Tony Stark does not work as a researcher full-time. Tony will continue to create Iron Man, defend the planet, and set aside a few days each month to attend to the business of his own company while learning Chitauri technology. For Tony, Iron Man is more significant.

When Tony Stark was poisoned by palladium last year, it was evident that removing the iron suit would considerably reduce the poisoning’s progression; yet, Tony preferred to wear the iron suit until he passed away rather than remove it.

Tony was therefore extremely unhappy with his increasing workload.

“Don’t worry, Tony. I’ll find you a new partner.”

Rorschach shoved Tony onto the sofa and grabbed him by the shoulder, saying, “We’ll keep on hiring researchers. I learned from S.H.I.E.L.D. that the space carrier with the Chitauri core technology will be sent to us for study.”

Tony’s eyes glowed when he mentioned the Chitauri spaceship. He wants to research the extraterrestrial spaceship because he is the smartest person on earth. The alien mothership, however, is this war’s biggest spoil of war. Naturally, the fight over ownership of this large portion is the most heated.

All nations are now vying for Chitauri technology, nevertheless, following the end of the Chitauri war. Although the UN announced the creation of a S.W.O.R.D, it will represent all nations on Earth in the study of extraterrestrial technologies.

“That space carrier is pretty huge news, but just hire researchers, and those people who were looking for research opportunities might come in handy.”

Finally, Tony explained why he was there “Why don’t you join me as I conduct the research, Rorschach? I am confident in our combined abilities, let alone your current project at hand, it’s a spaceship we’re talking about here.”

Because of his haughty demeanor, few individuals can truly admire Tony Stark. Tony can barely treat an intellect like Bruce Banner equally, let alone show him any respect. Tony has the utmost respect for Rorschach’s aptitude for doing a scientific study.

Rorschach grinned and shook his head in response to Tony’s invitation, “My primary concern is the study of the Tesseract. Please trust me when I say that you will be completely happy with the partner I picked it for you.”

“Well, I doubt that.”

Tony curled his lips and added, “Even though they have not officially joined your team as workers, the majority of well-known scientists are now coming to Osborn Group to work for you. As for the others, they are the ones who have expressly rejected you. Despite the fact that they include some true geniuses, they don’t seem to want to work with you.”

“I didn’t anticipate you to know much about it.”

Rorschach grinned as he replied, “But there is one individual who, in my opinion, is a great fit. Despite the fact that he rejected the Osborn Group’s request, I am confident that I can convince him otherwise.”

“Who?” Tony also became interested and asked.

Rorschach directly said a name, “Hank Pym.”

“God damn.” Tony subconsciously said a dirty word,

“Did you do it on purpose? Don’t you know that that guy has a big feud with my father?”

Without Dr. Pym’s consent, Howard Stark duplicated Pym particles in 1989. When Dr. Pym learned the truth, he furiously left S.H.I.E.L.D.

“What does this have to do with me? I’ve heard about the disputes between your father and Dr. Pym.” Rorschach responded with a question.

Tony nodded, “Pym is a stubborn old man. He believes that his Pym particles will be stolen by people everywhere. You cannot persuade him. Furthermore, the Osborn Group and Stark Industries have publicly stated their intent to work together—unless you push me out of the team, in which case Hank Pym would simply ask you to leave the first time he sees you.”

“Tony, I won’t drive anyone away. The Pym particle holds the key to understanding the quantum world and is also one of this century’s greatest discoveries. No matter what, I’ll give it a shot.” said Rorschach.

“When did you first become interested in the Quantum Realm?” Tony queried.

“An hour ago.” Rorschach answered.

Rorschach was considering how to get Dr. Pym to join his team after Dr. Banner requested some time off. Years ago, Dr. Pym and his wife were sent on a mission to disable the HYDRA missile. His wife repeatedly shrank to the subatomic level using Pym particles in order to penetrate the missile’s innards.

Even though his wife eventually gained access to the missile’s interior and stopped it from launching, she was also lost in the quantum world. It is obviously conceivable to persuade Dr. Pym to join his scientific research team if Rorschach can assist Dr. Pym and free his wife who is stuck in the quantum realm.

Rorschach so spent an hour learning about quantum physics in the realm of modern science.

Tony Stark glanced at his watch, got to his feet, and “I must leave. You must find a partner for me, regardless of who you are looking for.”

Tony finished his saying and departed Rorschach’s office. Princess Shuri of Wakanda is another possibility on Rorschach’s list, in addition to Hank Pym. That person is a smart scientist as well.

Wakanda is somewhat cautious of foreigners, though. This is analogous to a poor family who discovered they had a gold mine at home and promptly closed the door to play with themselves in order to keep strangers from finding out.

Rorschach is actually interested in acquiring the Uru metal mine in the dwarf kingdom as opposed to Wakanda’s vibranium mine. That metal has the capacity to fuse magic. Uru metal is almost certainly going to be used if Rorschach wants to combine magic with technology.

Without further ado, Rorschach was going to find Dr. Pym immediately.


New York, a villa area on Long Island.

The most recent New York Times was being read by an elderly man with white hair who was reclining in front of the fireplace in the living room. Hank Pym is an aged man with white hair.

“Stark Industries and the Osborn Group are actually engaged in alien technology. The world is genuinely becoming crazier by the day.” Pym’s razor-sharp eyes were riveted on the enormous spaceship in the newspaper as he spoke.

Dr. Pym is a leading scientist of our time, he naturally wishes to see alien technology. Dr. Pym was briefly alarmed when the Osborn Group sent him a recruitment invitation.

Even more so after learning that Stark Industries and the Osborn Group had announced their partnership, Dr. Pym was crystal clear as to why these guys had invited him.

Once more, it must be for his personal Pym particles.

The capacity of Pym particles to shrink and enlarge objects is very useful in aiding the study of extraterrestrial technology. The Pym particles must be the target for these individuals.

With the knowledge gained from Howard Stark’s clandestine cloning of Pym particles, Dr. Pym is concerned that if his technology for Pym particles leaks, those mad people will undoubtedly wreak havoc on the planet.

Darren Cross, a student of Dr. Pym, wanted to use Pym particles for commercial and military purposes, which directly caused Dr. Pym to step down, and eventually left the Pym Technology Company he founded.

Dr. Pym’s doorbell rang while he was thinking about something.

“Anyone there? Hope, look, and if it’s a salesperson, just drive him away. Hope?”

Dr. Pym shouted upstairs a few times, but when he noticed that no one was listening, he realized that his daughter had gotten into a fight with him and had already left.

“Ugh…” The doorbell rang once more as Dr. Pym sighed, forcing him to get up from the couch inconsolably and proceed to the door.

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Published On: March 21, 2023

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