Jerry did not intervene in the conflict between Draco and Harry. He wants to strengthen himself and concentrate on learning magic. Simply learning more magic more efficiently will elevate his standing among the students.

That would be a pain in the ass instead of being a peacemaker and mediating conflicts between a few kids.

At this point, it was already six o’clock and the flying lesson was ended. The dinner had already filled the tables when Jerry and the others arrived in the Great Hall.

In general, Hogwarts’ cuisine is really fantastic, to be honest. Even though the meals aren’t as lavish as the opening dinner, there are generally always meat dishes offered, including beef, mutton, and the like.

Jerry was planning to take a nap in the dorm after dinner in order to recuperate from the excessive use of Refreshing today.

He was suddenly stopped by Professor Snape, who was wearing a black magic robe and had an expressionless face.

“Come with me.”

Turning around, Professor Snape moved in the direction of his office. Jerry didn’t understand, but he followed him.

The Potions classroom, Slytherin’s common room, and the headmaster’s office are all located on the basement floor. The office’s layout perfectly reflected Snape’s personality.

The office is entirely occupied by various animal and plant specimens as well as ingredients for precious potion making, with the exception of a desk. They initially believed they had entered the area used to store materials for crafting potions.

However, this also demonstrates how wealthy Snape is. Most of these priceless ingredients for potions are thought to be his personal property.


“Ms. Hooch just informed me about your academic results. I heard you do a one-handed dive from more than 20 feet up to catch that moron from the Longbottom family.” Behind his desk, Snape sat and gave Jerry a stern look.

“Yes, I did so without thinking twice.”

Jerry immediately exhaled in relief when he realized it was about the broomstick class. He was aware that, while appearing to despise Gryffindor, Snape genuinely liked all of the school’s wizards and would not disturb him because he had saved a Gryffindor wizard.

In addition, he received ten Slytherin points for it.

“And this is your first time riding a broomstick?” Snape continued to ask.

Jerry nodded.

“I want you to immediately join Slytherin’s Quidditch squad as a Seeker since Ms. Hooch told me you are unquestionably the best student she has ever seen to be a Seeker.” Without hesitating, Snape gave his order.

“About that… isn’t first graders barred from joining the Quidditch team?” Jerry paused.

He didn’t really want to play Quidditch since he believed that if he had the time, he should devote it to learning magic in order to become stronger. No matter how fantastic it is, Quidditch is only a game for fun.

It is comparable to football, basketball, or badminton. He didn’t recall Voldemort ever playing Quidditch, so no matter how well you train, you can never truly master the art of combat.

“You don’t need to worry about this, I will personally notify Professor Dumbledore.” Snape waved his hand.

“I’ve heard that the Slytherin team has consistently outperformed the Gryffindor team. We don’t need to add another freshman because it is already so strong, and I rather spend more time studying magic.” Jerry briefly shared his thoughts.

Snape nodded in respect for Jerry’s diligent nature. But he didn’t abandon his original plan.

“I’ve never been very interested in the Gryffindor team. They haven’t won a game in a while, but it doesn’t guarantee that Slytherins will always take first place.”

“Hufflepuff won last year, followed by Slytherin in second, Gryffindor in third, and Ravenclaw in fourth. I want you to take over as the Seeker because I want to destroy not just Gryffindor but also Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.”

It turns out that Slytherin doesn’t always win the Quidditch Cup, despite the fact that they have been repressing Gryffindor for the previous few years. The Seeker on Hufflepuff’s team is exceptionally strong and that person is Cedric Diggory.

Observing Jerry’s ongoing hesitation, Snape said, “Nimbus 2000, as long as you are willing to serve as Slytherin’s Seeker, I will grant you the latest Nimbus 2000.”

“It’s a deal!”

The newest broomstick is called the Nimbus 2000. Its top speed is at least twice as fast as Cleansweep’s, and it has significantly greater steering, braking, and other features.

Jerry was well aware that since he hadn’t yet mastered Apparation, a broomstick with improved performance would increase his chances of surviving a difficult combat like the one from the previous time. He therefore firmly concurred when Snape offered to give away a Nimbus 2000 for free.

He is a great Slytherin, as one would anticipate. He readily agreed after learning that it would be advantageous.

“Come with me.” When Snape noticed that Jerry had consented, he stood up and took Jerry to Marcus Flint, the Slytherin squad captain.

Marcus Flint appears to be quite powerful. He may have troll blood in him, according to rumors. He just started serving as the Slytherin team’s captain this year and he is a fifth-year student.

When he learned that Snape wanted Jerry, a first-year student, to be the most significant Seeker, he scowled. “But Profressor, what about Terrence Higgs if he is the Seeker?”

Terrence Higgs was the Seeker of the Slytherin team.

“He wasn’t a good Seeker last year since you lost to Hufflepuff. Make him a backup player.” Marcus caught Snape’s attention as he bowed his head and narrowed his eyes.

Marcus’s heart shook as he realized that the dean had been a little miffed by his query earlier, feeling his heart thump in response, he immediately responded, “Okay, then wait until Saturday, let Jerry come to the Quidditch training area, and I will teach him the basics of Quidditch.”

Snape gave Jerry a satisfied nod and then walked him back to the office after hearing this. In actuality, Snape’s faith in Jerry was fueled not just by Ms. Hooch’s remarks but also by the fact that he occurred to witness the event where Jerry saved Neville.

“The Nimbus 2000 will be delivered in a few days. You can return now.” Snape went back to the office and then silently let Jerry go.

Jerry was going to leave the room, but just then Snape’s low voice could be heard behind him again, saying, “If you do well in the Quidditch training, I will allow you to come here at night and ask me about magic.”

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