“Dark magic really works well against this type of person.” Jerry nodded happily as he observed the conflict between the two sides at the dock.

He used the Imperius Curse, which he had learned from Quirrell’s notes, to cast it just now. He wasn’t exceptionally skilled, but it was clear that he could make blunders when facing regular people.

His spell reserve has significantly increased since last time. Sometimes it is more effective to use flexible use of spells with various effects rather than fighting with those who have modern weaponry.

Similarly, he is no longer required to move. All he needs to do is stand back and observe the conflict between the two groups.

Most of the “Harry Potter” world’s magical weaponry lacks the high-tech lethality of today’s weapons. But some magical spells are difficult or even impossible to defend against and cannot be duplicated by most modern high-tech.

“Accio suitcase!”

The two suitcases that had fallen in the midst fell directly in the direction of a certain container just as the two groups started shooting at each other because the boss was dead. It was Jerry who cast the Summoning Charm.

He disregarded the conflict and boarded the Nimbus 2000 after throwing the two suitcases of theirs into his own suitcase and saw that the number of red stars had in fact increased slightly.

He is unable to receive a red star, whether the individual is kind or terrible. The red star can only be obtained by putting an end to the crime that is taking place and performing good deeds.

Why even bother to stay here any longer when he has the money in his hand?

Jerry sneaks back home by returning to the abandoned warehouse and packing everything into his suitcase. He hasn’t yet mastered the Disillusionment Charm, but he won’t have to enter and exit the warehouse repeatedly once he does. Instead, he can just fly back home invisibly.

It shouldn’t take too long to learn about a spell that turns him invisible since he has the books for senior classes.


Early the next morning.

Jerry dropped off his younger sister Aisha at the elementary school by bus after breakfast. Naturally, he and Aisha would return to school after the summer break.

It’s just that Jerry has wonderfully moved into middle school as of today, while Aisha is still a primary school student. As a result, his school is now a middle school rather than the previous primary school.

Public middle schools are fairly common, and so is his middle school. The primary characteristic is how far it is from his old school. Most likely, students who previously attended the same school won’t select this one.

Haas had intended to enroll him in a private middle school at the time. Jerry declined, despite the fact that private middle schools’ tuition costs were significantly more and their academic standards were higher than those of public middle schools.

He worked really hard in every area of his performance because he wanted to receive a red star. As a result, he was well-known by all of the professors and students at the school and was a true man of the hour before.

He no longer cares about it. Therefore he doesn’t need to express himself as much as he once did. Instead, he plans to employ a potion to entirely disappear from S.H.I.E.L.D.’s radar. He will naturally become more relaxed after that.

Jerry looked into this public middle school and found it to be relatively ordinary overall, with very loose management—perfect for his current predicament.

“I’m not here, Aisha. At school, you must put in a lot of effort and pay attention to your teachers. When you get back, you must inform me if someone has dared to bully you.” Jerry worriedly went through each explanation one by one before transferring Aisha to the school bus.

“I don’t want to be away from you, Brother.” A bit dejected, Aisha said.

Jerry offered some consolation, saying, “It’s okay, you’ll attend the same middle school as me when you start there next year.”

Jerry was going to turn around and leave when his ears suddenly jerked and the corners of his mouth twitched uncontrollably as he saw her board the bus and the school bus begin.

His “Refreshing” was still active in the morning because he made the potion in the bag, which causes his ears to hear much louder than usual.

He just barely heard Aisha shouting out the window of the school bus that had just departed, “I finally got rid of the Demon King Jerry. Finally, the new kingdom era of Queen Aisha is upon us, ha! ha! ha!”

It is inevitable that Jerry will help Aisha learn using the traditional educational approach, given his prior learning experiences.

He has made an effort to not be concerned about Aisha’s academics when at home. Aisha is undoubtedly relieved that she and Jerry are no longer in the same school because he still keeps a careful check on her there.

Jerry believes that, in terms of keeping an eye on Aisha’s academic progress, he has outdone the majority of parents in this nation. Even still, Aisha’s math is still capable of failing every exam.

There may be no need to put in much effort because it may not be very skilled in a particular area by nature. Even if you don’t put forth a lot of effort, you can still accomplish a lot if you are gifted in a particular area.


Jerry, who had plenty of money, rode in a taxi for more than 30 minutes before arriving to pick up his new middle school.

A large number of children, both boys, and girls, entered the school’s gate at the start of the school year. They all had various fashion senses, but practically all of them wore what they considered to be the hottest attire because, at this age, they were all competing to be the cutest and most fashionable boys in school.

In contrast to middle schools in his past life, the main highlight is on children who have good grades. However, in this place, nerds who are bright but uncool will be loathed by most people and find it difficult to make friends. People who appear to be trendy, adaptable, or outstanding in a variety of activities tend to be popular.

Maybe it’s because kids here are more mature and have more exposure to the Internet than kids their age did in his prior life. Because achieving grades back then was really hard.

Jerry is the most unfashionable of the middle schoolers in terms of attire. He was dressed in a basic loose T-shirt, pants, and cap while purposefully donning a pair of big, black-rimmed, non-prescription glasses. He was also not particularly tall.

Even though he has been in the world of Harry Potter for half a year, Jerry’s height is comparable to Hermione, thus it is not exceptional among his peers.

Jerry is powerless to change this, but he believes that age should be the primary factor. In a typical environment, girls develop sooner and boys later.

Thus, Hermione developed more quickly at the same age of eleven, and he predicted that it would be another two years before she reached her full height.

Haas once said about the exceptional heights of Jerry’s mother and biological father. It doesn’t make sense that he only inherits their looks, but not their height.

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