gilgamesh defeated The Winter Soldier after he led a small group of soldiers to besiege him.

Gilgamesh is strong. With only one punch, he can effortlessly destroy a big tank because of his formidable pair of fists. Winter Soldier is also a super soldier. Despite his mechanical arm has been strengthened, he is still completely outclassed by the enemy.

The suppressed super soldiers and Terminator robots had no ability to defend themselves when Gilgamesh, Sersi, and other Eternals displayed their skills.

The most powerful Eternal, Ikaris, landed directly on top of the car as though he had just stepped into an empty space. Two golden rays from his gaze easily split the automobile in half. Ikaris took apart the vehicle with his bare hands and immediately noticed the tied “Phastos.”

“Ikaris, rapidly remove Phastos.” Ajak also noticed “Phastos” and she instantly gave the order that the rescue was finished as long as he was taken away.

Ikaris’ body was instantly thrown into an uncontrollable suspension as a cluster of crimson energy particles enveloped him. A scarlet energy vortex materialized in midair before the Eternals’ gaze, leaving them all stunned in silence.

Two figures appeared from it. It is Rorschach and Wanda the Scarlet Witch.

Wanda’s hands were dancing in the air like two white butterflies. She waved her hand lightly while holding the ring that she had brought from Kamar Taj. She had used her other hand to do magic in order to effortlessly subdue Ikaris. Ikaris, the most formidable warrior among the Eternals, was then thrown by her.

Rorschach donning the Destroyer Armor was seen by Ajak.

She moved forward right away and yelled to Rorschach, “We are not alien spies, Mr. Rorschach. I think it would be best if we could sit down and talk.”

“I don’t believe we have anything to talk.” Wanda entered directly, effortlessly suppressing the four Eternals by herself as Rorschach stood in midair, gazing down.

The Winter Soldier and the others felt less pressure as a result, and they started to mount a counterattack on the Eternals.

“We are not at all your enemy. In fact, we have been guarding the people for countless years. If you immediately put an end to your quarrel, I will tell you everything.” Ajak also made an effort to convince Rorschach.

Rorschach did not change, “Do you still possess the face needed to save humanity? Where were you when Hydra occupied every nation? Where were you when the army of the Chitauri attacked?”

This is the world of Rorschach. The Eternals were not only not there in the initial conflict between Hydra and the Chitauri army, but they were also not present in any of the ensuing crises.

When Ultron destroyed Sokovia, he didn’t see them.

When Thanos invaded, he didn’t see them either.

They constantly claim to be guarding the people, but if people face a serious crisis, they don’t see them stepping forward to uphold justice for people.

Ikaris boldly asserted that he could command the Avengers once the team’s veterans had departed the group and no one was left to control the issue as a whole.

Such actions had never been witnessed by Rorschach. Extremely ridiculous, that is.

“We… can’t meddle too much in people’s lives.” Such a sentence was forced out by Ajak, who appeared a little ashamed.

“Why are you here on Earth if you can’t meddle in human affairs? Using up the food and air on Earth?” Rorschach replied in a mocking manner.

“You don’t know us at all…”

“No, I know you well, too well.”

Ajak was interrupted by Rorschach, who continued, “The Eternals, you gave birth to Tiamut and helped Arishem develop humans in captivity and intelligent animals for Tiamut’s life force. On this world, you are also thought to have murdered billions upon billions of lives!”

Not only Ajak, but also the other Eternals were astonished at the moment these words were spoken. Others, including Ikaris and Phastos, are unaware that the birth of the Tiamut will put the security of the entire world at risk.

These Eternals have thus always believed themselves to be the earth’s saviors, but of course, once they discovered the Eternals’ true purpose, they began to seriously question their own existence.

“Is what he said true, Ajak?” Sersi questioned as she stared at Ajak in shock.

The Eternals, like Sersi, did have a certain attachment for the Earth after coexisting for countless generations, therefore they were unable to believe that the birth of the Tiamut would destroy the Earth.

Ajak’s expression darkened “Sersi, may we discuss this at a later time? Right now, saving Phastos is the most important mission, and I’ll tell you the whole truth later.”

The Eternals are experiencing a trust crisis. Really ironic.

When Rorschach waved at Phastos in the car, it turned out that the heavily bound Phastos was actually a Terminator robot that resembled a human.

“Unfortunately, your friend is dead…you will all die too,” he said to the Eternals.

“You killed Phastos?”

When the Eternals learned that Rorschach had murdered Phastos, they resumed fighting the enemy after experiencing a recent crisis of trust.

Rorschach immediately said, “Yes, I killed him because it was the right thing to do. In actuality, I had a really neutral attitude toward you, but I shouldn’t have. He knelt down at the site of the nuclear explosion and admitted that by his actions, he had already executed you.”

“Kneel to confess?” Since Ajak was present when Rorschach spoke, she quickly realized what he was referring to.

“So you killed him merely because of this?” she snapped at Rorschach.

“What do you mean by ‘Just because of this’? That’s right. You extraterrestrial species don’t think much of the deaths of common people, but it is precisely because of your acts that hundreds of millions of people have been harmed by aggression and war. You have let the whole human species down.”

The Eternals’ wrongdoing was ultimately revealed by Rorschach, who immediately exited, instantly materialized in front of Ajak, and punched the Eternals’ leader.

Despite being the Eternal’s leader, Ajak is not a skilled fighter. Her primary talent is healing, and she can use it on herself or others.

“The Eternals fell into today’s doom due to your incapability to handle the circumstance and inability to fully see the scenario. You can donate your brains to the cannibals in Alfheim if you don’t need them. You don’t have to wear them as a display around your head.” Rorschach’s fist hit the ground before the words could be said.

A fist engulfed Ajak’s line of vision, tearing it apart and shattering it totally in an instant.


There was a sound like a watermelon bursting, and the head of the leader of the Eternal Race, Ajak, was crushed by a violent force. Ajak’s vitality suddenly dissipated, her body lost its luster in an instant, and she fell limply to the ground.

It’s not over yet. Just killing this person will not be able to relieve Rorschach’s hatred.

His eyes were red, and two fiery rays of light shot out, completely burning this lackey of the Eternals who stepped on the bottom line, so that not even a single molecule was left.

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Published On: March 26, 2023

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