“Do you have any magic books that describe the Disillusionment Charm, by the way?”

Jerry questioned with considerable anticipation after packing a sizable number of magic books into the bag the clerk had handed him. He approximately turned around just now, but there was no book in the bookstore devoted to explaining the Disillusionment Charm.

The study process for the Disillusionment Charm, an advanced spell that is a form of invisibility, is detailed in the Hogwarts handbook. But like Apparition, this form of a spell is quite difficult, and even senior wizards might not be able to master it fully before graduation.

Finding a magic book that focuses on the Disillusionment Charm and describes it in detail would be very beneficial for learning this spell. It will be much easier for Jerry to begin activities in the main world in the future once there is the Disillusionment Charm.

“I’d say there is. However, there is something I must share with you.” The clerk’s expression showed hesitation as he heard this.

“What do you mean?” Jerry asked with suspicion.

“Follow me.” The clerk told him.

A while later, on the second floor of the bookstore, Jerry questioned the clerk as he regarded a line of barren bookshelves in front of him.

The clerk remarked while pointing to the bookcase helplessly, “Our employer ordered 200 copies of “The Book of Invisibility” a few years ago since the Disillusionment Charm was highly well-liked by young Hogwarts wizards. You can see that they are all invisible on the bookshelf as a result.”

Jerry approached the bookshelf while still speechless, and sure enough, he touched the magical books that were invisible to the naked eye. However, when he attempted to take out a book and open it, he discovered that he was still unable to see anything because every page was invisible.

“Is there no alternative?” Jerry really wanted to learn the Disillusionment Charm.

“It’s not that there is no way at all, but doing other things would not be sufficient to totally restore it.” The clerk remarked, scratching his head.

“Can you elaborate on that point more?” Jerry went on.

The employee shrugged, “It can actually be cracked with common cracking spells, but it will instantly turn invisible once more in just 20 seconds. It must be continuously cast. No one wanted to cast a spell a thousand times just to read a book. Thus, no books have been sold for a number of years.”

“I get it now. I’ll get one.” When Jerry heard this, he grabbed the book of invisible magic and descended to the first floor.

Normal wizards would actually need to cast hundreds of times to break the spell, but he doesn’t need to. He has a photographic memory because of his red stars, so he can swiftly jot down all the information in the book before leisurely going over it again.

He won’t quit, even if it actually does take thousands of attempts to cast the spell.

After all, it is crucial to use the Disillusionment Charm on oneself, thus it is worthwhile to learn and practice beforehand.

He proceeded to the Diagon Alley thrift store after leaving the bookstore to see if he could find any used books that he was unable to purchase there.

This prevents Jerry from daily researching magic and concocting potions in his own bag. However, he can do this by exploring Diagon Alley for different magic books, potions, or tools that will be useful to him.

In the end, there were even fewer than thirty Galleons remaining after more than a thousand of them also vanished like flowing water.

This is also because he earned a little sum of Galleons by selling the low-level potions he had created to the potion shop; otherwise, there wouldn’t be thirty Galleons left.

Although Jerry was only in the first grade, due to his hard work on potions. He often consulted Snape, a potion master, and communicated with Hermione, a potion genius. His level of potion is much better than that of ordinary wizards in the fourth and fifth grades.

Especially with the “Refreshing”, there are very few failures when making potions, which saves him a lot of unnecessary cost and waste. The profit is higher than that of ordinary potion masters, so he can make a small profit for himself.


December 24th, Christmas Eve.

After delivering the Christmas presents he had already packed to Harry, Hermione, Ron, Draco, Daphne, and several other students via the post office in Diagon Alley, including all the professors he knew,

Jerry arrived at the Leaky Cauldron after that, carrying a package and a wand, and starting to patiently wait for him to return. Jerry wouldn’t merely give Hermione and the others things on holiday as significant as Christmas since he was an adult and had worked for a number of years.

He can give it all away if he wants to, especially to the school’s professors. He wants to pose a question later and can elaborate on it once the relationship is established. Even Dumbledore received a set of the most modern woolen socks.

Additionally, if you gave the professors Christmas gifts, they would feel guilty if they didn’t give them back to you. Regardless of how you calculate it, the gifts they return will undoubtedly be superior to the ones you gave, thus it won’t be a total loss.

[The countdown begins. Ten, nine, eight, seven…three, two, one, returning!]

After a brief interval, Jerry went back to his Queens, New York, home.

“Hey, there’s an upgrade!”

Jerry examined the panel after putting the suitcase in his pocket and discovered that all of the panel’s content had vanished, leaving only a few huge characters.


[Click to open the upgrade instructions.]

[The second world will be made accessible following this upgrade. At the same time, inanimate objects won’t be the only things that can be transported. The time of the upgrade is undetermined. The red star will be counted normally during the upgrade period.]

Jerry’s eyes gleamed after reading the upgrading instructions. He will be able to travel to another world to learn magic in the second world, in addition to the “Harry Potter” wizarding world?

Even one magic in the “Harry Potter” world has already been very helpful to him. The sentence that you can carry items is not restricted to inanimate objects made Jerry’s pulse beat even faster. If he can learn other sorts of magic, his potential for future development will be elevated to another level.

When he had previously traveled, it had been made very obvious on the panel that he could transport inanimate objects through time, like wands, broomsticks, and the tranquilizer sniper rifle.

But living things, like his cat Crookshanks, people, different magical creatures, etc., cannot be transported.

This limitation will be removed after an upgrade. In other words, it wouldn’t be an issue for him to bring Hermione to the main world if he so desired.

The question of whether he could use the suitcase to transport a group of wizards to the main world and then organize them into a wizard army to repel Thanos’ invasion really captured his mind.

Other worlds, as well as the “Harry Potter” world are included. Naturally, the assumption is that he must be physically strong enough to be able to do that.

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Published On: March 25, 2023

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