Saturday morning.

Jerry entered the Great Hall as usual, sporting a green and white Slytherin scarf. His eyes lit up as he walked through the door, and the smoky aroma of grilled sausages filled his nostrils.

His favorite breakfast item at Hogwarts is this grilled sausage, partly because it contains a substantial amount of meat. He frequently employs the “Refreshing” ability, which depletes both his body’s energy and red stars.

To augment the energy he consumes daily, he aspires to be able to eat meat and drink high-sugar foods and beverages every day. If other young wizards have closely watched Jerry while he eats, they will actually see that he makes an effort to keep a graceful stance.

He may consume three times as much food per meal as an average adult. Even Goyle and Crabbe, who never stop eating, consume considerably less food than Jerry does. Jerry will always be the last person to leave the dinner table because of this

“Will you watch the Quidditch game at noon, Jerry?” Daphne, who was sitting across from Jerry, asked him abruptly just as he had settled down but hadn’t had time to grab a large sausage.

“Of course, Slytherin versus Gryffindor is the matchup for today.” Jerry answered with a smile.

In fact, given his personality, he might as well learn the three Unforgivable Curses if he had to spend half a day watching a group of teenage wizards play ball while riding broomsticks. He received the three Unforgivable Curses a week ago, but he has yet to figure out how to cast them.

But he can’t do that right now. He is now a Seeker for the Slytherin team. He needs to play because the Slytherin team is one of the two houses competing today.

Furthermore, Snape provided Jerry with the promised newest Nimbus 2000 just two days after he joined the Slytherin team.

Additionally, if Snape hadn’t assisted him in clearing up a number of his misgivings during this time, his growth with magic not have been as rapid.

“This little flag here represents our Slytherin for you. We can all hoist the little flag in support of Slytherin together!”

When Daphne learned that Jerry was about to attend the game, she hurriedly pulled the tiny green flag she had earlier made from below and delivered it to him while her eyes were on fire.

In fact, it is unlikely that any young wizards would not attend in a situation like this where teams from their own houses are competing. Daphne nevertheless contacted Jerry in beforehand.

The most important thing is Jerry performing as usual. Jerry is quite good in the eyes of all the Slytherin wizards. He is courteous to everyone and excels in practically all areas. He is just perfect to them.

Jerry’s only issue is that his lone wolf persona never engaged in group events organized exclusively by Slytherin wizards. As long as Jerry is visible, he is undoubtedly reading or when he needs to nap during class.

It’s simply that the scene varies, sometimes it takes place in the common room, sometimes on the grass by the Black Lake as the sun sets, and in many other places he would be alone.

Jerry doesn’t appear to have any hobbies outside of studying. However, it was also because of this that many Slytherins, including Draco, who was somewhat dissatisfied with Jerry, had a deep admiration for him.

Daphne was also made to believe that Jerry might not watch the Slytherin Quidditch game as a result of this.

“Thank you, Daphne.” Jerry was momentarily surprised.

The little green flag was then taken over by him. He won’t be able to use this little flag because he will eventually go straight to the game. He made a commitment to Marcus to keep his role as a Slytherin’s Seeker a secret, and it was challenging to explain anything to her.


Nearly all of the professors and young wizards arrived at the Quidditch pitch at eleven in the morning.

Wizards from four houses stood with clear banners on the stands in the stadium’s east, west, north, south, and north directions. Each of them donned a scarf from their own house.

Gryffindor’s colors are red and yellow; red symbolizes fire and valor.

Slytherin is white and green; green stands to symbolize water.

Hufflepuffs are black and yellow; yellow stands for the earth and is a kind-hearted color.

The colors of Ravenclaw are blue and white; blue is a representation of air and wisdom.

Some of the stands were raised into the air with a strong Levitation Spell at this time to prevent the wizards from being unable to see the scene of the game well, but many of them still brought binoculars.

There are a few wooden towers that are a little bit taller than typical stands in the center of the stands. Professors from the school, commentators, and several non-school wizards who traveled to Hogsmeade to witness the game are all seated in these towers.

“What are you trying to find?” Pansy observed Daphne circling in the Slytherin stands, seemingly looking for someone.

“Jerry, why hasn’t he arrived yet? He said he would come over to watch the game when he was having breakfast in the morning.” Daphne’s grimace was unavoidable. She wants to join Jerry in supporting the Slytherin team.

Pansy laughed while covering her mouth, “Jerry? As if you don’t know him. Maybe he was reading a book and then lost track of time. Did you forget about the previous Halloween dinner? Don’t worry. A Quidditch match often lasts two to three hours, and he will arrive before it’s over.”

“Okay, then.” When Daphne heard this, she could only nod her head in agreement and look toward the center of the match.

At the same moment, Jerry stood calmly in front of the exit in the Slytherin dressing room after changing into a green Quidditch robe.

“Jerry, as long as you can perform at the same level as last time, try not to get too anxious. No, we can win with certainty if you play at a level that is a tenth of what you did the last time.” Marcus reassured Jerry apprehensively from the side.

Marcus was astonished by Jerry’s performance the last time, but he understood that there was still a distinction to be made between private training and actual competition on the field.

Since there are so many people watching in the actual arena, it is easy for the level to decrease quickly or for the competitor to get too nervous about competing.

Jerry is only a first-year freshman. Marcus is a little concerned about Jerry despite the fact that he has a lot of talent because he has never played a game. Particularly considering Jerry has never taken part in their training.

“Captain, you appear more anxious than I do. I won’t let you down, so don’t worry.” Jerry raised an eyebrow and gave Marcus a comforting glance.

He can’t afford to stay here for more than two or three hours. He needs to finish the game early and return to magic study as soon as possible is the proper course of action for him.

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Published On: March 22, 2023

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