Jerry saw that middle school in this country was significantly dissimilar from middle school in his previous life as soon as he stepped inside the building. In elementary school, this kind of cultural gap was less visible, but once he got to middle school, it was quite clear.

He still has vivid memories of that time when he was in middle school. He frequently witnessed large groups of his middle school classmates fighting outside the building. There were several students fighting inside the school the one time he was amazed, but this time is definitely different.

Hair coloring, long hair, smoking, getting into trouble in class, and falling in love are all behaviors that, if detected, will undoubtedly have a “good” ending.

He had a faint recollection of hearing the needle drop in arithmetic class. All of the commotion in the classroom would vanish into thin air as soon as the math instructor walked into the room.

He has hazy memories of a classmate who was well-liked outside and the instructor caught smoking after class at a secret location behind the school. They got into a fight in front of everyone, which caused a scene.

Of course, that is uncommon today.

In this middle school, perms of all types, curly hair, jewelry, and foreign clothing seem to be quite widespread. Jerry discovered two children, ages thirteen and fourteen, cuddling and kissing in the corner even as he was still making his way upstairs.

Both of them felt nothing at all after Jerry saw them as if they were used to it. Some excellent private middle schools are predicted to have stricter control in this area, so this could potentially be related to school management.

He actually likes this circumstance since it gives him what he needs. He has more time to pursue his own interests the more lax the school administration is.

He entered his classroom and took a seat in the far back corner. Soon, the first class started when the bell rang.

“My name is Jerry Carmen, I’m eleven years old, and I have a lot of interests and aspirations for the future.”

Jerry, who was sat in the back row’s corner, stood up, spoke a few things in an out-of-the-ordinary way, and then sat back down. He was only observed by the instructors and other students in the class for a brief period of time before they turned their attention to the next student.

“Repelo Muggletum.”

At this point, Jerry quietly retrieved his wand, gave his desk a quick tap, then removed the magic book from his suitcase and started reading it.

The Muggle Repelling Curse is a straightforward spell that Jerry recently learned, although the precise outcome depends on the wizard’s ability.

The Muggle Repelling Charm can make Muggles overlook a particular area without their knowledge or unintentionally do so. It does not actually repel Muggles. It more closely resembles a psychological nudge.

It was similar to the Leaky Cauldron. Although he can clearly see it between the bookstore and the record label, onlookers were unconsciously swayed and chose to ignore it. One can only perceive it after being specifically reminded by the wizard and getting over the psychological barrier.

Jerry then used a Muggle-repelling spell on a spot close to his desk to make the teacher, and the rest of the class unconsciously disregard his whereabouts. So long as the movement is not too loud, it won’t matter what he does here because it won’t draw attention.

Of course, he would still be found if the teacher had asked him by name.

However, Jerry will activate the “Refreshing” while reading the magic book. There is no issue as long as the teacher announces his name and he can promptly respond in advance.

Public schools are also less rigid than private ones. Students rarely ask questions, and there is more freedom for everyone in the class.

Nothing particularly significant needs to be done on the first day of class. The main objective is to introduce yourself to and get to know your classmates.

Jerry learned the names of all his teachers and classmates on this day but failed to make any new friends since he was too busy learning about the Disillusionment Charm and the potion formula.

He is in dire need of this right now. This is how the first day of middle school went by, which was pretty smooth. It should have been like that.

However, there was still a small issue when the two classes combined for physical education in the previous period.

To help everyone fit in amicably in the first session, their PE teacher, a middle-aged white man who is short and a bit fat, performed a simple game called “Gladiator.”

The rules are simple. The two teams of lads from the two classes compete to take the red flag that has been planted on the other side of the lawn. They are free to employ whatever technique to impede the other team members during the process. The winning class will be the first to alert the teacher with a red flag.

As cheerleaders, the girls in the class support the boys. Despite the fact that there is nothing to do here, Jerry decided to play about when the opportunity arose.

The kids in their own class were unable to recognize them all because it was everyone’s first day of class. The physical education teacher instructed one of the classes to remove their t-shirts and go completely naked in order to identify the players on the two teams.

Jerry’s class is the one that gets to see him remove his shirt. The outcome was clear. All of the youngsters in the gym, including their physical education teacher, were transfixed as soon as Jerry removed his shirt.

During this time, kids are either lean or overweight. For Jerry to have a genuinely attractive and physically fit body, it would be too obvious. A certain campus newspaper’s eighth-grade photographer captured images of Jerry taking off his shirt.

The campus newspaper featured a picture of his body the following day, making him the school’s popular kid in an instant. He first intended to keep a low profile, but on the second day of class, he utterly ruined it.

He somewhat blamed his PE teacher because he had the option of invoking the Imperius Curse on the teacher and ordering the entire class to refrain from removing their clothing in order to distinguish the students.

The main issue is that the wand and suitcase were difficult to carry around, and everyone had changed into special sports T-shirts and shorts for a physical education class. So, before class, he placed them in the locker reserved for students.

He had no idea that something like this would take place in physical education class.

As a result, Jerry became watchful. No matter how secure the surroundings, he must always keep the wand in his hand since without it. He is simply a regular kid with a somewhat more robust body.

Fortunately, after giving it some thought, he realized that the issue wasn’t too serious. The only purpose of his covert strategy was to divert S.H.I.E.L.D’s attention, but as long as he was able to perfect the potion, everything would be simple to deal with.

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Published On: March 26, 2023

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