“You ought to ask Mr. Rorschach on my behalf, since he is the most crucial person in this operation, in my opinion.” Black Widow initially desired to enter the Osborn Group alone in order to locate Rorschach.

The Osborn Group has developed some artificial intelligence technology, though, so there might be no surveillance and other locations could be subject to observation in all directions without coming to a halt. Therefore, trying to enter covertly is simply not possible.

It is possible to sneak in if you can travel through walls, become invisible, and your entire body doesn’t generate heat.

“All right, then I’ll help you with that.” Steve gave a hesitant response.


Three days later, Sokovia.

The HYDRA secret base is impeccably concealed in the mountain beneath the cover of thick woods on a mountain covered in snow. The satellite of S.H.I.E.L.D has already locked the exact position of this secret base.

The HYDRA branch led by Strucker possesses mass-destructive energy weapons, and even dozens of energy tanks left over from HYDRA during World War II.

Moreover, once HYDRA secret base is attacked by S.H.I.E.L.D. or other official troops, they can also use long-range weapons to attack ordinary towns in Sokovia not far away, threatening the lives of civilians.

In the original plot of Avengers 2, when the Avengers attacked the HYDRA base in Sokovia, Baron Strucker ordered them to attack the town.

The Iron Legion was sent by Iron Man to guard and evacuate citizens, but the city had already experienced too many terrorist attacks, and the majority of the bombs and weapons used in these attacks were made by Stark Industries.

The inhabitants of Sokovia were shocked to see the Iron Legion, and instead of helping with the evacuation, they started throwing vegetables and eggs at the Iron Legion from Stark Industries.

The crew was personally directed by Coulson, who also oversaw a group of augmented S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives as they launched the initial assault on the HYDRA hidden facility.

This offensive battle would have been incredibly challenging without the assistance of Thor, the Hulk, and Iron Man in the original plot.

Coulson and others detonated a HYDRA fortress after Captain America launched a valiant attack on it. They believed they could triumphantly enter the base when three massive energy tanks suddenly materialized in front of them.

“Didn’t you truly enlist a superhero to assist, Captain?” With a submachine gun in his hand and resting on a boulder, Coulson questioned.

Holding the vibranium shield, Captain America solemnly observed the three HYDRA energy tanks in front of him.

“Spider-Man was unable to go far from his home, Iron Man didn’t respond to my phone, and Mr. Rorschach said he would come to assist me later.”

The vibranium shield’s strap was pulled and tightly fastened to Captain America’s arm as he spoke, “We can only rely on ourselves; I don’t know why Mr. Rorschach hasn’t shown up yet. Natasha, you’re in charge of protecting me, Coulson. Pass me three packs of explosives and give me the three tanks.”

The agent gave Black Widow three packets of explosives. Ordinary explosives can’t even penetrate the tank’s shell to defeat HYDRA’s tank. It can only be effectively destroyed by an explosive package of this kind with increased power.

“Why don’t we wait a little longer, Captain? Don’t push yourself!” Black Widow expressed concern.

“Trust me, I have experience blowing that stuff up.”

Captain America was getting ready to attack the tank while holding the shield in one hand and three bundles of explosives on his back.

According to the original storyline, Thor simply needed to use Thor’s Hammer to severely damage the shield in order for the explosion-induced shock wave to effectively destroy the tank.

Captain America is left to rely alone on his World War II experience, the potent vibranium shield’s resistance, and his ability to go close to the tank and detonate it without the aid of Thor.

Captain America prepared himself and then sprinted towards the three energy tanks. “It’s Captain America, strike his feet instead of his shield!”

When they saw Captain America rushing toward them in the tank, the HYDRA troops behind the wheel quickly remembered the training material set up by their superiors a few days before. The way to handle Captain America is one of them.

Captain America seriously hurt HYDRA in World War II. After many bitter lessons, the forerunners of HYDRA came up with the sage advice to focus on Captain America’s legs rather than his vibranium shield.

A number of blue energy rays pierced the air and flew in the direction of Captain America’s charging path. At Captain America’s lower body, a barrage of energy shells were fired.


The first energy cannon Captain America fired at him changed his expression, and he rapidly utilized the vibrating gold shield to defend his legs. However, the energy tanks soon reversed their attack vector and started attacking Captain America’s upper plate.

Captain America was left with no choice but to turn back.

“Damn it, these HYDRA aren’t like the ones I’ve encountered previously.” Captain America had a dismal expression on his face and was in agony.

“You mentioned earlier, Captain, that you have a lot of experience dealing with them. It appears that they have a lot of experience handling you.” Black Widow groused vehemently.

Coulson hurriedly reprimanded Natasha, “Natasha, let’s think about how to deal with those tanks now, or else we will have to retreat,” after observing that Captain America was unable to pull them off.

Captain America sighed inwardly as he cast a quick glance at the trembling gold shield in his grasp.

A black spot in the sky caught Hawkeye’s attention at this same time, and he exclaimed, “What is that… an airplane?” while pointing to it.

It was ultimately Captain America who turned to face the sky and said, “It’s Rorschach!”

The dark spot in the sky grew over time, and just as it was about to reach this region, two crimson beams emerged from the sky and spread out across the landscape.


Explosions began to sound one after another, and even the three energy tanks that prevented Captain America’s troops from moving were instantly destroyed by these two rays.

“As I have stated, watch and see. Steve, what makes you so eager to attack?” Black Widow reached for her compact pistol while displaying a look on her face that suggested she wanted to pursue Rorschach.

“I only worry about Bucky’s safety,” Captain America said, giving her a quick glance.

Rorschach donning the Destroyer armor dropped to the ground from the skies. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were escorted by Coulson out of the bunker and toward Rorschach.

“Thank you for your assistance, Mr. Rorschach. Have you got rid of all the HYDRA members?” Coulson approached and enquired.

“No, I merely blew up some WMDs and the energy tanks belonging to S.H.I.E.L.D. You still need to take care of the Hydra leftovers on your own.” Rorschach gave Coulson a smirk.

Some people may believe that superheroes should handle all of their problems, which is something Rorschach doesn’t like to do. Despite the fact that Coulson and the other participants in this task have some connection with Rorschach, and he is not required to carry out the assignment on their behalf.

The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, those are all deceitful words. If you’re not careful enough with your power, you can basically do anything. This is the unchanging reality.

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Published On: March 17, 2023

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