Jerry was waiting for this opportunity.

The fact that Professor Quirrell was able to keep the truth from everyone and free the troll on the basement floor indicates that he now has access to an object that can store the troll. More subtly, Quirrell avoided everyone, which also provided Jerry with a chance.

The only issue is that Quirrell obviously possesses professor-level strength. Even if it is a sneak strike, Quirrell’s present magical might makes it hard to defeat him and take the equipment from him.

Quirrell still carries Voldemort’s soul on the back of his head as well. Voldemort can’t do much right now because he is only a residual soul, but since he is Voldemort, who knows what awful tricks he has up his sleeve?

He desires the equipment but does not desire for him to perish. He had previously utilized magic to heal the soldiers, but just as he was about to lose up, he noticed the tranquilizer sniper rifle, which gave him newfound hope.

Although Quirrell and Voldemort are undoubtedly adept at avoiding magic assaults and must have a great deal of experience doing so, they almost surely lack this skill when it comes to using contemporary weaponry, and they are unaware of it.

The important detail is that the army’s unique tranquilizer sniper weapon has a 1,000 meters range. He is capable of making covert attacks that his adversary cannot see.

In addition, Quirrell, a Death Eater, does not dare to act in Hogwarts. Because Hogwarts is Dumbledore’s territory.

If it is successful, it might be possible to take some of Quirrell’s personal belongings from the equipment in addition to the piece of equipment.

Jerry hastened out of the fifth classroom at the top of the stairs, swiftly fled in the opposite direction, and ambushed at a very good sniper spot he had discovered during the previous several days after spotting Quirrell’s figure move into the fifth classroom.

Located 60 meters from the stairs in a corner, this sniper post also has a visual blind spot.

When someone goes upstairs, he will have his back entirely facing Jerry, allowing Jerry to lean on his back. If someone goes downstairs, he can see Jerry’s position and Jerry can see the other person. The back of the target was the target of the sniper rifle.

He can offer him a sneak peek when Professor Quirrell releases the troll because he will undoubtedly return to the amphitheater on the first floor to relay the news there.

Jerry positioned the sniper rifle and started focusing through the sight on the direction of the stairs.

His accuracy shouldn’t be too problematic given the “Refreshing” state and the fact that he has just rehearsed in the Room of Requirements several times.


Professor Quirrell’s back finally appeared in his scope after a ten-minute wait.

Jerry pulled the trigger with a firm press.


The gun’s muzzle blasted out a sniper bullet. It covered a distance of 60 meters in less than a second and struck Professor Quirrell in the behind without eliciting any response.

After freeing the enormous monster from the Sleeping Charm in the fifth classroom, Professor Quirrell was going to descend the stairs to the first floor’s Great Hall.

He suddenly experienced numbness in his buttocks, followed by an overwhelming sense of sleepiness that he was unable to control. His body shook and he collapsed to the ground before he could continue.

Jerry didn’t stop at all after a hit. With his rifle, he made a swift retreat. He then went into hiding in a neighboring abandoned classroom, concealing the sniper rifle in some place.

Although Quirrell had fainted, Voldemort had not, and Voldemort shouldn’t have had much attack strength at this point anyhow, but it’s best to be cautious in everything, so he chose not to walk up to search Quirrell at this time.

Jerry remained hidden inside the empty classroom while he silently observed the activity outside.

Five minutes later, the troll’s scream and the sound of a large stick being used to crush the wooden door could be heard in the distance.

Jerry’s strategy is fairly basic. He won’t come forward immediately, rather he will shock Quirrell with a tranquilizer sniper rifle.

Despite being adept at battling enormous creatures, Quirrell cannot tame them. What would happen to the troll if he came upon an unconscious Professor Quirrell at this point?

He imagined the troll would be pleased to give the wizard a few blows to the head with his enormous stick as the wizard had stunned him with magic.

Voldemort’s remaining soul will undoubtedly leave Hogwarts if Quirrell is murdered by the troll, at which point he can finally appear and seize Quirrell’s suitcase.

Professor Quirrell, who had been put to sleep, was discovered by a Slytherin who had missed the dinner party because of his obsession with reading.

This should be pretty normal.

Dumbledore was at this moment still in the Great Hall, and he was not concerned about being found out. Wizards can retrace the magic a wand casts, but they don’t have any investigative spell that can do the complete procedure.

Furthermore, Jerry employed a sniper rifle instead of any magic whatsoever in this stealthy strike. Jerry wonders whether it matters whether Quirrell’s passing will influence how the plot develops in the future.

Dumbledore wanted to use the Sorcerer’s Stone incident to train Harry. That’s for their own personal business. Jerry simply wanted to get stronger on his own.

The plan is ideal, but it is always challenging to keep up with developments. He was calmly waiting for the unconscious Professor Quirrell to be slain by the troll in the abandoned classroom. When a recognizable scream abruptly prompted Jerry to briefly alter his plan.

“Why is Hermione here?” Jerry was stunned when he heard the scream.

There is a scene where Hermione hides in the women’s restroom on the basement level and sobs furiously after Ron mocked her for not having any friends.

She was later discovered by the troll, who nearly murdered her. Harry and Ron showed up just in time, and the two of them managed to subdue the troll. But he evidently checked with Hermione while he was eating in the Great Hall at midday today.

Because Hermione had Jerry as a close friend, she was not as depressed as in the original book when Ron acted out in front of Hermione after she scolded him for using the Levitating Charm in the morning charm class.

He even had a heart-to-heart conversation with Hermione at lunchtime and comforted her in order to avoid accidents.

But now, why did Hermione appear on the basement floor again? What is the situation?

Jerry had to temporarily alter the plan due to Hermione’s appearance, but if you think about it, this is actually not that awful. At the very least, it makes the scene seem more genuine, and this shot not only saved Hermione but also Professor Quirrell, giving him a new wave of popularity.

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Published On: March 20, 2023

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