“No, it’s not…” Dr. Banner refuted Rorschach’s assertions without delay.

He said, “I have been working on understanding the gamma ray balancing rate checking formula you sent me. Hulk has also just started to feel a little restless. So, in my opinion, the Hulk problem needs to be resolved as quickly as possible.”

“Come in and tell me more about it,” Rorschach said as he opened the office door after giving a firm nod.


Dr. Banner entered the office at Rorschach’s invitation, and the Terminator robot waiting outside made two cups of coffee and brought them to the table. Rorschach and Dr. Banner sat face to face on the sofa.

Rorschach gave Dr. Banner a thorough examination, “It makes sense that Hulk hasn’t just emerged from his psychological shell. I mean, Hulk shouldn’t be there if he didn’t experience a big stimulation.”

The more times Dr. Banner becomes the Hulk, the stronger personality Hulk will have. Despite the torture of Hulk as depicted in the movie’s plot, Rorschach did not result in the dominance of Hulk’s personality.

The most noticeable alteration to the Hulk’s psyche occurs when, during the events of Avengers 2, he escapes Earth aboard a Quinjet jet and travels to the cosmos. He hasn’t taken on human form again in a while.

Hulk’s personality consciousness is still in a very early stage at this point.

The Hulk as of today has an IQ that is comparable to a two-year-old toddler and struggles with communication. Hulk was roughly the age of a three or four-year-old toddler when Thanos defeated him. He can argue with Thor intelligently and even sulk arrogantly because he has improved since then.

As a result, Rorschach’s beating does not have the same impact as Thanos’ beating. Since Rorschach just punched Hulk. Dr. Banner can no longer transform into the Hulk due to common environmental factors.

Dr. Banner’s demeanor changed when she heard Rorschach say those words, and she felt a little ashamed. He avoided the subject by making hand gestures and responding, “Hulk’s presence is a ticking time bomb. Now that we have a remedy, I believe it is imperative to address Hulk’s issue right now. I’m just not sure if I’ll stay the same when I combine with Hulk.”

Rorschach nodded while grinning, “You shouldn’t be concerned about this, in reality. Dr. Banner, you will always be who you are. Have you also spoken to your girlfriend about your planned fusion with the Hulk?”

“Of course, we’ve discussed it. Betty loves me, the inner me. Even if I become a monster, she will never leave.” When Dr. Banner brought up his girlfriend Betty, his expression of joy was priceless.

“So… Did Hulk interrupt you to make out with your girlfriend?” questioned Rorschach as he touched his chin.

Rorschach explained his plan once more on how to lure Hulk to appear. Dr. Banner actually desired to engage in some demanding activities.

But this circumstance is more challenging. Rorschach is on the sidelines watching Dr. Banner and his girlfriend from sharing a kiss in person. Rorschach would go beat up Hulk whenever he started to grow more ecstatic.

After beating Hulk back, Rorschach said to Betty again, to just pretend that he doesn’t exist.

“My dear Mr. Rorschach, you misunderstood… It’s not that… No, I’m saying that the Hulk will harm people, especially those close to me.” Dr. Banner appeared to be feeling awkward.

Rorschach displayed an understanding expression. Even if the personalities of Dr. Banner and the Hulk merge, they become Professor Hulk, who made an appearance in Avengers 4.

The moniker of Professor Hulk is also extremely fitting to describe the new type of strength and knowledge in Avengers 4 even though there is also a more malevolent Professor Hulk in the comics.

Rorschach considered this and nodded in agreement before asking bluntly, “Hulk can indeed cause harm to others. Has Betty injected any physical strength-boosting substances?”

“Injected.” Dr. Banner made an unconscious response.

He had a gut feeling that something was wrong, but after thorough consideration, he was unable to identify it.

After hearing this, Rorschach nodded, saying, “That’s good, there shouldn’t be any problem after injecting the physical strength medications.”

“Is there anything wrong with what you stated, Mr. Rorschach?” Curious, Dr. Banner enquired.

“Dr. Banner, how long do you wish to take a leave?” Rorschach coughed dryly.

“20 months,” Dr. Banner said while holding out two fingers.

Dr. Banner’s move didn’t interest Rorschach. He continued, “It will take 18 months to fuse Hulk’s personality.”

“That’s Okay, but I pledged to Betty that I would stay with her.” explains Dr. Banner.

“All right, I approve your vacation. Please complete the leave application process and follow the regular procedures,” he said.

Dr. Banner’s request for a leave of absence was immediately accepted by Rorschach, who added with a smirk, “You should also transfer the current task and visit the personnel office to request a leave of absence. I’ll end by wishing you a pleasant time, Dr. Banner.”

“I appreciate your understanding, Mr. Rorschach. Upon returning from vacation, I will unquestionably focus on my work.” Dr. Banner gave Rorschach his word.

Rorschach made a hand motion. These days, it takes a lot of labor to interpret alien technology. The pace of the research will indeed be slowed by Dr. Banner’s departure.

Rorschach has the ability to end the study entirely on his own if he wishes to hasten its progress. No one else is required to do anything in this manner.

Rorschach was mistreated by dishonest supervisors before defecting, and he now controls the Osborn Group from behind the scenes. Instead of trying to squeeze workers and make them unhappy about the issue of not enough personnel at work, it is preferable to increase staff and enhance benefits administration.

Employees won’t donate to the boss out of appreciation unless other employees are particularly helpful to them. This is how the Rorschach method operates.

In terms of growing the research team, Rorschach has not only attracted a sizable number of excellent and productive researchers, but has also opened a branch to well-known figures in the scientific field.

Rorschach also had Tony Stark on his list of potential hires. However, Tony arrived at the door by himself. Tony Stark and Rorschach talked about alien technologies on the day the Chitauri War came to a close. On the same day, agreement on cooperation was obtained.

Later, Tony Stark and Norman Osborn officially proclaimed their cooperation during the heroic interview. After receiving the Osborn Group’s invitation, the majority of scientists are still eager to embrace it.

Some people, on the other hand, are more obstinate and reject this approach. Hank Pym and Reed Richards are the more exemplary individuals.

Tony Stark entered Rorschach’s office just over an hour after Dr. Banner had left.

“Why did Banner abandon the project for twenty months, Rorschach? The roles that Banner and I play are very distinct. He just departed, so I’ll be left with all the job.” Tony complained.

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