“Manhattan, here I come!”

Jerry flew from the abandoned factory building to the most dangerous part of Manhattan in the middle of the night while wearing brand-new wizard robes and riding Nimbus 2000 that had been taken out of the suitcase.

He paid a premium fee at the Diagon Alley shop for a custom-made wizard robe, which is what he is wearing right now instead of an ordinary wizard robe. It is a wizard robe incorporating the Protego Charm’s shielding power through alchemy.

He will be significantly less at risk from some common weaponry thanks to this wizard robe. He now dares to travel to Manhattan in order to obtain a red star.

Therefore, he had no choice but to focus on Manhattan, where crime is so common that even the police don’t dare to take care of it.

Today, with his frequent dispatches, Queens District has a very low crime rate. They are small steals at most, and there aren’t many red stars left to farm. Manhattan is unique. It is a haven for criminal activity since there are so many murder, robbery, rape, and human trafficking events there every day.

Additionally, it is a haven for red star farming. The local crooks have expanded into an industrial chain and a sizable black market empire rather than fighting alone. These folks will unavoidably be impacted by Jerry’s actions, and they will get some of Jerry’s actions.

Why did he not visit there earlier?

He’s merely concerned that a bunch of individuals will use heavy weapons to shoot him down at that moment, and it’s not impossible for them to even shot you with a bazooka.

As of right now, he is much stronger than he was when battling the Abomination thanks to the Protego Charm in the wizard’s robe and all the new spells he has learned. He also purchased numerous medicines for healing, detoxification, and other purposes, which substantially increased his safety.

It’s time to take a risk and cause a stir.

Jerry sped through Queens, flew across the East River, and reached Manhattan under the high-speed flight of Nimbus 2000.

Only the East River separates Manhattan from Queens, thus traveling at high speed with Nimbus 2000 and arriving at his destination in less than 30 minutes.

“It truly is a sinful paradise.” Jerry sighed while floating in the air and gazed down at the vast, dark area.

He whipped out his wand and soared down on a broomstick to the nearest crime scene. He apprehended the criminal who was targeting three girls that were screaming for help in the alley and the criminal was scared in an instant by his appearance.

“Quick healing!”

Use the Healing Charm to heal the bystander before immobilizing the shooter. Jerry continued appearing at the scene of the crime. The empty red star counter eventually started to progressively fill out once more.

He also came across guns at this time, but they were quickly stopped by his brand-new wizard robe. In fact, when Jerry activates the “Refreshing,” it is still challenging to shoot him with a gun as long as kept his distance from them.

Jerry departed Manhattan at 2:30 in the morning as he observed the red stars kept growing. But as he prepared to cross the East River and head back to Queens, he noticed a transaction in a container area by the river that didn’t appear entirely legal.

Jerry quietly landed on the top of the large crane at the dock and carefully peered below. The two groups didn’t appear to be a businessman at first glance. It looked more like sketchy people who conduct business at the pier between two and three in the morning.

The people in the back even had pistols in their hands as the two leaders carried suitcases and muttered there while Jerry had no idea what they were talking about. They were carefully spread out so that no strangers could get close.

Jerry estimated their number to be close to forty. Each person in the two groups was carrying a gun, and some of them were also carrying rifles.

“It is a black market transaction. I wonder if there are any red stars from handling these people?” Jerry hesitated a little when he touched his chin.

More than forty armed criminals are present who are difficult to tangle with and who are not like regular street gangsters. He truly doesn’t want to descend and face this danger if there are no red stars.

But this hesitation only lingered in his head for a moment before it vanished entirely. Because one of the suitcases, which was actually filled with money, was opened by one of the two group’s commanders underneath him.

There’s a lot of money in it, the total may exceed $100,000. Because even a superhero like him doesn’t have a lot of money, compared to the typical robber. Fortunately, after saving a lot of people, he didn’t get many monetary rewards from it.

However, it is estimated that there are at least a few hundred thousand US bills in the entire suitcase below. It would be wasteful for him not to take it because this person is engaging in an illegal transaction, and perhaps there are also red stars rewards for stopping them.

Jerry decided, but he didn’t go down right away. He immediately went down since there were so many people carrying firearms. Although he can deflect bullets, the Protego Charm is not making him invincible. The wizard’s robe shields the body, but not the head.

There is no need for that. Undoubtedly, a surprise attack is the kind of tactic that was most suitable in this situation.

He threw the Nimbus 2000 into his suitcase and cautiously stepped around a container as Jerry snuck by holding the wand.


A strong, white man with a ferocious face was vigilantly scanning the area while holding a gun when he felt a bright light suddenly flash in front of his eyes. After that, he had a brief loss of consciousness followed by the onset of intense joy in his heart.

“Go cautiously approach the man dealing with your boss, and shoot him a few times in the back.”

In his heart, a very sweet and kind voice manifested itself. Although he knew it was wrong, he couldn’t help but obey the voice’s commands due to his intense satisfaction. He smirked as he slowly abandoned his post and made his way to the middle of the transaction.

“Mark, what’s the matter? Did you find anything?”

“What are you doing?” The boss saw his subordinates coming over and thought something was wrong,

However, the man disregarded him and instead pointed a gun at the boss while smiling.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The boss wasn’t prepared for the long-term trade partner to have one of his partner’s subordinates shoot him dead on the spot.

The other group then began to shout loudly and pointed their guns towards the boss who was standing and the man who Jerry was controlling after the scenario briefly froze. Gunfire from both sides erupted after that.

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Published On: March 25, 2023

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