When the door opened, Dr. Pym was greeted by a young man with black hair and a custom-made, expensive suit. Dr. Pym belongs to the top class and comes from an affluent family. Although the black-haired young man in front of him makes him feel impeccable in terms of appearance and demeanor, he was a bit hesitant about that person’s look.

“Are you the Osborn Group consultant?” Dr. Pym noticed the young man in front of him right away.

The young man with black hair first made a positive impression on Dr. Pym, but as soon as he mentioned the Osborn Group and Stark Industries, his demeanor changed.

He considered simply shutting the door.

Rorschach is this young man with black hair. Dr. Pym’s expression changes were ignored, and he added directly, “It’s me. Hello, Dr. Pym. It’s good to meet you. I wish to discuss the quantum realm with you.”

“I have no interest in quantum realms. Find someone else to talk to if you want to discuss it.” Dr. Pym gave a weak justification and prepared to shut the door.

A quantum particle creator admitted to me that he had no interest in the quantum world. This is the same as the richest man declaring that money is not his interest.

Rorschach would most likely not accept this. He went on, “The technology for going across the quantum realm and its particular positioning techniques caught my attention and I thought you might be interested. I’m just going to leave since you don’t want to talk.” Rorschach turned and fled as he was speaking.

As soon as he shut the door, Dr. Pym halted. He scowled and look Rorschach back before asking in a loud voice, “Transport across the quantum realm and its particular positioning technique? Have you discovered any comparable technology in the alien spaceship?”

Rorschach came to a halt and remarked to Dr. Pym, “People in the quantum realm are not impacted by external time and space since the time and space of the real dimension have no meaning there. In other words, even though decades have passed in the outside world, for someone who entered the quantum realm a long time ago, it may have only been a few minutes or even a few hours.”

Five years after Thanos snapped his fingers, Ant-Man unexpectedly left the Quantum Realm, according to the plot of Avengers 4. In the quantum realm, only five hours have passed while five years have passed in the outside world.

Of course, time in the quantum realm does not run in unison with time in the outside world. You can use the quantum realm to move through time and space if you can master time and space positioning technologies.

Dr. Pym’s eyes were perplexed as he heard Rorschach. He had always believed that his wife had passed away in a quantum realm. The second-generation Ant-Man subatomically shrank and reached the quantum realm in the original plot to stop the Yellowjacket.

However, Ant-Man successfully exited the quantum realm by putting the big particle into his device before he lost consciousness.

Scott was the one who successfully returned from the quantum realm to the world even if he later lost this recollection in the quantum domain, making Dr. Pym to theorize that his wife might still be alive.

To underline Dr. Pym’s point, Rorschach informed Dr. Pym of everything beforehand. Dr. Pym recognized Rorschach’s meaning. It is obvious that Rorschach is making a reference to his wife, Janet van Dyne, the original Wasp, as he places emphasis on individuals who first entered the quantum realm decades ago.

If someone had unintentionally entered the quantum realm thirty years ago, would you have a method to get her back to the real world? Dr. Pym inhaled deeply and questioned Rorschach in a serious tone.

“No.” Rorschach spoke truthfully.

Dr. Pym was momentarily unable to speak. But Rorschach went on to say, “Although I have no direct means of doing it, I do have two options. Do you think you might be interested?”

“Mr. Rorschach, please come in and talk!”

Dr. Pym’s perception of Rorschach changed drastically after he discovered that his wife may be saved from the quantum realm. There is no question that Dr. Pym loves his wife dearly.

Whether in the story of Ant-Man 2, he will risk his life in order to conquer numerous challenges and reach the quantum realm in order to locate his wife.

Dr. Pym welcomed Rorschach into his home and poured him a cup of aromatic coffee as soon as he arrived.

“I’m not sure where you heard it, but Mr. Rorschach, you seem to know a lot about my past, and you also know about my wife Janet going lost in the Quantum Realm.”

Rorschach openly said, “Yes, I have a few pals in S.H.I.E.L.D., they informed me.”

That S.H.I.E.L.D. is involved in this situation is not shocking. Dr. Pym listens to Rorschach’s ideas on saving his wife despite the fact that he still dislikes S.H.I.E.L.D.

“Using the large particles you created and inserting it into the regulator will allow you to exit the quantum realm and return to the current world.”

Dr. Pym’s face indicated that he was full of doubt while he listened to Rorschach’s comments. Dr. Pym has never reached the quantum realm, so naturally, he hasn’t investigated the viability of this procedure. It’s not that he doesn’t believe what Rorschach says.

However, Rorschach said, “It is another issue to locate your wife in the enormous quantum realm. It is one thing to enter and exit the quantum realm.”

With much excitement, Dr. Pym exclaimed, “Perhaps we can utilize the communicator on Janet’s Wasp suit to contact her.”

“The electromagnetic waves of the communicator definitely exceed the quantum realm, where the physical laws of the macrocosm do not apply.” Rorschach replied.


Dr. Pym’s face once more fell. Though the presence of Rorschach gave him hope, he felt utterly hopeless in the face of the endless quantum realm.

He opened his mouth, trying to think of a new idea. But Dr. Pym struggled for a time to come up with a workable answer.

He asked, “Mr. Rorschach, you just indicated that there are two options to bring Janet out of the Quantum Realm, and you must have a method to identify Janet in the Quantum Realm, right?”

Rorschach nodded and said, “However, we can utilize the Möbius strip to try to create a data model of time and space, which is the reality of time and space through the quantum realm. In principle, it is indeed challenging to locate directly in the quantum world. The theoretical underpinnings of traversal, after which we can travel back in time to the day that Janet entered the quantum realm, travel with her there, and then bring her back.”

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Published On: March 21, 2023

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