Using thermal vision to burn Ajak to ashes. From the faraway sky, there was a roar.

“Don’t you dare!”

Sonic booms began to explode one after another, and Ikaris, who had just been kicked off the battlefield by Wanda, rejoined the fight. He had red eyes and was enraged as he cast a vicious gaze at Rorschach.

Although Ikaris killed Ajak by himself in the original story. Ikaris still has a great deal of love for the Eternals’ leader despite this.

All in all, these Celestials’ lackeys basically have cognitive issues. Ikaris can easily murder Ajak by himself, but if he witnesses Rorschach killing Ajak, he will be furious.

Rorschach’s body took a direct strike from two golden beams that dropped from the sky. “That’s it…you fake.”

As soon as he was done speaking, Rorschach’s eyes once more became red, and his thermal vision blasted out in the direction of the two golden rays, flying high into the sky. They ate up all the golden light like two blood-red pythons.

In mid-air, a red and a gold ray collided with one another. The golden light held its position for a little moment before steadily retreating. Ikaris turned around the moment he saw Rorschach was terrified.

The red rays pierced the sky like a rainbow piercing the sun the following instant. The two scarlet beams were headed directly for Ikalis’ skull if he hadn’t reacted quickly enough to avoid them.

Just when Rorschach was confronting Ikaris. Gilgamesh punched Rorschach while his fists were encircled by golden gloves, giving the impression that a meteorite had just fallen from the sky.

A pair of energy swords materialized in Thena’s hands as she pushed off Captain America and charged at Rorschach’s neck with them. Gilgamesh was struck with a fist by Rorschach as well.


After Gilgamesh’s body abruptly came to a complete stop with a bang, a horrifying force that was many times stronger than him struck, destroying the energy glove on his fist. This terrifying force continued to advance, and Gilgamesh was completely powerless to withstand it.

Gilgamesh’s right fist crumbled in an instant, and Rorschach’s blow crushed the fist bone like a sponge while he was unable to scream. Gilgamesh’s body was violently smashed into pieces by Rorschach’s forward-moving fist as it continued to advance.

As soon as she saw her companion being attacked, she cut Rorschach’s neck with two energy-long swords out of wrath.

There were two distinct metal-on-metal sounds.

Rorschach disregarded Thena’s assault. He extended his left hand, reached for Tina’s neck, and violently folded it.


The two energy weapons Thena was holding in her hands instantly melted into snowflakes as she watched in horror as her neck broke.

The Eternals lost two more fighters in a matter of seconds. The landscape darkened once further, appearing to be developing into hell with exploding volcanoes and billowing magma all around.

It’s Sprite’s Illusion.

Rorschach shifted his gaze to the illusion in front of him, twitching his mouth. Illusion should be based on fakes instead of making a big scene right away, so that instead of confusing the opponent, it will directly tell the opponent that everything is fake.

When Rorschach opened his eyes after closing them, his X-ray vision was able to clearly see through the illusion.

He observed Sprite and Sersi standing in front of him and extending their hands toward the nuclear fusion reactor on Rorschach’s chest.

Sersi has the ability to change matter.

She has the ability to transform water into oil. She utilizes Sprite’s illusion to get close to Rorschach and use her power to modify matter to shut down Rorschach’s nuclear fusion reactor after discovering that all of Rorschach’s abilities originate from the Destroyer Armor.

Sersi was going to touch Rorschach, but then. Sprite’s illusion was destroyed by a scattering of red energy particles.

“If there is a next life, you two need to choose a better teammate.” Rorschach kindly smiled as Sersi and Sprite abruptly halted.

Following their exchange, two thermal visions were fired, reducing them both to ashes.

“Don’t you dare!” In the air, Ikaris became furious again.

At the same time that his body suddenly materialized in front of Rorschach at the fastest pace, and he swung his hand forcefully, he carelessly charged toward the man. Golden rays burst out of his eyes in an insane fashion.

Rorschach extended both of his hands. Ikaris’ fist was grasped by one hand, and the other hand covered his eyes by blocking the golden rays before advancing and grabbing his face.

“Now that you are only ten steps away from me, why don’t you come over and destroy my nuclear fusion reactor?” Rorschach smiled and questioned.

This is what Ikaris said to Ajak yesterday. He claimed that if he could approach Rorschach within ten steps, he could rip off his nuclear fusion reactor and transform him back into a mortal human. But when Icaris approached Rorschach, he found himself so weak and helpless in front of Rorschach.

“Argh! “

Ikaris continued to howl violently, his eyes never ceasing to shine with golden rays, but he was unable to shake Rorschach’s hand despite his best efforts. Rorschach’s hands’ skin was impenetrable, too.

“You’re too weak.” This supposed “Superman” among the Eternals was so weak, Rorschach shook his head.

He’s ashamed to even touch this “Glass Superman” in this manner.

Ikaris’ head instantly exploded as Rorschach finished speaking, and his body instantly lost the ability to resist in an instant, falling gently to the ground.

Before now. There are still two members of the eight The Eternals.

One of them is the swift Eternal Makkari.

Makkari turned and fled in agony after seeing Rorschach butcher the Eternals, especially the strongest Ikaris who was quickly taken out by the foe.

Pietro stopped her on purpose. However, Pietro’s speed has not yet reached its. Makkari is looking to run. He can only pursue her with all of his vigors because he is unable to stop her. The two reentered the contest for speed.

Kingo is the other one. He was an Indian-looking man in his middle years who also gave up all opposition.

Today, his views have been greatly impacted.

Kingo, who always believed himself to be a hero, authored numerous scripts about the Eternals saving the planet, which were later adapted into a Bollywood film. The Eternals, however, are actually the world-destroying god’s slaves rather than heroes.

“Do that if you want to kill me.” Rorschach caught Kingo’s attention. He had entirely given up and was resigned to his fate.

“I can give you a chance to kill yourself.” Rorschach said with a smirk.

Kingo did nothing unusual and didn’t shoot Rorschach, so the latter was willing to give Kingo the choice.

“Fine by me. “

Kingo nervously extended a finger and placed it against his temple. He has the capacity to fire energy spheres from his fingers. As a result, Kingo’s finger to the temple is comparable to someone in the general public shooting themselves in the head with a gun.

Kingo’s finger suddenly ejected an energy bullet before everyone’s scrutinizing eyes, piercing his head and killing him instantly.

Captain America kicked Ikaris’ body and couldn’t help but gripe. There was a collective sigh of relief, “Since they keep saying that they protect people, why didn’t they notice this bunch of people when Hydra threatened the security of the world to come out and save the world?”

Both Bucky and Captain America served in World War II. More than Rorschach can describe their loathing for Phastos and Ajak, as well as the Eternal Race.

Rorschach was right.

Fuck the Eternals.

Why did they not step forward to aid humanity when they had the opportunity to atone for their misdeeds even after World War II?

What a coward. Sickening.

Wanda’s expression abruptly changed as Rorschach used his thermal vision to stomp these Eternals.

“Pietro is in critical condition!”

With those words, Wanda waved her hands, using the ring to reopen the portal and bring back Pietro, who had been pursuing Makkari. He observed that Pietro had excessive blood loss because his face was pale and his body was covered in wounds.

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Published On: March 28, 2023

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