A yellow school bus carrying students from an elementary school is seen in Queens, New York.

The cute little boy with brown hair who was sitting in the last row as he watched the news report on the TV in front of the school bus. He sighed, “Iron Man, I didn’t anticipate this to be the really scary Marvel world!”

It turned out that the very important news that Tony Stark, the head of Stark Industries, had just come clean about being Iron Man two days prior was what was being covered on TV at the moment.

Jerry Carmen is the name of the young boy. He is a primary school student entering junior high school this year and is eleven years old. Naturally, this is only who he is in this life.

He is a world traveler. He unexpectedly departed away in his former life and arrived in this one eleven years ago. Initially, he believed that he had just been reincarnated elsewhere, but a number of indications proved that this was not the case.

Up until recently, when news of the fabled Iron Man was everywhere. He was certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was the terrifying Marvel world where a single finger snap could wipe out half the universe.

In reality, Jerry had little prior knowledge of the Marvel film series. He saw the three movies with Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man, but he later learned from his friends who were Marvel fans that they weren’t exactly the same as the Spider-Man in the Marvel series.

He nevertheless continued to watch the first installment of Avengers since, when it was out, his friend was alone and unaccompanied. As a result, he personally paid for it and invited him to watch it with him.

While listening to a certain conversation or conversations from a few pals who are Marvel fans discuss particular clips. He learned that seven or eight years from now, a huge purple figure will have wiped out half of all life on Earth and throughout the universe with the snap of his fingers.

“At my command, the Ice and Snow Demon God, who resides in a remote region of extreme cold, arrives here. Oh, the freezing black blizzard! Whiten everything to resemble snow! Freeze Sealing Formation!”

Jerry was contemplating his options for the future when an imposing yet juvenile voice abruptly sounded in his ears. As soon as he turned his head aside, many bubbles slammed into his face.

“Aisha, as I said, don’t use bubble wands on the school bus or the teacher will be upset!”

Jerry looked at the little blond girl sitting inside holding a magic bubble wand and shooting bubbles at him, with a look of helplessness on his face.

“Hmph, you devil Jerry from the abyss. Let me, Ice Queen Aisha, come and finish you! Frozen wave of ice!”

The young blond girl proceeded to fire bubbles at Jerry despite Jerry’s remarks having absolutely no effect on her.

“How could the lovely Ice Queen fall victim to the devil?”

Aisha Hathaway is the young blond girl sitting next to Jerry. She is Jerry’s younger sister in this world and is 10 years old this year.

She has always enjoyed watching animated films about magic, and she frequently thought of myself as a magical princess or a queen. Simply put, she just thinks erratically, according to Jerry.

Jerry likewise believed that it was natural. In his past existence, he used to play Nine Swords with a branch held in his hand like a sword after school on the dirt road.

He once even showed off a little portion of a village neighbor’s rapeseed field, leading his mother to follow him for three miles with a broom. He admits that it can be humiliating to simply think about the embarrassing things he did as a child at times.

“Hahaha, since you found out, I won’t keep it a secret any longer. Ice Queen Aisha, I am The Demon Lord Jerry from the depths of the earth. Take this, the dark claws of death!”

Seeing that his sister could not be dealt with by speaking normally, Jerry had no choice but to join in. While tickling the little girl, while she was giggling, he secretly snatched her magic bubble wand and stuffed it into his schoolbag.

The school bus abruptly hit the brakes. Jerry, who was having fun with his sister, was nearly flung off his seat due to the powerful inertia.

Fortunately, he was quick enough to respond. He hugged his sister who was also going to be flung out while firmly clutching the handle next to him to steady his body.

The other kids weren’t quite as good, though. As a result of the inertia, many of them either lost their balance and fell out of their chairs or started crying.

“Mr. Paul, what’s going on?”

When the crying kids fell from their seats, Teacher Bill, who was in responsible of escorting them to the school bus, swiftly jumped up, helped them get back to their seats, and consoled them. When Jerry saw this, he also instructed his sister to descend and assist him.

“Damn, a car just blocked the path suddenly, and I almost hit them!” The school bus’s middle-aged driver, Paul, responded angrily.

A loud bang was heard.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The school bus’s door was then brutally kicked open numerous times after several gunshots were heard from within.

“Keep still and don’t move, or I’ll blast your heads off!”

Nearly two meters tall, a strong man carrying a gun broke onto the school bus while shouting angrily. He was also wearing a mask.

Then, bringing three sizable bags full of them, three other men entered with brandishing firearms and masks.

“Oh no, this is terrible!”

Jerry instantly went back to his seat to shield his sister inside after the gunfire since he sensed something was amiss. Indeed, the subsequent spectacle lived up to his unfavorable expectations.

“I’ll blow your head off if you don’t leave and go to the suburbs,” he commanded.

The man placed the weapon on Paul the driver’s head and gave him orders.

“Okay, okay… I’ll get started right now.”

Paul dared not comply because a powerful man was holding a gun to his head. He started the school bus right away, turned around, and headed for the suburbs in reverse. A police car’s siren also arrived at this time from behind.

“They dare not fight back since this is a school bus. You two come here by opening the windows in the back.”

Another masked man boarded the car following the muscular man and pointed his gun at Mrs. Belle, the other teacher on the school bus. He also offered directions to the other two masked man.

When they heard the words, the other two masked men nodded. Helped them flee the pursuing police cars as they entered the back and unlocked the glass windows.

Jerry hugged his younger sister Aisha while leaning against the back of the last row of seats. The sound of the firearms nearby and the joyful growls of the two masked men made his heart “thump” uncomfortably as well.

Although he had trained in martial arts for a number of years due to a past-life pastime, it would be easy for him to beat up two or three gangsters. He has always given his body the best workouts possible in this life, and he hardly has any competition his age.

Nevertheless, he has only just turned eleven this year, and his level of physical condition is lower than that of these robbers. Additionally, each of these criminals was carrying a gun.

“Demon Lord Jerry, are those demons under your command? Give me back my wand quickly, and let me, Ice Queen Aisha, punish them with magic!”

Aisha, who was being shielded by Jerry, excitedly put out her little head and started to touch Jerry’s bookbag.

“We must exercise caution!” Jerry again pressed Aisha’s small head down without saying a word.

“Given the circumstances, it is difficult to let the cops handle this. We have to rely on ourselves!”

Jerry sighed as he heard the distant sirens progressively fading, and as his eyes grew tense, a virtual panel appeared in front of him.

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Published On: January 31, 2023

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