October 31st, the day before Halloween.

Jerry witnessed Flitwick, the Charms professor, and Hagrid, who resembled a little giant, early in the morning as they used magic to decorate the Great Hall.

Hagrid placed magical candles one by one into the hollowed-out, enormous pumpkins, and Professor Flitwick used a levitation spell to elevate the jack-o-lanterns one at a time.

Jerry couldn’t help but be awed as he observed the enormous pumpkins hovering above the Great Hall and realized how far behind professor-level magicians he actually was.

Professor Flitwick could simultaneously raise hundreds of jack-o-lanterns and maintain them in the air for days without any difficulty. While he used a levitation spell to hold a bus still for just two seconds.

He is already incredibly powerful, especially when compared to common young wizards of the same grade who are still utilizing the floating spell to make feathers float.

The breakfast is all pumpkin porridge, which he despises, therefore it’s possible that many pumpkins were used to build jack-o-lanterns today.

Jerry really wanted to use the Transfiguration Charm to transform the pumpkin porridge into tofu soup, but there were many teachers in the Great Hall who were also eating and he could not use any magic at will.

Jerry read a magic book that he had taken from the library while perched on a chair in the Slytherin common room after obtaining some rest in the afternoon since the first grade of Slytherin only had class in the morning today.

It was about six o’clock in the evening when he looked at it.

“Jerry, the dinner is about to begin. You’ll be late if you don’t go.”

When Daphne and Pansy came by the common room and noticed that Jerry was still there with no plans to leave and that the dinner party was less than ten minutes away, they reminded him right away.

Jerry cocked his head and gave a soft smile as he said, “It’s okay, you guys go first. I don’t like overly noisy environments, so wait until I finish reading the last two pages.”

Daphne and Pansy were forced to leave the common room first when they saw this. He put down the magic book he was holding after ten minutes and checked the clock.

“Everyone ought to be in the Great Hall by this point because the dinner party is almost about to begin.”

When Jerry got up and went back to the dorm, he took the anesthetic sniper rifle he had taken from the Room of Requirement the previous evening, wrapped it in a cloth, and discreetly left the Slytherin dorm.

He pressed the “Refreshing” and sprinted for the stairway leading to the basement.

The Slytherin dormitory, the potion class classroom, the head of Slytherin’s office, and the Hufflepuff common room near the bottom of the Great Hall are the only remaining structures in the basement of Hogwarts. There are also numerous abandoned large classrooms, as well as storage rooms and kitchens.

There is just a short staircase adjacent to the opulent marble staircase if he wished to descend from the first floor to the basement, other from the unique secret path.

Jerry moved straight to the empty classroom nearest to the narrow stairway while holding the sniper rifle, leaned his ear against the wall, and started to wait quietly. The sound of footsteps coming down the stairs suddenly erupted from the tiny stairway hidden behind the wall around twenty minutes later.

From the first floor to the basement, someone is coming.


Almost all of the professors and students, including the headmaster Dumbledore and the night watchman Filch, must be there at this point because the Halloween supper has already begun.

Professor Quirrell, who is going to release the troll to cause mayhem and go to the third floor to take the Sorcerer’s Stone, is the only person who will enter the basement at this moment from the first floor.

Jerry picked up the sniper rifle, took careful steps, and approached the door once the footsteps had dispersed from the stairs.

Open the wooden door slightly and be able to see Quirrell’s back via the reflection of the mirror. Quirrell was wearing a purple turban.

The fifth basement could be seen off in the distance as Professor Quirrell turned his back on him and moved along the basement corridor.

“That’s right, it’s here.” When Jerry saw Quirrell’s reflection in the mirror, he couldn’t help but smile.

In actuality, he had been preparing for this move for quite some time. He truly wished Newt’s suitcase from “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” had existed when he was in the real world.

So that he could have a secret base for himself.

How can he perform his heroic duties without having his own hidden base, especially since he doesn’t want to be ruled by anybody or anything?

On the other hand, bringing a broomstick with him wherever he goes would be too inconvenient. He can spare himself a lot of anxiety with that kind of gadget.

However, his investigation and queries during this time revealed that obtaining a suitcase similar to Newt’s is more difficult than you might have thought. You cannot purchase them from a regular seller, even if you have a large number of galleons.

Because the Extension Charm, a complex spell that can only be taught in fifth and sixth grade and whose usage is absolutely forbidden by the Ministry of Magic, is the magic mostly used in the creation of equipment like Newt’s suitcase.

Magic has rules that must be followed. Because of its uniqueness, the Extension Charm, which can increase the space, cannot be utilized for private things. It can only be used to create unique things that have been approved by the appropriate Ministry of Magic (such as school luggage and family tents).

Wizards would therefore be unable to purchase similar goods in standard stores unless they broke the rules and manufactured them themselves.

But even if Jerry has learned the advanced spells through other means, it is difficult for him to learn them given his present level of magic proficiency, including the Extension Charm.

Even if it is learnable, considering the advanced magic required, it probably won’t make up much room when cast. As a result, he paid attention to the wizards he had already spoken to because they might be in possession of such goods.

It’s true that Hogwarts professors might possess them in private, but they might not always be there, making it highly challenging for him to steal them.

One person, though, stands out as an exception. Professor Quirrell was the instructor of Defense Against the Dark Arts. This professor, who formerly excelled as a Ravenclaw wizard, has amazing ability, especially given his fascination with dark magic.

He came across Voldemort’s remnant soul, was enchanted by it, turned into a devoted Death Eater, and was even possessed by Voldemort’s remnant soul while traveling to Albania.

After getting back to school, Professor Quirrell spent the entire day covering Voldemort’s back with a purple turban and masking the rotting odor with garlic and other pungent substances.

He started to make up stories of meeting vampires and being terrified by witches, appearing to be a coward and bringing down everyone’s guard against him.

This time, he took advantage that everyone was in the Great Hall, including the school’s principal Dumbledore, and Filch.

He took the opportunity to enter the restricted area on the third floor in order to grab the stone that could help Voldemort be resurrected from his state. He wanted someone to come to the basement to release the troll, causing pandemonium.

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Published On: March 20, 2023

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