Naturally, Wanda has no issues with Rorschach’s suggestion. Rorschach also considers studying magic so that he can use this chance to take Wanda to see the Ancient One.

Going directly to the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York is the quickest route to meet the Ancient One. Regarding the Sanctum Sanctorum’s location in New York. This is also simple to locate. The three buildings are dispersed throughout the world in New York, London, and Hong Kong.

The three sanctuaries co-exist in order to aid the earth in fending off the strong multiverse’s invasion. Each sanctuary has a similar characteristic pattern on its walls. The three sanctuaries’ specifics vary slightly.

One of them, the Sanctuary of New York, has a circular logo pattern with an irregular symbol inside that has been turned 45 degrees counterclockwise. Simply seek this recognizable pattern to identify the Sanctum Sanctorum’s address in New York.

“I want to get familiar with my skills before I meet that powerful mage, Mr. Rorschach. But don’t worry, I won’t make any trouble.” Wanda has encountered things since she was a young child, and she does not worry about them. She prefers not to depend on anyone for the first time.

Rorschach was unconcerned by this. “Of course, but there are two things I need to make clear up front.”

“Please tell.” Wanda puffed out her chest, as if listening attentively.

“You can start by merely addressing me by my name. The second and most crucial thing is that you won’t bother me. I want you to keep this in mind.” Rorschach grinned, unconsciously saying. He touched Wanda’s head with his hand.

For a while, Wanda didn’t respond since she expected Rorschach would forewarn herself to take some precautions, but instead, Rorschach gave herself the highest level of trust. This caused Wanda, who had been residing in the Hydra base in Sokovia, to experience kindness from anyone other than his brother Pietro for the first time.

With a hint of embarrassment, Wanda dipped her head and muttered, “Okay…Okay.”

In front of him, Wanda caught Rorschach’s attention. Wanda did not at this time exude the aura of Marvel’s greatest magician. Rorschach couldn’t help but pat Wanda’s head, she was just a harmless little child now.

Then Rorschach continued, “You and Pietro have a place to live in the Osborn Group employee neighborhood that you may move into whenever you like. You can ask me any questions at any time.”

Wanda quickly nodded, saying, “Okay…Okay, I understand.”

Wanda did not move from where she was standing and said,”Mr. Rorschach,”

“Simply use my name to call me. Forget it, I won’t pressure you any longer.” Wanda was standing steady and shaking the hem of Rorschach’s clothing as he turned to gaze at her.

“Mr. Rorschach, I want to know why you are so kind to Pietro and me.” Wanda bravely posed the question while staring into Rorschach’s eyes.

Rorschach was a little taken aback by Wanda’s abrupt question. He didn’t even consider it and instead asked, “Is it? Am I treating you nicely?”

“Yes, you are extremely good to us,” Wanda remarked while nodding.

“What do you mean, then? that you desire to be treated badly by me because you don’t like the way I treat you?” Rorschach smiled and made a joke.

“You misunderstood me,” Wanda swiftly stated.

“I’m just not sure whether I deserve your generosity to me,” Wanda continued.

Actually, Wanda was also concerned that Rorschach would act like HYDRA and use her and Pietro as weapons to kill. But, after recently speaking with him, Wanda progressively dispelled this notion.

Everyone they see in the Osborn Group is so alive, not to mention Rorschach’s own formidable strength. If life in the HYDRA was once in the dark, then today’s days are filled with vibrant hues.

Rorschach escorted Wanda out of the Hydra base, where she discovered the good in life. Because of her sensitivity, the girl was concerned about returning to a life of darkness after losing everything. Rorschach experienced Wanda’s feelings.

First off, Rorschach is not a pervert. He simply happened to notice Wanda’s erratic adrenaline secretions, sweaty palms, and rapid heartbeat. According to a thorough analysis, this is a sign of stress and anxiety.

“Wanda Maximoff, I’m telling you right now with all seriousness…”

Approaching Wanda, Rorschach took a serious look at the young woman with a slightly immature face before saying, “You deserve all the beauty in this world.”

Wanda’s pulse quickened. Particles of crimson energy started to flash all over her body due to intense mood fluctuations. Wanda fortunately learned about it in time and immediately relaxed, keeping her chaos magic from going insane once more.

“I still have work to do, so I’ll go first, Mr. Rorschach.”

Wanda had the impression that disaster was about to strike once more. She bowed her head and refrained from gazing directly into Rorschach’s eyes. She hurriedly said farewell before running away. Wanda’s magic almost went mad right then, and the mind scepter was prepared, almost giving Rorschach the wrong impression.

Wanda ultimately managed to stop the magic wave, which also caused Rorschach’s hanging heart to collapse.

“Wanda should have a very high magic talent.” Rorschach made an anonymous guess.

One can only imagine the level of Wanda’s magical talent with such recently gained magical power and such scary control. He is unsure of his magical aptitude. He didn’t remember to ask The Ancient One when he last saw her outside the Chitauri War zone.

Immediately Rorschach shook his head and ignored it.

Rorschach noticed Dr. Banner waiting at the office door after entering his office. In an apparent attempt to calm his inner stress and anxiety, Dr. Banner continued rubbing his hands together. Dr. Banner hurriedly hailed Rorschach as he saw him coming.

“Finally, Mr. Rorschach, I found you. I’d like to request a couple of months off. I want to speak with you about this subject because Norman has been preoccupied with the recent election.” Said Dr. Banner.

After taking a deep breath, Rorschach questioned Dr. Banner, “Are you going to get married or are you intending to go on a honeymoon right away?”

Not because Rorschach was making fun of him, but rather because Rorschach detected the scent of a woman’s perfume on Dr. Banner. It goes without saying that Dr. Banner, a tough old man, wouldn’t spray perfume for women on himself. He most likely doesn’t enjoy this kind of hobby.

This suggests that the scent on his body must have been applied by someone else. Rorschach was also aware of Dr. Banner’s romantic relationship.

Betty Ross, a member of the Osborn Group’s military representative group, is General Ross’s daughter.

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