When Rorschach turned to face him, he saw Captain America holding Bucky the Winter Soldier in an odd position. They were both locking arms with each other in that pose, to put it simply.

“Are you certain that I’m needed? I thought you only wanted to fight him all day.” Rorschach grumbled a little too loudly.

As Captain America continued to speak, Bucky pushed his elbow back, reached up to grab hold of his head, slung him over his shoulder, and then dropped to the ground, strangling him. Captain America rolled over, broke Bucky’s palm with all his might, and pushed Bucky to the ground.

“No, I don’t want to…”

More than once, Captain America has overheard someone criticize his catchphrase for sounding like a second guess. “I don’t want to injure Bucky, but Bucky has been killing me, so please help me knock him out,”

“Okay, then.”

Rorschach approached Captain America after giving Wanda and the others a look of waiting for him here. When Bucky sensed Rorschach drawing near, he raised his knee and kicked high in the side.

Rorschach pulled back, brought Bucky all around, and gave him a soft stroke on the back of the neck while pointing at Bucky’s calf bone.


Bucky instantly lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

“Thank you.” Rorschach was thanked by Captain America.

“Are there any other hostages in the base?” he asked, panting fiercely as he peered at the twins behind Rorschach.

“If you’re talking about test subjects, there are probably twenty or more!” Pietro answered.

All of these suspects were recently apprehended. Baron Strucker’s experiments had a very high mortality rate. Few of the experimental participants have survived these years, with the exception of Pietro and Wanda.

“We must also save them.” With stern gaze, Captain America declared.

Rorschach indicated Bucky who was supine “What about him? Forget it, I’ll go with you. I’ll knock Bucky out once again if he awakens.”

“You can tie him up first,” Captain America said out of sympathy for his dear friend.

“Pietro, restrain him.” Rorschach stated while pointing at Pietro.

Pietro’s physical fitness is well above that of the average person, thus even if he hasn’t yet awakened his power, he can easily carry Bucky. A number of individuals went back to the HYDRA base and saved Wanda and Pietro and the other test subjects.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. super-agents eliminated the random soldiers outside and raced into the base after Captain America eliminated every HYDRA member within the base by himself. The base attack was successfully carried out after the two sides successfully combined their troops.

Rorschach also gained nearly 60,000 mission points including rescuing Wanda and Pietro, and destroying the HYDRA base in Sokovia.


Back to New York.

Wanda and Pietro were temporarily placed in the Osborn Group by Rorschach, who also arranged for a medical robot to perform a thorough examination of the two.

Wanda’s physical condition is comparable to that of average individuals, according to the results of the physical examination, while Pietro is significantly more physically fit than the average person.

This did not surprise Rorschach. The MCU movie’s plot offers no thorough explanation, but based on the current circumstances, it can be deduced that Wanda has been gifted with magic since she was a little child, despite the fact that her physical condition is average.

Pietro’s unique quality is evident in his physical fitness even though he does not employ Wanda’s magical talent. But regardless of what happens, they can both use the mind scepter to access their unique skills.

Rorschach will definitely carry out this action next.

As for Bucky Barnes or the Winter Soldier. On accordance with Rorschach’s plan, Sitwell arranged for brain specialists to specialize in treatment while Bucky was given over to S.H.I.E.L.D. It didn’t take Bucky long to reclaim his sense of self.

As for the reason Sitwell received it, he is aware of all the circumstances. Following his reawakening, Bucky planned another historic encounter with Captain America. The two close pals exchanged warm embraces. Peggy Carter is also present to see this lovely scene.

When the three characters from those three decades were reunited after a gap of seventy years, they were joined by Bucky and Peggy, and Captain America no longer felt odd about this time period. There are his favorite persons and his closest buddies at this time period. Steve Rogers wished for a life like this the most.

The S.W.O.R.D. general election for members is still ongoing.

The person who is most likely to be elected to be the leader of the United States is Norman Osborn, who is under absolutely little pressure. It is not as peaceful in other nations and regions, such as Eastern Europe.

He had heard that numerous candidates had passed very suddenly and unexplainably, and others had even vanished without a trace. However, all of the events were swiftly put down and received little media attention.


Osborne Group.

Pietro and Wanda’s physical examination results were examined using Rorschach.

The power concealed in the two people’s bodies cannot be found using conventional scientific techniques. Rorschach is merely attempting to develop a mathematical model to calculate the safe range of the psychic scepter’s energy infiltration.

Pietro might not be a major issue. Wanda, though, is a hazard. She might be a witch. In the original storyline, Wanda used the mind scepter to summon chaos magic.

It must be noted that if Wanda loses control while this is happening, the result will be a catastrophe that puts the entire universe in jeopardy.

“The two of you have amazing talents, as I already told Wanda and Pietro. I can now bring that talent to life for you, but I must warn you that this process is irreversible. Your future life will change once your gifts are used.”

Please consider it carefully; are you sure you want to unleash your skill, pleaded Rorschach.

Pietro responded directly to Rorschach’s question regarding his motivations without even pausing to consider it. Wanda hesitated briefly.

Wanda desires for a regular life in the majority of Marvel’s alternate realities. She aspired to be like regular folks, with a loving spouse and two beautiful children. Something that will never came true to her.

If all goes wrong, she will turn into Scarlet Witch’s resulting in a mental collapse, and then strong magic intervenes in reality to wreak irreparable havoc.

After some time of silence, Wanda decided to acquire superhuman talents.

“I want to develop an ability as well.”

Wanda reflected about the awful deaths of her parents in the missile explosion as well as the Sokovia war. It is only possible to stop disasters from happening by acquiring tremendous power.

“Okay, come with me.”

Pietro and Wanda were escorted to Rorschach’s laboratory. The glass single room in the center of the facility is visible as soon as you enter through the door. An equipment that resembles a radioactive device is located opposite the glass single room, and a short metal staff has been put above it.

A gemstone with a chilling glow is mounted on the short metal staff.

“The mind scepter is that. The mind’s scepter’s energy has the capacity to unleash your body’s remarkable potential. Which one of you will attempt it first?” Rorschach enquired after locking the lab door.

“I’ll go first.” Pietro is the one who are willing to take the first chance.

He took the initiative to move toward the glass room’s door while he awaited Rorschach’s upcoming directive. Rorschach allowed Pietro to enter on his own before adjusting the power and turning on the mind scepter in the instrument that had the mind scepter embedded.

“Prepare to be exposed to energy radiation in three, two, one!”

Rorschach turned on the device at the end of the countdown, and the energy shock released by the mind scepter immediately engulfed Pietro’s entire body.

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