Pietro’s figure was greatly impacted by the mind scepter’s energies, striking the tempered glass behind him before rebounding to the ground.

“Pietro, are you okay?” Wanda went forward after noticing his brother’s appearance and asked slightly worriedly.

“I’m all right.” Pietro shook his head and was about to stand up in the glass single room.

But in the next instant, his body changed into a silver lightning bolt, which struck the opposing piece of tempered glass once more before rebounding back to the earth. Wanda was astonished by the abrupt change and couldn’t help but be.

She asked Rorschach after gazing at her brother Pietro in the glass room in shock, “Mr. Rorschach, what’s wrong with Pietro?”

“Pietro’s aptitude, or ability, was brought into play by the mind scepter. In a nutshell, it is the utmost responsiveness and speed, a really strong metabolism, power beyond human boundaries, etc.” Rorschach gave a general explanation of Quicksilver’s talent.

In addition to obtaining super speed, Quicksilver’s fundamental qualities throughout every element of his body have been significantly increased. Otherwise, a normal person’s body would not be able to sustain such a high pace.

Pietro, who was a little out of control, spoke in response to the rampage in the glass room after Rorschach had finished speaking, “Pietro, try to calm yourself. Then, become comfortable with your own muscles and strength. Finally, feel it with your heart. Your brain’s ability to process information quickly has risen along with your speed, so you can enter a condition like a bullet time for as long as you like.”

“I’m trying!” Pietro didn’t know how many times he had struck the hardened glass in the glass single room.

High-strength tempered glass of this kind appears incapable of withstanding Pietro’s rage. After several tries, Pietro’s anxiety subsided and his brain’s reasoning began to progressively match his own speed.

In an instant, the whole world seemed to be quiet.

Pietro slowly arose. This time, instead of falling over and striking the tempered glass, he took two steps forward. He looked at Rorschach and his sister Wanda after making sure there was no issue.

Rorschach and Wanda, on the other hand, appeared to have had an odd appearance. They were like two statues standing still.

“What are you two doing, exactly?” Although Pietro asked inadvertently, he soon understood that he should have gone into a state like a bullet time.

Time seems to stand still in the bullet time state. Wanda was still gazing blankly at her like a statue when Pietro softly opened the door of the glass single chamber, approached her, and waved his palm in front of her eyes.

Pietro stared at Rorschach right away. He noticed that Rorschach was also focusing on him with his eyes.

“Could you see me?” Pietro’s grin vanished from his face.

No one could possibly keep up with him after he entered bullet time, thus it was amazing that Mr. Rorschach was able to capture his own likeness in that speed.

Could it be that Mr. Rorschach has the same ability as himself?

As soon as Pietro thought of this, Rorschach nodded and said, “Of course, you are not the only one with abilities in this planet,”

“But you’re not wearing any Destroyer Armor at all, are you?”

Recently, Pietro discovered a lot of material online. Rorschach, the Osborn Group, and even Stark Industries—once viewed as an enemy—are among the topics covered.

Rorschach is supposedly a brilliant scientist, yet contrary to what is said online, he is just a regular guy. He can only have the power of Superman like in the DC comics after obtaining the Destroyer Armor, which according to myth and legend was crafted by King Odin himself.

Rorschach is now merely dressed in a suit, and the Destroyer Armor has not been activated by the little nuclear fusion reactor on his chest.

He then pointed to the tiny nuclear fusion reactor on his chest and said, “As long as I carry this device, even if I don’t deploy the Destroyer Armor, I can have immense power.”

“For real?”


Both of them ended bullet time as they were speaking. Even if Pietro and Rorschach can always maintain bullet time, it will be challenging for them to interact with regular people in this way because hearing a single word during bullet time feels like an hour to them both.

Pietro developed superpowers and continued to brag in Wanda’s presence. Wanda started to be excited about her powers when she saw her brother being so happy and excited.

“It’s your turn, Wanda.”

Wanda entered the glass single room after Rorschach unlocked the entrance. Rorschach was set to activate the mind scepter after configuring the device for the mind scepter.

“Prepare yourself for energy radiation. Are you ready, Wanda?”

Wanda nodded, gave him a smile, and added, “Ready.”

“All right, countdown in three, two, one!”

After the voice faded, Wanda’s entire body was covered with an energy jolt from the mind scepter. Wanda was not entirely overpowered by the energy hit this time because it appeared as though the mind scepter’s energy had entered a black hole and had been completely absorbed.

Wanda’s body began to fill with a cloud of red energy particles at the same time. Then it started to break out.


Wanda was in the middle of a cluster of scarlet energy specks that radiated out in all directions. Wanda was in a glass single chamber when it suddenly broke, sending innumerable glass shards flying out like raindrops.

Pietro quickly demonstrated his agility by avoiding the flying glass shards. Wanda’s out-of-control chaos magic was thwarted by Rorschach by using the energy of the mind stone once he triggered it.

After some time, Wanda’s energy surge started to fade. The security system raised an alarm when there was movement here, and many Terminator robots arrived to investigate. Rorschach quickly ordered Riverie to cancel the alarm and clean up the scene.

“The next phase is to allow the two of you to quickly develop your skills. I’ll set up a coach for you, Pietro. They’ll create a number of training schedules for you and methodically maximize your potential. Understand?”

Pietro first received instructions from Rorschach. It is difficult to predict that Pietro won’t be able to effectively control the ability given that he has only recently gained it. The Flash next door will cause a lot of problems when he first gains the ability. Rorschach then informed Captain America.

Captain America is a normal guy, but he has enough fighting experience to give Pietro a structured education despite that. He can at least assist Pietro in learning to control his own strength, then go on to learn further fighting techniques like martial arts.

Allow Pietro to become a skilled fighter as quickly as feasible. Pietro was soon picked up by Captain America.

Rorschach has long claimed that Pietro possesses tremendous powers, thus Captain America was simply surprised—not perplexed—when he found that Pietro had developed extraordinary abilities.

After all, this is a world full of unearthly power.

“As for you, Wanda…”

Rorschach observed the young woman in front of her who was struggling with her own strength, gave it some consideration, and then stated, “Your superpower is a little unique and is related to magic. I happen to know a strong wizard; if I have the chance, I might be able to take you there. Meet her now.”

Wanda possesses a rare magical gift in the original story, but she has never had formal training and has always depended on her own research.

This might possibly have contributed to Wanda’s eventual loss of control. Rorschach wants to locate Wanda a magic mentor as a result.

The Supreme Sorcerer, with whom Rorschach had communication during the last Chitauri war, is the only magician Rorschach can currently come in contact with. Wanda can also consult Queen Frigga for assistance if she ever gets the chance to visit Asgard.

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Published On: March 20, 2023

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