When Jerry left Snape’s office, he was in a really good mood. He initially tried to save Neville, but it was only to get some red stars. Neville was already acting foolish enough to be in an accident.

Unexpectedly, he received not only a free Nimbus 2000 but also Snape’s assurance that he may return in the future to inquire about magic at night. It seems like this is going in circles and then returning to his initial plan.

His original motivation for joining Gryffindor was to get along well with Professor McGonagall so that they could have a friendly conversation rather than just get a free Nimbus 2000.

Even though he accidentally joined Slytherin, he can now obtain the Nimbus 2000 and benefit from membership in their house. He seems to have earned something in preparation for the impending Quidditch match.

He needs to come up with a means to accomplish two goals at once, but he can’t spend too much time on it.

Jerry heard the triumphant laughter of Draco’s group inside the Slytherin dorm before opening the door.

“Can you imagine it? What type of terrific look would Filch have when Potter and Weasley go to that floor and spotted them there?”

“I believe that the two of them will receive a detention after being discovered, even if they are not expelled.”

“No way, Gryffindor people have always been crazy. I just said something about that and they believed it.”

“So, they are all idiots.”

Their laughter immediately ended when the three of them watched Jerry open the door and enter. They exchanged glances before abruptly leaving the room to resume their conversation in the common room.

When Jerry noticed this, he simply shook his head and disregarded them. Instead, he collapsed onto the bed and started to sleep again. Draco and the others were attempting to fool Harry and Ron, but he didn’t care and didn’t stop them because it was utterly unnecessary.

Harry has Dumbledore’s support, thus whoever tries to expel him from school will fail.

While breaking the rules at school may seem extremely terrible and remarkable to the young wizards, it is nothing at all in the eyes of the professors.

Young wizards breaking the curfew at night wouldn’t be expelled by a professor. If this were the case, the Weasley twins would have been expelled numerous times, and at least half of the Gryffindor students would be expelled before graduating each year due to their propensity for going out late at night to take chances.

Even the most well-mannered house, Hufflepuff, will sneak out of the dorm at night to obtain something to eat from the kitchen.

Jerry slowly opened his eyes around twelve o’clock in the evening.

Draco and the others had dozed off by this point. Jerry gently stood up, gathered his wand and a bottle of catnip, and then slipped out of the dorm.

He will begin going to the Room of Requirements to practice magic every night after midnight starting today in order to become more skilled at using it.

He is accustomed to spending his time at midnight going outside in the main world obtaining a red star.

Jerry climbed the magic stairs to the eighth floor’s Room of Requirements after activating the “Refreshing” and strengthening the five senses to avoid being seen by the patrolling Filch.



Four frightened screams erupted out of the third floor’s end of the corridor as soon as Jerry entered it. Then, with horror on their faces, he saw Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Neville scurrying out of the room at the end of the fourth level.

“What’s happening?” Jerry’s head quickly became a question mark.

He recalled that in the movie, Fluffy, the three-headed dog, wasn’t discovered until after the trio had wandered into it and reached the third story while using the magic stairs during the day.

Why is it now after midnight? And there is also Neville.

He failed to realize that this is the setting of the novel. He was relieved when he realized that this was the world from the books and that some aspects might be altered.

But then he sighed once more since he knew that Dumbledore was likely hidden nearby with the Disillusionment Charm now that Harry and the others had entered the forbidden area on the third floor.

This also means that he is unable to use today to practice wizardry in the Room of Requirement.

“What’s wrong with you guys, exactly?” Jerry took the initiative to approach Harry’s group, stop them, and asked.

“Run! There’s a terrible three-headed monster in the restricted area on the third floor!” Harry and Hermione saw Jerry appearing, panting for breath while explaining in a panic.

“Calm down, please. You mentioned a three-headed monster, but it wasn’t even here.” Jerry indicated the hallway that was behind the four of them.

The four of them turned to look behind. The third-floor corridor was indeed empty. They were not chased away by the chained three-headed dogs.

“What is happening? What sort of three-headed monster?” Jerry feigned perplexity.

The four informed Jerry that while being pursued by Filch into the third-floor restricted section, they discovered a gigantic, deadly dog with three heads and a trapdoor inside.

“Jerry, why are you here, by the way?” Hermione stared at Jerry in amazement as she finished speaking and had an unexpected notion.

Dry coughing, Jerry started to make up something, “I’ve heard that you and Draco will engage in a magic duel at midnight, but it’s twelve o’clock. I doubt the three of them will be motivated to challenge you to a duel.”

“That’s why I specifically came here to let you know that you need to return to the dorm as soon as possible in order to avoid being caught by Mr. Filch.” Jerry continued.

“I told Draco that they had lied to you, but none of you listened. Due to your carelessness, Gryffindor almost lost points, and I almost got kicked out.” Hermione cried fiercely at Harry and Ron.

But Harry and Ron exchanged blank looks of disbelief. They are solely to blame because they almost got Hermione and the others expelled at the time.

They still showed their appreciation to Jerry. It was incredibly noble for him to take the chance of informing them to leave at such a late hour because Jerry genuinely ran the risk of being expelled. Indeed, Jerry is a trustworthy person despite being a Slytherin.

“You guys leave now and swiftly return. I’m returning as well. Otherwise, it will be problematic when Mr. Filch comes on patrol later.” Jerry scanned the area. He rapidly opened his mouth to remind him of the fact that a specific feeling about someone was coming from his keen senses.

It made sense to Hermione and Harry as well, so they said goodbye to Jerry and hurried up the stairs to the Gryffindor common room. When Jerry noticed this, he didn’t linger for too long before turning around and going back to the Slytherin common room.

He didn’t visit the Room of Requirements today, but he was aware that Dumbledore had been closely watching Harry’s every action. In the future, he must exercise caution around Harry.

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