Jerry arranged his wizard robes before walking towards the stairs as if he had just exited the common area. The scene on the other side of the stairs likewise came into his view after turning the corner.

The troll was now positioned at the bottom of the steps. He slammed it left and right on the ground while carrying a large stick in his left hand and Professor Quirrell’s ankle in his right palm like a toy.

Jerry was struck by how similar the appearance of the Hulk fighting with Loki in the Avengers was to this scene.

“Oooh, so unfortunate.”

Jerry could not help but shed a brief tear as he saw Professor Quirrell’s bloodied face and clouded eyes. Hermione screamed and retreated in panic as she collapsed to the ground on the stairs opposite the troll.

She was horrified by the troll and Professor Quirrell, whose face was stained with blood. In the end, Hermione is still a young girl without any practical combat experience and minimal combat talent, despite being a top student with extensive theoretical knowledge.

She is less effective than Harry and Ron in an unexpected and scary circumstance like the one they are in right now.

“Hermione, what is happening? How did Professor Quirrell get up in a troll’s hand?” Jerry hurried to the stairs and asked a question to Hermione while pretending he didn’t know anything.

When Hermione saw Jerry arrive, she eventually became calm, “I have no idea either. I just drank too much juice and needed to use the restroom, so I headed down to the basement. What I saw was that!”

“Huh? Is there isn’t any restroom on the first floor? Why would you use the restroom down there?”

Even though Jerry struggled to speak, he swiftly pulled out his wand and said, “I’ll hold him back. You should go the Great Hall and inform the professors about it here!”

Actually, he was unaware that Hermione’s excuse for using the restroom was a lie. Because she didn’t see Jerry at the long table in Slytherin at the dinner party and was concerned that something had happened to him, she simply wanted to go down to the basement to take a look.

She just wasn’t prepared for the horrific spectacle of the troll carrying Professor Quirrell with his face covered in blood halfway down the stairs.

“I’m going to call the professor and the others over, so be careful, okay?” Hermione hurriedly got to her feet after hearing this, hurried upstairs, and headed towards the Great Hall.

A small, palm-sized bag that was being carried upside down by the troll in Professor Quirrell’s wizard robe suddenly dropped to the ground with a “click” at this precise time.

When Jerry saw the box, his eyes glistened.

“Sleep!” A blue magic light was directed directly at the enormous beast by him using a finger of the wand in his hand.

A massive monster, a mythical creature that stands four meters tall, weighs a ton, and has only boogers in its head. The level of danger is listed as XXXX in the textbook “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

Jerry is obviously not particularly terrified of enormous monsters and is aware of their weaknesses because he has experience fighting stronger creatures like The Abomination.

Jerry moved forward to pick up Professor Quirrell after the troll was briefly stunned by a Sleeping Charm. While doing so, Jerry took advantage of the opportunity to pretend to be careless by kicking the suitcase that had fallen to the ground and sending it flying straight into the empty classroom next to the stairs.

He stopped attacking the troll and instead ran up the stairs to the first level while clinging to the wizard robe that belonged to the dying Professor Quirrell. Jerry hauled Professor Quirrell upstairs while his head slammed on the stairs.

In about seven or eight seconds, the troll woke up and was about to go up the stairs with a big stick, but he cast a Sleeping Charm again.

Jerry spotted Professor Snape, Professor McGonagall, and Madam Pomfrey running over as they dragged Professor Quirrell to the first level.

It turned out that Hermione had just now hurried into the Great Hall and yelled that a huge creature had just appeared in the cellar. Professor Quirrell was taken aback and was subsequently seized by the enormous beast.

Apparently, Jerry is attempting to protect Professor Quirrell from the troll. Dumbledore quickly dispatched Madam Pomfrey, Professor Snape, and Professor McGonagall.


“Mr. Carmen, are you okay?” McGonagall looked at Jerry nervously.

Professor McGonagall places equal priority on the security of every young wizard, even though Jerry is not a Gryffindor.

“The troll is still on the first floor, and while I’m alright, I’m afraid my Sleeping Charm won’t be able to stop him for more than a few seconds.” Jerry hinted Quirrell, who was lying on the ground with his face covered in blood.

Snape gave Quirrell a skeptical look before telling Jerry in a somewhat complimentary tone, “Jerry, you did a great job. Go return to the Great Hall with Professor McGonagall first, and I’ll go down and take care of that creature.”

“Leave Professor Quirrell with me. I’ll take care of him.” As soon as Madam Pomfrey waved her wand toward the school’s medical center, Professor Quirrell’s body followed her thanks to her Locomotion Charm.

Similar to the Levitation Charm, the Locomotion Charm also enables items to move in response to the wizard’s thoughts while being guided by their wand.

Naturally, unlike the Levitation Charm, which may be left alone after casting, the Locomotion Spell must continuously release its magic force and cannot be too far from the wizard, as this will make it hard to control it.

“Why are you alone in the basement, Mr. Carmen? Professor McGonagall enquired when returning to the Great Hall while harboring some reservations.

Jerry was well prepared for this inquiry as well, saying, “I was so absorbed in reading in the common room that I missed the start of the dinner party by the time I recognized it.”

He had been reading in the common area this afternoon. Several young Slytherin wizards can sit there, and he also met Daphne and Pansy shortly before the dinner. McGonagall gave a nod. She had no reason to suspect anything, and she was just curious.

“Mr. Carmen, your performance earlier was excellent. Miss Granger and Professor Quirrell would be in danger if you hadn’t valiantly held the troll back. I’ll give Slytherin an extra ten points for your bravery.”

Professor McGonagall has actually always been very impressed by Jerry. She immediately recognized Jerry as a Gryffindor candidate after witnessing him courageously defend the weak and bullied in the orphanage.

Because boldness is a Gryffindor’s most valuable trait.

Unfortunately, she had not anticipated Jerry’s placement in Slytherin following the sorting ceremony .

“I appreciate it, Professor McGonagall.” Jerry answered by smiling.

Even though Snape had been quite kind to Harry, he had to agree that Professor McGonagall was a shining example of justice and fairness among all the professors at Hogwarts.


After following Professor McGonagall into the Great Hall, he noticed that nobody else was there but Hermione, some Slytherin wizard, Professor Flitwick, the head of Ravenclaw, and Madam Sprout, the head of Hufflepuff. Jerry exhaled a sigh of relief as well when Dumbledore wasn’t present.

Upon reflection, the young wizards from the other houses ought to have all gone back to their dorms under the supervision of the prefects. Dumbledore probably went to look his Sorcerer’s Stone, which is highly likely.

Despite a minor accident in the plan, the outcome is still favorable. Dumbledore is perhaps the lone exception. It would be quite problematic if Dumbledore used Legilimency on him.

The likelihood, in his opinion, is not particularly high.

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Published On: March 20, 2023

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