One month after school started.

Jerry said Haas and Aisha good night, shut the door to the room, used a locking spell, and went inside his suitcase.

He entered the villa’s potion lab and immediately noticed a glint of happiness on his face as he examined the hue of the potion in the cauldron.

“It appears that this is about finished!”

Today is the day to finish the potion, which has been simmering for a whole month from the beginning. When the last lacewing flies were added, the soup was so thick it resembled syrup. Suddenly, a giant bubble formed and began to continuously roll in the cauldron.

When Hermione’s hair was added to the boiling soup after picking up the wand and adding magic energy to it, the soup immediately took on a lovely pink hue.

“The Polyjuice Potion is done!”

Jerry cheerfully packaged the pink soup into four small bottles after taking a look at it. He can become Hermione for an hour with each potion in this bottle.

The Polyjuice Potion, which turns the drinker into another human being of any age and sex.

The changed body is identical to the transformed person’s physique due to the inclusion of the converted person’s hair. According to the person being transformed, the potion’s hue and flavor vary.

Some have a khaki color, while others are dark brown, golden yellow, or pink. Some taste awful, while others taste excellent. It is rumored that it has something to do with the purity of the converted person’s soul, but this is just a conjecture without any supporting evidence.

Because no one will acknowledge their genuine essence as a person.

In the past, whenever Jerry went out, he always wore a big wizard robe, a wizard hat, and a mask on his head, so that nobody could ever tell what he looked like. He can only be identified by his voice or height.

Now that Hermione’s height was comparable to his, even though her voice was different and a simple voice-changing spell could fix the problem. So long as everything goes according to plan, S.H.I.E.L.D’s search for his true identity is quite likely to be misdirected once more.


At the same time, in the Washington headquarters of S.H.I.E.L.D.

A stack of papers was placed on Nick Fury’s desk by Agent Hill, “Director, our logistical agents are now conducting an inquiry. With a great degree of certainty, we have essentially established who the Wizard really is—and he is one of these kids.”

“Li Hu, Zhao Xiaogou, Wang Gang, Jerry Carmen.”

“All of them appear to be Chinese, so why is this one an exception?” Nick Fury took the document, gave it a cursory check, and then pulled out the document of Jerry Carmen.

“Actually, according to all of our findings, this little boy named Jerry Carmen is the most likely suspect.” Hill made her assessment.

Jerry hid his appearance from start to finish. S.H.I.E.L.D. is big and has a wealth of superior talent across numerous fields.

Finding Jerry-related hints is not entirely impossible, provided you are prepared to put in the time and increased effort necessary. Because Fury didn’t pay much attention to Jerry and more resources were employed in other areas, they didn’t locate Jerry’s knowledge earlier.

At this point, Jerry demonstrated his exceptional healing skill and potent auxiliary ability. Naturally, Nick Fury also stepped up and intensified the investigation.

Agent Hill was able to organize additional agents to help with numerous investigations because she was in command of this situation.

She swiftly locked in a number of more qualified kids by tightening the case-by-case exclusion criteria; the most notable was Jerry Carmen.

He initially turned away due to his lack of Chinese ancestry, but an agent soon realized that since the boy appeared to be an expert cook, it was quite possible that he could also speak Chinese.

The fact that this boy is excessively good in all respects and that his goodness is above average must cause Hill to have doubts about him.

After all, he is distinct from regular people, the heights match, and the residential location is close to the warehouse. It’s difficult not to picture him as the Wizard who understands magic.

Nick nodded after hearing Hill’s report. He still has a lot of faith in Hill’s wisdom and good judgment. She believes that this young boy named Jerry Carmen is definitely quite dubious.

“I want to meet him in person and ask him for a favor, so please come to New York with me tomorrow.”

“What about Tony Stark?” Hill had clearly guessed something.

“Tony’s situation with the poisoning is not optimistic, according to Natasha. I want to see if there is a way for this Wizard could help because our existing method can’t fully restore him.” He spoke.

“You know, even if the mysteries surrounding the items Mr. Howard left behind are resolved, it is unknown if Tony’s problem would be completely resolved. Always explore different approaches.” Nick Fury sighed.

Howard Stark’s son, Tony Stark, is a key figure in the Avengers plan because his father was one of the founding members of S.H.I.E.L.D. Disregarding Tony’s temper and character which are sometimes flawed.

However, it cannot be denied that even if he is not qualified to serve as an Avenger, his technical support and leadership alone can be extremely valuable to S.H.I.E.L.D.


Jerry took the broomstick out of the case, pointed his wand in his direction of himself, and cast the Disillusionment Charm. Jerry and Nimbus 2000 both abruptly vanished from the room as a magic light flared.

After a month of hard work, he finally achieved mastery of the Disillusionment Charm, a spell that can only be cast by senior wizards.

Therefore, he is no longer required to enter and exit the warehouse covertly every time. He can fly in and out of his room via the window by putting on the Disillusionment Charm.

Although at his level, it is sufficient, the invisibility cannot be sustained for long. With the aid of this spell, Jerry quickly ascended to the sky above Manhattan where he started battling criminals every day in order to acquire red stars.

A man in a black suit was keeping an eye on him through a telescope on the top of a specific building while his Disillusionment Charm vanished and he was flying around in the sky to solve one crime after another.

“The target has appeared. Ready to initiate the plan, be sure to get him once and for all.”

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Published On: March 28, 2023

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