The Ancient One was forced to agree when she saw Rorschach was being insistent.

“Okay, Mr. Rorschach can study with Wanda in Kamar Taj if all he wants to do is learn about magic. If not, he is free to visit the library, with the exception of a few high-level and forbidden magic books. In addition, must remind you that if you study a lot of magic information hastily and lack strong mental power, you will suffer a nervous collapse.”

The Kamar Taj Library is kept by Wong, who will also keep watch over him.

“I appreciate the reminder The Ancient One, I understand.” said Rorschach.

Kryptonians’ mental strength is not weak, but their mental strength appears to be lacking in comparison to their powerful physical characteristics. Additionally, with continued practice, Kryptonians’ mental strength can be steadily increased.

Rorschach finished his own business and then turned to stare at Dr. Pym and Hope.

“The Ancient One, Dr. Pym’s wife was unintentionally lost in the quantum realm many years ago. Do you think you can help her?” Rorschach enquired.

Dr. Pym quickly retrieved the premium tea leaves he had made, “I learned that you enjoy drinking tea from Mr. Rorschach. Although it’s a bit much, please kindly accept it.”

The Ancient One glanced at Dr. Pym but did not accept it, “The quantum realm and the real dimension cannot be connected directly through the portal. I’ll take you first into the mirror dimension. The idea of space in the physical sense can be changed at will in the mirror dimension. Where the link between the physical world and the quantum realm can be completed, but it is still not possible to travel there on your own.”

“It doesn’t matter because Dr. Pym created a Pym particle that can travel between the quantum realm and the real world.” Rorschach explained.

It is possible to think of The Ancient One’s portal as a particular type of quantum channel. When passing through this quantum realm portal, Dr. Pym just needs to use Pym particles to shrink down to the subatomic level in order to reach the quantum realm.

The Ancient One opened the mirror dimension as soon as it was determined that the approach could work, took a strand of Hope’s hair as a medium, and cast a spell to find Janet, the first-generation Wasp in the quantum realm.

Through the portal, Dr. Pym observed Janet imprisoned in the quantum realm on the other side. He put on the Ant-Man outfit right away and managed to shrink into the quantum realm.

In the quantum world, time and space don’t exist. Dr. Pym nearly got lost in the quantum world when he first entered, but Janet roused her husband just in time.

The two wanted to confirm that while Dr. Pym’s hair had grown gray, Janet’s looks had not significantly changed. Dr. Pym brought Janet back to the mirror dimension that The Ancient One had constructed using the new particle and the quantum channel portal.

The Ancient One scattered the mirror dimension after saving Janet. She gave Janet a wave. In order to prevent the excess quantum energy on Janet from affecting Dr. Pym, she directly dispelled the excess quantum energy.

The family of Dr. Pym was at last reunited. For a long period, the three remained closely held together in their embrace.

The Ancient One has no emotions because she is accustomed to witnessing the world’s bleakness and separation. Nevertheless, Wanda is full of envy and desperately wants to have a joyful family.

After some time, Dr. Pym arrived at Rorschach after taking Janet to thank The Ancient One.

“I previously made a commitment to join your team for scientific research, but I have a requirement for employing my Pym particles, Mr. Rorschach. This means that all study must be conducted under my supervision, and Pym particles cannot be copied without my consent.”

When Dr. Pym thought that Tony Stark was also in Rorschach’s scientific research team, he mainly wanted to protect himself from Howard Stark’s son, Tony.

Rorschach assured him that there would be no issue because he was aware of his thoughts.

Rorschach’s assurance allayed Dr. Pym’s remaining concerns. The three members of the family went immediately through the portal to their villa in New York with The Ancient One’s assistance. Thirty years have passed since the separation of Dr. Pym and his wife. He had far too much to say to his wife now that they are back together.

Dr. Pym will formally join Rorschach’s scientific research team after spending time with his wife and kids. The Ancient One also made arrangements for Master Mordo to take Wanda down to learn magic once Dr. Pym’s family had left. He intended to start her study from the very beginning.

Rorschach stayed with The Ancient One rather than rushing off to the library to study magic.

“You appear to have something to say, Mr. Rorschach, they have all gone now.” The Ancient One ignored the others when she noticed that Rorschach appeared to have something.

“Yes, there is something else.”

“How much do you know about the Celestials, The Ancient One?” Rorschach asked after organizing his speech.

“I have some knowledge about it.” The Celestials were not something the Ancient One anticipated Rorschach to bring up.

Even though she can see the future through the Time Stone, she can’t see Rorschach’s future clearly, and even so, she can only make out a few hazy details.

“Then you know that there is a Celestial seed on Earth that is continually absorbing the life energy of intelligent beings on Earth?” Rorschach questioned once more.

The Ancient One fell into silence.

The Ancient One’s response was ignored by Rorschach, who then asked, “Is there any way to kill it without drawing the attention of other groups?”

“Tiamut will be destroyed by the Eternals on Earth.” stated The Ancient One.

The Ancient One has undoubtedly studied the timeline for the future. The Ancient One could not watch the world of the future after her death.

The Ancient One has the ability to see into the future. The Ancient One claimed that Doctor Strange has an endless future in the original storyline. There are countless ways that this line could be interpreted in the future. All that can be seen via the Time Stone is a glimpse into the future.

Before engaging Thanos for the first time, Doctor Strange used the Time Stone to witness more than 10 million futures, and any choice he makes can influence the course of the future.

They will oppose the creation of the Tiamut in order to defend the world, like in the first observed timeline, so long as they don’t meddle with Tiamut or the Eternals on Earth.

Rorschach was never ready to give up control over his destiny. He despises the Eternals in particular.

The Celestials only made the Eternals to be their servants. The goal of arriving on earth is not to protect people in any way, but rather to maintain a constant increase in human population so that Tiamut can absorb the life energy of intelligent humans.

Sometimes they claim that they cannot influence how people develop, but then they detest the barbarism and stupidity of people and ask for their advice. Rorschach has never encountered a species with such blatant double standards.

Particularly the scene where Phastos confessed while kneeling down on an island, which was high on Rorschach’s list of people to kill.

The Eternals must die.

“Actually, I want to kill every Deviants and Eternals first. No matter how many Celestials claims there are, I don’t care. Numerous new civilizations and universes will be born as a result of a Celestial’s birth. Bullshit, all of it. Anyone who holds such a theory is doomed to perish alone.” Rorschach said it plainly.

Rorschach will not dissuade anyone who is prepared to sacrifice his life for the Celestials. But Rorschach will vehemently disagree if the world or its inhabitants, particularly Rorschach’s pals, are to perish in front of those gods.

“I will not meddle in the business of the Celestials or the Eternals, but if the Celestials puts the security of the world in danger, I will not stand by.” stated The Ancient One.

It is the job of the Ancient One to save the planet from a multiversal danger. The Ancient One will not stand by while the Celestials destroy the world, despite the fact that they are not extradimensional invaders.

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Published On: March 22, 2023

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