“Don’t worry, Captain. A kid with certain superpowers often thinks highly of himself.” Another man retrieved a tracking rocket launcher from the box and expertly started to debug it.

Shaking his head, the leading man in a suit said, “Don’t be careless. The opponent’s skill is really weird, despite the fact that the target is a kid. We will be in trouble if he approaches him, and under the circumstances at hand, it is unlikely that regular bullets will be able to harm him.”

“I don’t think he can withstand my rocket, so don’t be concerned.” The person operating the rocket launcher for tracking pulled out a rocket and loaded it.

“The most important thing is to hit it. Has the drone been released?” The leading man asked a young man on the other side.

“Locked on, and his trajectory has been fully tracked.”

“Dana, after the rocket strikes the enemy. Add to the assault right away, and make sure you kill him.” The man turned to face the stunning red-haired woman who was assembling a large sniper gun.

“After this order is completed, we can go home.”

“This Barrett M82 uses 1.27cm armor-piercing bullets, so don’t be afraid. I can blast anything from a thousand meters away, even a steel plate. Can he stop my armor-piercing shots if he can stop regular gunfire?”

She licked her lips as she finished speaking. “I enjoy watching the scene in which the brains blow up. I wonder if children’s brains look better.”

The leading man in a suit appeared to be in good spirits and kept his mouth shut. He instructed the young man operating the drone to keep a close eye on the Wizard’s flight.


Meanwhile, in Manhattan.

Speeding down the street was a minivan. A young woman in her twenties pleaded with the driver while holding up her camera, “Mr. Wizard was just flying toward 39th Street when I last saw him. Hurry up and drive faster. We won’t be able to snap pictures today if we don’t catch up to him!”

The driver’s eyes began to roll naturally, “He is flying in the sky, Miss Lucy, and his course is unpredictable. It doesn’t matter how quickly I drive on the ground—I can’t keep up with him. Find a location with higher terrain, if you want to take some pictures.”

“No, that’s ridiculous. I want to capture a close-up image. Ideally when the wizard uses magic to thwart crooks.” Before responding loudly to the driver, the young woman holding the camera popped her head out to take a quick peek at the sky.

The girl’s name is Lucy, and she is the journalist whom Jerry saved when he first began battling crooks.

She started off as a very unknown low-level reporter, and part of her daily duties included interviewing some street vendors for gourmet foods and snacks. She didn’t become enamored until she met him and experienced the popularity.

She thinks she can get a lot of significant news and become a first-rate reporter as long as she focuses all of her efforts on Jerry.

This is actually the case. Jerry was initially unpopular, so no one would notice him. But since Jerry’s reputation as the Wizard spread throughout New York, any news about him will grab people’s attention.

This led her to first stay close to Jerry in Queens, where she also took a lot of pictures of him. Since she personally reported the fire incident, she has been promoted within the company.

She would therefore go there nearly every night to only take a few decent pictures when she learned that Jerry frequently made appearances in Manhattan to fight criminals. Right now, it’s difficult.

Because every time this Wizard captures the criminal, he does it so quickly. He basically appears from a great height and disappears after casting a few magic spells. Even if the crime had occurred nearby, it would have been resolved by the time they had arrived.

Consequently, whether it was Lucy or other journalists who had the same ideas, It was challenging to capture the Wizard subduing criminals in sharp, high-definition photographs.


“Petrificus Totalus!” Jerry took to the skies on a broomstick after finishing off with a robber.

He grimaced and felt suddenly as though he was being watched. When he turned the broom, he discovered two drones nearby and the drone’s camera right away.

“Is it S.H.I.E.L.D again? It doesn’t seem that way.” Jerry’s sense clearly detects a very strong malice during this surveillance compared to the drone surveillance sent by S.H.I.E.L.D. the previous time.

“Reducto!” One drone was instantly disintegrated on the spot with a wave of the magic wand, but before he could execute another spell, another drone had already escaped in the direction of the west.

“You want to run?” As soon as Jerry picked up speed, the Nimbus 2000 tore through the air and pursued the evading drone.

Although the drone moves quickly, the Nimbus 2000 moves at a speed close to its top speed of 200 kph, and Jerry quickly increased the gap between himself and the drone.

“Reducto!” A light instantaneously exploded the drone into a pile of scrap metal with a wave of the wand.

Jerry, who was in the “Refreshing” mode, suddenly experienced a severe sense of panic.

“That’s bad!” He shouted and looked up to see a rocket coming right towards him from the top of the structure in front of him.

Ordinary bullet strikes won’t hurt the wizard’s robe with the Protego Charm, but it’s impossible to tell if rocket attacks will. Jerry believed that it was preferable to take risks altogether.

You must be aware that while the Protego Charm is a very effective protective spell, it is also a complex spell, and he is currently making a concerted effort to learn it.

The Protego Charm’s strength comes more from the wizard’s skill than from the spell itself.

There is little doubt that the Protego Charms used by Dumbledore and first-year wizards are not on an equal level. The spell can’t produce a lot of magic if the wizard casting it is too weak.

According to Quirrell’s notes, wizards will only cause a nosebleed at most if his power is too low, even if he successfully casts the Killing Curse. The expensive wizard robe with the Protego Charm he ordered can only be described as average.

The boss attempted to construct one for him because the wizard robe store did not initially offer wizard robes that had the Protego Charm. But, because he paid a lot amount of money, he did it.

It is unreasonable to anticipate that the owner of the wizard robe store will be a master of the Protego Charm, as he hardly knows how to use it.

He also learned that enchanted alchemy items that were similar to this type of defensive spells were actually not as effective as those cast by wizards themselves during this time because he was studying the basics of alchemy.

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