“How did you get here?”

Baron Strucker never considered that Rorschach actually possessed all of Superman’s powers. Instead, he always imagined that the great skills of Rorschach were acquired by relying on that armor, which is somewhat akin to Superman in comic books.

With enraged eyes, he regarded the deputy sitting next to him. Baron Strucker believed that his deputy had betrayed him, as the enemy would not have barred his path so swiftly if she had not.

“You betrayed me.”

Baron Strucker was immediately heard doubting himself, and his deputy, who was still in a trance, swiftly clarified, “No, it’s not me.”

A shot was fired, and Baron Strucker swiftly used an energy pistol to kill his deputy.

Baron Strucker’s deputy vanished instantly when he was struck by an energy gun. “I surrender, don’t kill me. I am willing to turn over all of HYDRA’s weapons and possessions,” he said to Rorschach after taking a big breath.

The fact that Baron Strucker had given in did not surprise Rorschach. In the events of Avengers 2, Baron Strucker was attacked by the Avengers and initially made the decision to submit.

When the previous HYDRA got caught, they killed themselves without hesitation by swallowing their teeth. The HYDRA of today are different, they are more covetous of life and terrified of dying. It is necessary to clean up their anxious and terrified lives.

When Baron Strucker noticed that Rorschach was silent, he raised his hand in surrender before swiftly activating the nuclear fusion reactor on Rorschach’s chest and yelling, “Stop them, take off one head, and two will grow, Long Live HYDRA!”

The members of Baron Strucker’s organization are all brainwashed extremists. They all raised their energy weapons at the command of Baron Strucker, and they all launched a suicide attack on Captain America and Rorschach.

Rorschach and Captain America were bombarded by dense blue energy projectiles. Using this chance, Baron Strucker dashed towards the off-road vehicle in front of him while the twin siblings followed.

Captain America lowered his body, gazed at the shield, and began to charge. While Rorschach focused on the woman wearing the red leather trench coat behind Baron Strucker.

That is the future Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff.

This time, Rorschach personally traveled to Sokovia specifically for the twins. Even if the energy bullets struck him, Rorschach’s biological force shield would prevent this kind of attack from even damaging him.

A number of HYDRA soldiers in front were instantaneously torn apart by Rorschach’s heat vision and perished on the spot as two flaming red beams burst out of his eyes.

Captain America and Bucky the Winter Soldier engaged in combat. Steve can still tell that the Winter Soldier is his best buddy Bucky even though he is hiding his identity behind a mask.

“Bucky, it’s me. You must remember me.”

Captain America often called the opponent’s name during the fight with Bucky in an effort to bring up the opponent’s memory.

This technique was also employed by Captain America in the original storyline of Captain America 2 in an effort to reawaken Bucky’s recollection of him. Based on the outcomes, it appears that this actually does have a particular impact.

Consequently, Rorschach disregarded the two close pals.

He gave them some alone time because they haven’t seen each other in so many years. Rorschach does not want to be the one to spoil the occasion. He swung around to face Baron Strucker.

Scarlet Witch and Baron Strucker had already climbed on the off-road vehicle before they accelerated toward the town.

“Why do you believe you can run away?”

Rorschach shook his head, made a short jump, gracefully arced in the air, and softly landed in front of the blisteringly fast off-road vehicle.

When Baron Strucker realized that Rorschach was blocking the front, he not only refused to avoid the situation but also gritted his teeth, stepped on the gas pedal to the bottom, and rammed into Rorschach.


The front of Baron Strucker’s off-road vehicle immediately sunk from the middle, and under the enormous propulsion, the automobile rolled toward the right front. It sounded like a high-speed car had slammed into the alloy pillar and Rorschach still stood where he was, motionless.

“Actually, I’ve never considered using my own hands to murder you, but it seems like you’re quite hostile toward me.” Rorschach turned and moved cautiously in the direction of the flipping off-road vehicle.

Rorschach’s original goal was to eliminate Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. As for Baron Strucker, S.H.I.E.L.D. will receive him. Of course, Sitwell set up a Terminator army at the very edge to guarantee that this unruly HYDRA offshoot could be perfectly cleared up.

The Terminator Legion is in the back, while Super Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is in the front. However, this is preferable to meeting Rorschach.

There is still a chance of escape when facing the Terminator Legion and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, but encountering Rorschach personally will only result in the worst terror imaginable.

The off-road vehicle was torn in half by Rorschach after he approached it and extended his hand.

The back row’s twins were curled up there. They weren’t hurt, but they were pretty terrified. Blood was pouring out of Baron Strucker’s abdomen, which had been punctured by an iron object, as he sat in the main driver’s seat.

Pietro stood behind Wanda and watched Rorschach approach them.

“Don’t come here, don’t make me shoot you,” he yelled in a shaking voice as he took the energy pistol from Baron Strucker and pointed it towards Rorschach.

“Pietro, I’m here to save you, you shouldn’t point your gun at me, this person is the one who killed your parents,” Rorschach said while still moving forward and grinning.

Wanda, who had been hidden behind her brother the entire time, had a severe mood switch when she heard Rorschach mention their parents. She yelled angrily, “No, my parents were killed by Tony Stark, you liar!”

Wanda roared, and a cloud of blood-red energy erupted. Wanda has the propensity to start using her magic right now.

Rorschach’s investigation revealed that the Wanda family resided in the Eastern European country of Sokovia. A Stark Industries-branded rocket hit their neighbor’s home when they were ten years old. Wanda’s parents perished in the missile explosion, leaving the little siblings as the only survivors of the once a content family of four.

After that, Baron Strucker kidnapped orphans and conducted tests on the dead spore virus, which had a very high fatality rate. Only this set of talented twin siblings made it.

Baron Strucker also realized at that point that the twins had enormous potential but hadn’t yet been pushed.

“The guy in front of you, or more precisely HYDRA, is the one that actually employs the war weapons that Stark Industries has produced,” Rorschach said.

Rorschach approached Baron Strucker, elevated his foot, and lightly trod on the man’s head.

“It’s like a craftsman who manufactured a knife, but someone killed someone with this knife. Do you believe the craftsman should be punished, or the one who killed someone with the knife?” he gave them a question.

How could the twins not realize such a basic truth? To match them with his own research, Baron Strucker has been brainwashing them and implanting retaliation fantasies about Tony Stark.

Wanda exclaimed in a trembling voice as she stared at Baron Strucker in shock, “Did you do it? My parents, did you kill them?”

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Published On: March 19, 2023

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