Baron Mordo was after Wanda, and he was looking at her with somewhat dull eyes, as if he had just witnessed something extraordinary. The Ancient One was still looking serene.

When Rorschach had a strong urge to inquire, he said, “The Ancient One, how long did Wanda learn the portal?”

“It took about 20 seconds from the beginning of instructing to her learning, and she succeeded on the first try.” she said with a smile.

“Twenty seconds…. The Ancient One, would you like to consider receiving Wanda as your closest disciple? “

After considerable reflection, Rorschach realized that it had been implied in the original narrative that Doctor Strange needed three days to acquire his knowledge. This in no way implies that Wanda is less talented than Doctor Strange, of course.

Doctor Strange was through a low point in his life at the time. He broke up with his girlfriend and broke both of his hands. He has also always been a believer in science. After learning that magic existed, his view was also significantly altered.

Because of this, Doctor Strange did not utilize his talent to its greatest potential at the start of his development. The Ancient One recognized Rorschach’s meaning. Allowing her to accept Wanda as a close disciple ensures that Wanda will succeed in The Ancient One’s position as Sorcerer Supreme after her passing.

The Ancient One did, in fact, have a thought about it.

The Ancient One is accustomed to going with fate’s leading. Doctor Strange will eventually rise to the position of Sorcerer Supreme. The Ancient One is not interested in changing her destiny.

It’s as though The Ancient One knew he would perish at Kaecillius’ hands yet still decided to accept death rather than alter the outcome.

“Given Wanda’s remarkable talent, perhaps there won’t be much more I can teach her in the future.” The Ancient One declined formally.

“That’s unfortunate.”

Rorschach let out a helpless sigh. Wanda is one of her own if she is able to inherit the Sorcerer Supreme, and he won’t need to say anything to get the Time Stone if he wants it. It will be a little challenging to collect six Infinity Stones in this way.

At that point, you can attempt to gather them in another parallel universe. The use of infinity stones is not limited to this world. Numerous parallel universes are swept up in the two-person war between Ultron and the Observer as they each possess six Infinity Stones.

The Infinity Stones can be thought of as the embodiment of the laws of the universe because they have existed since the beginning of time. The Infinity Stones always work as long as the cosmos is not wiped out.

However, there is a Time Variance Authority in a unique time and space in Loki’s plot. The power of the multiverse cannot enter this unique time and space. The Infinity Stones lose all of their power at this point and may only be utilized as a regular stone as a paperweight.

The more potent center of the universe, in addition to the Infinity Stones gems, is where Rorschach draws his magical power from.

These are stuff for later, of course.

Wanda then unlocked the door to the New York office of the Osborn Group. Wanda spent some time going to Kamar Taj each day to study magic.

The field of magic has an enormous body of knowledge. Wanda is incredibly talented, but she lacks Rorschach’s super intelligence and quickness, thus she can only execute The Ancient One’s instructions step by step.

Rorschach continued to accompany Wanda to Kamar Taj for the next period.

Even though most of the magic knowledge has been committed to memory by Rorschach, magic knowledge differs from scientific knowledge. The study of magic has many enigmatic and challenging facets. To comprehend, you must speak with the Ancient One.

Rorschach and Wanda ended their day of magic instruction in the evening.

Wanda has essentially perfected her own chaotic magic after studying magic at Kamar Taj throughout this time, and she is able to perform the majority of basic spells. For those spells of a higher degree, more practice is needed.

Her spiritual strength is the most crucial factor for a practice. There aren’t many quick fixes to increase her spiritual strength. She has to practice meditation daily to strengthen her spiritual force.

Naturally, Wanda has a very high level of magical talent. It only took a few months to do what it would have taken an ordinary wizard many years, or possibly more than ten years, to accomplish.

“The Ancient One told me to start learning magic at home starting tomorrow, Mr. Rorschach, because I have most of it under control. Like Pietro, I also wanted to become a superhero.” Rorschach and Wanda returned to New York together once the portal was opened.

“Superhero? To tell the truth, Pietro, Spider-Man, and Iron Man have come close to solving the crime in New York. Being a criminal in these times is difficult.” He shook his head.

In the past, New York City had a very high crime rate, which led to the emergence of numerous gangs and criminal organizations. Particularly on the west shore of Manhattan Island in New York, where crime is out of control.

The crime rates in Spider-Man’s and Iron Man’s respective areas drastically decreased in just one year. They were forced to convert their targets into criminals out of desperation. Especially with Pietro’s help.

Pietro handcuffed those criminals and brought them to the police station with stolen goods because he was so fast that regular thieves had no time to react. There is a gangster in the criminal underground of New York who wanted to assassinate Spider-Man and built a trap for him that worked.

The Osborn Group sent a group of Terminator Legion and Super Warrior Legion to purge the criminal over the course of a night and establish a gang, and at precisely the right time, the powerful gangster vanished from this world.

The New York Times, the Daily Bugle, and other print publications, which focus on covering superheroes, believe that newspaper sales have fallen dramatically as the crime rate declined.

The days are getting worse.

Jonah Jameson, the boss of the Daily Bugle, publicly criticized the crooks in New York, claiming they were too disappointing, lacked the professionalism that criminals ought to have, and had a terrible capacity to handle pressure.

How are those superheroes making you nervous? He even urged all criminals to band together and finish off superheroes.

“There are also other nations. I can now instantly go to any location on the earth because of the portal I learned about.” Wanda made another argument.

Rorschach concurred with Wanda, saying, “That’s true, it’s time to broaden the scope of the superhero business.”

In the past, crimes were restricted by geographic reasons and took place all around. Those thieves had already left before the superheroes arrived. Wanda has joined, so she can open the portal as quickly as possible regardless of any significant events that take place on the planet.

This theory holds that Rorschach actually wants the Kamar Taj wizards to become superheroes. It would be beneficial to let the superhero team with the portal, even if they choose not to reveal their faces.

Wanda enthusiastically asked after learning that Rorschach recognized her words, “I can then also turn into a superhero. What code name should I use since Pietro’s code name is Quicksilver?”

“How about Scarlet Witch?” Rorschach said without thinking.

“Scarlet Witch… I love that codename.”

Wanda smiled as she turned to face Rorschach. She abruptly rose to her feet at this point, quickly dropped her head, and whispered in a little voice, “Thank you, Mr. Rorschach.”

Without waiting for Rorschach’s response, Wanda left the room after finishing her sentence. As Wanda turned to leave, Rorschach remained where he was and unconsciously reached out to touch his cheek.

Rorschach called gently, “Wanda….”

Wanda stopped in front of her and gently turned around. Something suddenly materialized in front of Wanda, and extended her hand.

An invisible biological force field enveloped Wanda’s whole body. In the next second, Rorschach soared into the sky and flew into the night sky with Wanda.

Looking up, you can see the stars all over the sky, and looking down, you can see the brightly lit New York City.

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Published On: March 23, 2023

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