Rorschach flew slowly to Wanda’s house and held her in his arms until late at night. Wanda’s home was lit up, and Pietro—who frequently stayed out late—returned.

“Thank you, Mr. Rorschach. I am extremely delighted today.”

When she realized Pietro was at home, Wanda leaped out of Rorschach’s arms, but after spending too much time in the air, her feet gave weary and she nearly fell to the earth once more.

Thankfully, Rorschach caught her. Wanda flushed, quickly fixed her hair, and staggered back to her house.

“I’ll see you later, Mr. Rorschach.”

“I’ll see you later, Wanda.” Wanda ran home as Rorschach observed her back.

Rorschach took a direct flight into the skies before landing at his villa. He discovered that his residence had been broken into before landing. The two Terminator robots in the house who are in charge of security only set up a soldier-level Terminator and failed to halt the group of attackers.

Rorschach started to think about moving at this point. Rorschach’s home is only a place to settle and rest, even when significant items are stored within the Osborn Group. The constant intrusion of a group of people infuriated Rorschach.

He did a comprehensive search. There were twelve intruders in total, and they were all female. A woman in black tights and armored to the body.

Even though Rorschach presumably knew where these folks came from, he nevertheless pretended to be carefree as he flew over to the villa as usual, opened the door, and entered.

As soon as he entered the villa’s lobby. A flash bomb detonates directly. Shock bombs are used in addition to flash bombs. Rorschach was speechless. Wasn’t this the trick he used when he asked the Osborn Group special forces team to capture Loki?

He didn’t anticipate receiving this kind of treatment. Rorschach appeared to have done nothing by remaining still.

If it were set in the DC universe, he might also be concerned about the flying grenade and wonder if its lead shell contains smoke or pieces of Kryptonite. But since this is set in the Marvel universe, Rorschach does not need to be concerned at all.

One after the other, flash and shock bombs detonated. Quickly emerging from the shadows, numerous individuals opened fire on Rorschach. The small nuclear fusion reactor on Rorschach’s chest was instantly taken by one of them after he quickly walked up to him and extended his hand.

Just as that hand was about to make contact with Rorschach’s chest’s small nuclear fusion reactor. Rorschach reached up and raised his hand, grabbing the person’s neck.

The gunfire in the neighborhood persisted. Ordinary bullets, let alone ones that managed to get past his resistance, could not penetrate Rorschach’s biological force field, though.

Rorschach’s eyes became red the next instant, and two blazing rays of light emerged.

All of the individuals who fired shots at Rorschach’s body were precisely scanned by his thermal vision. More than a dozen people vanished in an instant like ice sculptures tumbling into magma.

Out of the twelve female assassins, only the one in Rorschach’s hand remained.

The woman’s light-yellow hair was pulled back into a ponytail, her facial features were angular, and the smokey eye makeup. She gave off the sense of having a very powerful, traditional Russian woman’s style.

Russian agent… female…

Rorschach had an immediate association with the Red Room.

She notices that the woman in front of him resembles Yelena Belova, the Black Widow of the second generation. Rorschach can’t judge it precisely because of how similar it is, but he can pretty much be certain that these women must be from the Red Room.

The Red Room dispatched agents to seize his miniature nuclear fusion reactor. Rorschach initially believed that the top American executives or other aspirant individuals would be interested in his Destroyer Armor.

The senior executives who possessed this way of thinking were essentially dead under Sitwell’s numerous methods of cleaning. It was reasonable and unexpected to catch the Red Room at this time.

Black Widow believed she had already dealt with Red Room leader Draykov when she left the Red Room, according to the original plot. However, Dreykov is still alive.

[Ding, activate the side mission “Red Room”, The host destroys the Red Room, frees the last few female spies, and awards 30,000 mission points].

eliminate the Red Room?

Rorschach would not have been willing to deal with such a minor individual himself if it weren’t for the job points provided by the system, and this female spy, who is believed to be Yelena, witnessed Rorschach killing all of her comrades.

She grabbed Rorschach’s wrist with both hands, activated the electric shock feature on the bracelet, violently twisted her waist, and smashed a whip into Rorschach’s neck while not showing any signs of fear.

Her leg is fractured, and the female agent’s eyes once again showed a hint of the terror that a normal person should have due to the pain from the broken leg.

Dreykov administered some sort of psychotropic medication to all of these female Red Room agents, turning them into emotionless, task-only frigid machines.

They will be obliged to kill themselves even if they are kidnapped or gravely hurt in order to keep the Red Room’s secret a secret.

A chip was discovered by Rorschach after scanning the female agent’s right leg. Once more, the thermal vision in his eyes destroyed the locating chip directly.

The Red Room totally relies on this chip to assess the current condition of the female agents and, in certain cases, even uses it to coerce them into exercising full autonomy.

The system has given him the assignment of saving the remaining female agents. The list of people to be rescued should also include the female agent who is thought to be Yelena who is in his hands.

Regarding the remaining dozen or so individuals who were destroyed. Well, it’s too late to save them now.

The female agent was then rendered unconscious by Rorschach, who then lifted her into the air and transported her to the Osborn Group’s facility. He came across Dr. Helen Cho, who had just finished her studies for the day.

“Dr. Cho.” Dr. Cho screamed in terror when Rorschach abruptly appeared behind her.

“Mr. Rorschach, scaring people will kill them!” In shock, Dr. Cho patted her chest while unconsciously focusing on the female agent being carried by Rorschach.

“What’s up with you carrying a woman?” she asked, pointing at the person.

“This woman was sent to kill me, but she seemed to be under the influence of some sort of narcotic or other substance. Please study it, and in the meantime, assist her in getting her calf fracture treated.” said Rorschach.

Rorschach still has greater faith in his specialists despite the possibility that there is a formula to overthrow the Red Room’s rule.

Rorschach arranged for many Terminator robots to take care of the female agent after Helen Cho was given the female agent who was thought to be Yelena. This was done to stop the awakened female agent from endangering Helen Cho’s safety.

After doing all this, Rorschach activated the Destroyer Armor, flew away from the Osborn Group to a height of 10,000 meters, and started scouring the entire planet for signs of the Red Room Sky Fortress.

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Published On: March 23, 2023

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