“Pietro!” Wanda sobbed when she saw her brother in this situation.

“Leave the rest to me. Send him to the hospital first.” Rorschach gave the order, turned to face the red doorway that was still in front of him, got up, and walked over to where Pietro was hurt.

This area is an uninhabited desert island facing the sea. A large gray figure flashed away as Rorschach passed through the scarlet vortex. A girl’s body was left on the ground close to the seashore. The swiftest of the Eternals, Makkari, is the corpse.

“Deviants.” Rorschach realized right away that the Deviants hiding in the shadows must be what killed Makkari and gravely injured Pietro.

Makkari is incredibly quick, so how could the Deviants have attacked her? Rorschach knew the solution as soon as this notion came to him.

Ajak accidentally revealed Druig’s whereabouts when he called the Eternals to save Phastos, maybe due to Rorschach. While everyone was departing, the Deviants invaded the town where Druig, another member of the Eternals, resides in the deep mountainous village.

Druig was capable of mind control. The Deviants who have mastered this skill are awaiting the return of other Eternals in this location. Because an Eternal Mothership is concealed in this area.

Even the Deviants did not anticipate that Makkari would show up so soon after they arrived, albeit the Eternals will return here one day. The Deviants then used psychic energy to manipulate Makkari, kill her, and take her power.

After burying Makkari, Rorschach fixed his gaze on the dark shadow that was still moving toward the horizon.

“Despite the fact that you murdered the last two Eternals for me. Still, the Deviants must perish!” Rorschach held out his right hand toward the Deviant’s direction of flight.

A peculiar area that resembled a mirrored space encircled the Deviant and shined with light from the Space Stone on its breast. The Destroyer Armor contains the Space Stone. Rorschach is able to channel the power of the Space Stone through the Destroyer Armor because of the Uru metal in it.

Just not all Infinity Stones can be carried by the Destroyer Armor.

It still takes a little while for Destroyer Armor to have enough energy to transmute Space Stone. He still owed himself a set of king weapons from the previous wager he had with Thor. He will then create a set for all six Infinity Stones using Uru metal. It’s still possible to carry a weapon.

Trapped in a special space, the Deviant found that no matter how fast he used, he couldn’t escape this space.

“What specifically are you looking to do?” Rorschach was floating in midair when the Deviant asked him.

Rorschach is looking at the Deviant, and it is also looking at Rorschach. The Deviants generally have fangs and sharp teeth, crawl on all fours, and have dozens of barbed tentacles on their bodies, according to the setting in the movie plot.

Although there are significant aesthetic distinctions across the many Deviant, the general look is similar. But the Deviant in front of him seemed to be walking on two legs, standing. He ought to be the Deviant’s leader.

The leader of the Deviant race took on a new form after absorbing Druig’s mind control power and Makkari’s super speed. His lower limbs were likewise very powerful, and his head was exceptionally enormous.

“I’m interested in your DNA sequence since you are a good biological specimen.” Rorschach looked at the Deviant.

The Deviant is a particularly effective weapon from the perspective of biological weapons because it can absorb the abilities of the same race and even the Eternals, but it can only do so.

“There is some research worthwhile if you can arbitrarily assimilate and mix the skills of other species. But it appears that you are solely dealing with the Eternals.” Rorschach soon grew disinterested.

In the end, whether it is the Deviants or the Eternals, they are all “robots” created by divine technology.

Rorschach attacked the Deviant leader as he was speaking. The leader of the Deviant changed into gray lightning and briefly entered the comparatively still bullet time as he felt the powerful oppressive energy.

Everything in the area was still during the bullet time. A substantial amount of dust was raised from the ground as the Deviant leader ran quickly on both legs. The Deviant leader sprang above Rorschach, kicked his powerful legs hard, and flew into the air before joining Rorschach.

Its tentacles spread out and wrapped themselves around Rorschach’s limbs. It simultaneously extended its hands and seized the toy reactor from Rorschach’s chest. The Deviant leader read some of Makkari’s memories while stealing her power.

It is aware that Rorschach is strong and has the ability to quickly dispatch the strong Ikaris, but that Rorschach derives all of his strength from the Destroyer Armor that he has on his body. Rorschach will turn into a frail mortal as long as he removes the reactor in the air.

But Rorschach was suddenly forced to the side by the Deviant. Rorschach, who was still standing at the time, turned his head and gripped the Deviant leader’s neck after first aiming his gaze at him.


It would be more accurate to say that the Deviant ran into Rorschach’s hands as opposed to claiming that Rorschach apprehended the Deviant.

“Even though you know I want to murder you, and you still went out of your way to give it to me.” Rorschach grinned while glancing at the Deviant.

The latter’s eyes were filled with dread of dying. The Deviant shouldn’t feel fear, but after ingesting Druig’s psychic power, it does feel some emotions. The Deviant experienced terror for the first time when he was confronted by Rorschach.

“I can assist you to deal with the gods, so please don’t kill me. All life on this planet will perish if you don’t stop the birth of the Tiamut. I can aid in Tiamut’s demise.” said the Deviant.

“Killing Tiamut? How can you able to help me?” Rorschach halted his finger from pinning his opponent to death and enquired.

When the Deviant realized that there was still a chance for life, he said, “I can try to absorb Tiamut’s energy and let him die from energy exhaustion.”

“You’re not sure if you can do it or not, aren’t you? That’s just words.”

“I’m confident that will work. Let me give it a shot!”

“Okay, I get it.”

Rorschach nodded in agreement, but just as the Deviant thought he was ready to let it go, Rorschach tightened his grip on the Deviant and killed him.

“Let Tiamut’s energy seep into you, and you’ll transform into a new god. You think I’m a fool?”

How was it possible that Rorschach was unaware of the Deviant’s plans?

Rorschach was also given a fresh plan to murder Tiamut as a result of this. Absorbs Tiamut’s energies.

The technology of the Celestials is ultimately what gave rise to the Deviant. The Deviant’s capacity to absorb members of the same race and the Eternals is a riddle that Rorschach hopes to unravel by studying the Deviant’s body.

The approach that would have the least negative effects on the planet, if this issue could be resolved, would be to absorb Tiamut’s energy and let him exhaust himself.

“I’m not aware of any other Deviant. We can only supply more experimental specimens by catching more of them.” Rorschach had a thought.

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Published On: March 28, 2023

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