New York, in an abandoned factory.

Ajak, the Eternals’ leader, observed the circle of Eternals members in front of him. These pals reunite thousands of years later, but they are not happy to see one another. Instead, they all have dismal expressions.

Ikaris was unable to tolerate the silence. Now that we know where Phastos is, he jumps up and declared, “I will rescue him tonight.”

Ikaris was ready to run outdoors as she said that. Ajak stopped him.

“Be calm, Ikaris. You are aware that Superman Rorschach is part of the Osborn Group, where Phastos is currently being held. Rorschach should be kept as far away from as possible. Tomorrow’s escort won’t include Rorschach. So the ideal time for us to save Phastos is tomorrow.”

Ikalis mocked Ajak’s assertion. He is the Eternals’ combatant. He completely disagrees with Ajak’s assertion.

“Superman? What type of superman relies on a war suit for a mortal? I can absolutely rip apart the core of his suit if I can reach within ten steps of him. He will just be a frail mortal by then.”

Another female Eternal made sign language gestures as well, “You all are well aware of my speed. Rorschach’s armor can be dismantled to its core before he reacts.”

Makkari, the Eternal who uses sign language to communicate, is mute. Super speed is one of her abilities, making her somewhat akin to Quicksilver.

“Don’t forget that Quicksilver, a member of Osborn’s superhero team, is also a hero of speed. You all may be confident in your skills, but don’t undervalue the individuals you may encounter. Not 5,000 years ago, not those stupid savages.” Ajak is more knowledgeable about the present-day earth.

She initially understood the strength of the modern earth, especially after the Chitauri invasion.

Everyone agreed to save Phastos before the car got to the raft prison tomorrow after some discussion.

Ajak has confirmed that none of the escorts contain magical individuals, but he has learned that the Scarlet Witch, an Osborn Group superhero, possesses some sort of power that can open the portal.

Therefore, it is not impossible that Rorschach and the other superheroes will arrive right away after saving Phastos.

“Tomorrow, after saving Phastos, Makkari will leave right away with Phastos. The approaching superheroes will be stopped by us. I’ll have a face-to-face conversation with Rorschach then. The best-case scenario is that I can explain it to him. But if doesn’t work, well….”

Ajak arranged tomorrow’s action plan for everyone.

She says she has a great love for the planet and doesn’t want to see the Eternals and earthlings have a fight.

Ajak’s love for the earth is nothing more than a programming error. The Eternals commanded by Ajak, destroyed numerous intelligent worlds before arriving on Earth.

Every time it destroys an intelligent being in a planet, a new god will be born.

The Celestials will retrieve the Eternals, reformat the memory, and then transfer them to the following planet to carry out the duty of creating new Celestials.

They planet undoubtedly says to the Eternals, “Please listen to me…” if the planet had the ability to communicate.


The next day.

A Phastos-like robot was placed inside a prison vehicle. They were accompanied by many Terminator robots as well as Captain America, the Winter Soldier, and other super soldiers from the Osborn Group.

Everyone was armed and traveling for the Raft Prison on Lake Island, New York, in a heavily armed truck that was being escorted back and forth. The car left the city and rolled towards a sparsely populated forest garden area.

The eight Eternals had been sitting here in the shadows for a while, watching for the convoy to come.

Ajak immediately ordered, “Sprite, stop the vehicle. Makkari, prepare to save him immediately.”

Sprite has the power to create illusions. Sprite put on an illusion for the convoy moving in front at Ajak’s command. In the next instant, the ground in front of the car fell and the sky turned a flaming red color. A meteorite rain descended as if the world were about to end.

Despite being a super soldier, the convoy’s driver was nevertheless influenced by the illusion and swerved hurriedly, flipping the car in front and generating a scene of mayhem.

“Now it’s your turn, Makkari!” Ajak urges loudly.

On the site, there was a huge noise, and Makkari was covered with floating golden runes. She quickly fanned out at superspeed and came up in front of the car. Another silver rune surfaced just as she was ready to slam open the car compartment. She was launched into the air by lightning that flashed across.

Suddenly, a silver figure appeared nearby. It was Pietro, who raced over, “Are you the fastest spy from another planet?”

Makkari gestured in sign language after hearing Pietro refer to her as an extraterrestrial spy, but Pietro was completely unable to comprehend her.

“Wait till you see Mr. Rorschach before speaking if you have anything to say.”

Before the words could be spoken, Pietro transformed into silver lightning once more and charged at Makkari. Makkari, not to be outdone, swiftly demonstrated her super speed and engaged in combat with Pietro.

In the view of outsiders, the conflict between two speedsters is one silver and one gold, and the two shades of lightning are intertwined.

As soon as Ajak noticed Makkari with Pietro, he made a quick decision and gave the remaining Eternals the following directive, “It’s your turn, Ikaris. Everyone else, cover Ikaris.”

“Actually, I’m good by myself.” Ikaris soared straight at the car because he was too self-assured.

Holding his shield, Captain America is in charge of the Winter Soldier’s super soldiers while also defending the car.

“Those aliens are approaching. The enemy is attacking, get ready to fight.”

The super soldiers activated their individual tactical backpacks under Captain America’s direction, placing the shield group in the front. The follow-up long-range firepower then lined up and shot directly at the approaching Eternals.

Strong firepower erupted. Thena is a female warrior among the Eternals who have the ability to mix energy into numerous energy weapons.

A golden energy shield appeared in her left hand, which was horizontally held out in front of her body. In contrast, a golden energy spear appeared in her right hand, which was held out five fingers wide. She then sprung to her feet and dashed into the formation to take on the super soldiers’ lethal firepower.

Only Captain America, who was clutching his shield, was able to barely withstand the blow when the golden spear flashed that blew out all the shield troops in the front row.

Captain America again fought off Thena’s spear sweep before turning around and kicking her. She continued to charge toward Captain America while holding a shield in her left hand and had chilly eyes.

When Captain America landed on the energy shield, Thena’s powerful force knocked him out. He performed a somersault in the air and then tossed the shield at Thena with the force of the turn.

Thena’s energy shield was severely damaged by his shield, causing an energy shock to be released. Captain America and Thena split equally after a battle.

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Published On: March 26, 2023

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