Red Room, Sky Fortress.

Dreykov, with a displeased face looked at the control panel. They’re all gone now. The twelve top female agents all abruptly lost all of their vital signs. One of them is Yelena Belova, who Dreykov views with some optimism and hopes will eventually become the “Black Widow.”

Only the top female operatives in the Red Room are eligible for the moniker of “Black Widow,” and Natasha Normanov was once the best.

“How come it failed? Before Rorschach put on the Destroyer Armor, Yelena would undoubtedly be able to remove the small nuclear fusion reactor if she took action.”

Rorschach’s information, including his most recent movements, daily routine, and the period during which he wore the Destroyer Armor, were all carefully recalled by Dreykov. Of course, the strategy should be impenetrable.

“Are there any other superheroes there?”

Dreykov considered a potential scenario before swiftly dismissing it, “Impossible. If there is something that cannot be handled beforehand, Yelena will not take action.”

Dreykov opened the control interface on the desk after giving it some thought and pulling a metal ring out from underneath. A thin veil suddenly materialized in front of him after that. The light curtain showed a globe map, and all across the world map were innumerable red light dots.

A female Red Room agent is represented by each red dot. Dreykov gathers orphans, molds them into icy, charming murdering robots, and then permits them to skulk throughout the globe carrying out unidentified secret missions.

In a way, the Red Room’s existence is analogous to Hydra. All of this is done through assassinations, information theft, the instigation of wars, and other methods to further dominate the world.

“Let me see where the other girls can go to look into Rorschach’s side of the story.”

When Dreykov chose the female agents dispersed throughout New York, a list of jobs that were currently in progress emerged above the red dots.

[Assassinate Norman Osborn, successfully elected the U.S. representative of the S.W.O.R.D]

“So, all of the S.W.O.R.D. members’ killings were committed by you?”

Dreykov was startled by an abruptly chilly voice that came from behind him. He quickly turned around in fear, drew a revolver from his waist, and pointed it at the person behind him.

Rorschach was the one who discovered the red home and sky fortress when he appeared behind Dreykov. Rorschach disregarded Dreykov and his little weapon, but continued to focus at the light curtain ahead.

He had heard that many candidates for S.W.O.R.D. Council positions had mysteriously vanished or passed away.

Rorschach was certain that Sitwell was responsible for a long time. After all, assassination is an established Hydra tactic. But it appears that this is not the situation right now. He didn’t anticipate the Red Room’s desire to participate. Yet, this is typical.

S.W.O.R.D manages alien technology on behalf of the earth and is even capable of combining all of the planet’s resources to create a remarkable army. Controlling SWORD equates to controlling the entire universe. How could Dreykov’s heart not race at this?

When Dreykov saw Rorschach, he unconsciously cast a glance at his Destroyer Armor. It’s a potent item that gives its user god-like abilities.

Dreykov placed his gun away and, while directing the Sky Fortress’ female operatives to come over from the console, while also making step-by-step progress in the direction of Rorschach. Take a step with assurance and courage.

“Your presence surprised me, Mr. Rorschach. I’ve always hoped to have the opportunity to meet you. You possess such a strong power. Why would you bother giving Osborn your life? Why don’t we work together?”

Dreykov showed seriousness as he opened his hands and said, “Let’s assassinate Osborn, and after that, I’ll let my girls tamper with S.W.O.R.D election. What if we take control of the world together?”

Rorschach grinned. “Why do you think I’m working for Norman Osborn, Dreykov?”

Rorschach reached out and grasped Dreykov’s neck as he spoke. Rorschach halted when his hand was one centimeter from Dreykov’s throat.

“I created a pheromone that will impact you as long as you are still breathing, so you can’t hurt me, haha.”

Dreykov’s face was filled with immense pride, but in the next instant, Rorschach’s palm, which was extended, reached out, gripped Dreykov’s neck, and lifted him up.

Rorschach raised Dreykov in front of him and smiled sympathetically. “You don’t understand my power, Dreykov. Your pheromone is too weak.”

After finishing his sentence, Rorschach lightly pressed down with his palm to sever Dreykov’s neck in front of the latter’s shocked gaze. Drykov’s eyes quickly lost their brilliance, and until he passed away, he was unable to understand why Rorschach wasn’t under his control.

Rorschach removed the ring that could command the female Red Room agent from his hand after breaking Dreykov’s neck. Rorschach killed Dreykov, but he was not informed that the assignment was finished.

It appears that the task’s requirement to destroy the Red Room physically destroys it. Before then, though, Riverie System quickly took control of the Red Room Sky Fortress after Rorschach removed a metal USB flash drive and put it into the console.


“I am here”

“Send a copy of all the data regarding the control potion and Draykov’s pheromone to Dr. Helen Cho, along with the data regarding all the female Red Room agents. Also, get rid of all the female operatives who are in the Red Room.” To Riverie, Rorschach provided directions.

“As you can see, the data is being analyzed after it is finished. Dr. Helen Cho has been supplied the pertinent information. The dispatch of the female agent has been completed.”

Each piece of data was processed by the Riverie’s supercomputer, which also swiftly carried out the Rorschach instruction. Rorschach found himself suddenly unsure of how to interact with any of the female operatives that the Red Room had trained.

The looks of these female agents, at least in terms of Rorschach’s aesthetics, are incredibly difficult to define, but if they are gorgeous women like flowers and jade, then they can be arranged to do some office job at the Osborn Group.

Contrarily, the newly created Terminator robot that mimics humans, built by the research and development team, is capable of utterly destroying these female agents.

Particularly, the synthetic skin created by nanotechnology can make the human robot look and feel just like an actual person.

The most crucial aspect is that the replicated robots’ bodies and appearances may be altered, not to mention that they all resemble Black Widow when she was younger, or at least are not far off.

The artificially intelligent Riverie technology allows the virtual human robot to replicate 99.99% of real human emotions. She won’t be any different from a typical person unless you use a knife to sever the mechanical heart of the robot that serves as a simulation of a human being.

“Let’s assign them to the special forces if it doesn’t work. After all, they are a team of expert killers. Norman can decide.”

Because Rorschach was too sluggish to oversee the group of female agents, he gave Riverie the order to hand the group over to Norman Osborn.

He observed the female operatives who had left the Red Room, Dreykov’s daughter, and other important individuals there from the control room of the Red Room Sky Fortress. They attempted to halt it all since they could sense how severe the situation was, but they were all surrounded and slain by female agents under Riverie’s control.

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Published On: March 24, 2023

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