“Numerous times, the Celestials have descended to Earth. There are numerous of them and strong. The only two of us who might not be able to withstand them all are us.” The Dark Dimension’s Dormammu is the source of the Ancient One strength.

Starting from the earth level, it is the sub-celestial level, the celestial level, the universe level, the multiverse level, and the omnipotent universe level, according to Rorschach’s basic power level division of the Marvel Universe.

One could think of Dormammu has the same level as the universe level. Dormammu can travel through the multiverse, but the Time Stone has imprisoned him in the time loop, according to the plot of Doctor Strange. He is aware of the time loop, but he is unable to break it.

The power level of Dormammu should be among the highest in the universe given the aforementioned facts, yet it isn’t. To properly describe this breadth of power, Rorschach refers to the ruler from other dimensions like Dormammu as dimension lords.

From Dormammu in the dark dimension emanates the might of the Ancient One. Although it is lesser than Dormammu, its maximum power is at least at the universe level, if not the level of a dimension lord.

However, as a sorcerer, The Ancient One also has the common problem of mages and that is a weak body.

“I understand.” Rorschach nodded.

As far as Rorschach knows about the Celestials, there are a large number of Celestial Gods, and their strengths are also uneven. The weakest one can’t even beat the earth-level powerhouse, and the strongest is even the multiverse-level powerhouse.

Arishem, known as the judge, who often descends on the earth, is a powerful existence at the single universe level, and should not have reached the level of a dimension lord.

In the comics, Odin built the Destroyer Armor and Odinsword, just to fight against the single universe-level Celestial Group. This is of course just a myth.

Odin is a powerful character. He might not be able to reach that power level by himself, even if he is wearing the Destroyer armor and wielding Odinsword. When compared to the powerful entity in the Celestials, it would only make him par with their power.

Rorschach has continued to absorb the yellow solar energy mimicked by micro-controllable nuclear fusion during this time, and now has a full Kryptonian bloodline. He has attained the highest level of his own strength at this time.

However, even if Rorschach encountered just one monster, he could have defeated it because of the strong qualities of the Kryptonian bloodline and the two Infinity Stones he was holding.

Rorschach considered his options carefully before deciding against killing Tiamut initially. It would not be a joke if he destroyed the Tiamut and attracted numerous gods to come down.

Furthermore, Rorschach believes that The Ancient One might not be as knowledgeable about the Celestials as he is.

Although Tiamut cannot currently be killed, this does not preclude the killing of the Eternals.

Even if you exterminate every Eternals and Deviants on the planet and draw Arishem. They won’t dare to destroy the earth later if they know that the Ancient One is still alive and that you hold two Infinity Gems in your hands. Deviants and Eternals are the only underlings that they have raised.

Rorschach considered this and decided to murder the Eternals and the Deviants first before killing Tiamut. Later, when he is around other strong beings, he will enhance the Kryptonian bloodline, acquire additional Infinity Stones, and reach the height of his power.

Rorschach visited the Kamar Taj Magic Library to begin learning magic after talking about magic with The Ancient One for a while.

Wong restricted Rorschach’s access to the magic books in the library in accordance with the ancient mage’s instructions. The magic books in other places can be perused at will, with the exception of some advanced magic and banned magic.

Rorschach lacks the magical ability, although he is still capable of performing magic if he merely learns about it. Rorschach began by studying the most fundamental magic runes and spells.

He memorized all the local magic books that he could master in one afternoon because of his exceptional intelligence and quick reflexes. Rorschach read so quickly that he almost believed he had used magic.

Rorschach had initially created a macrostructure for the magic knowledge system after spending the afternoon studying.

“In reality, the magical skill is a harmony between the body, mind, and soul. Magical energy is contained in the body, is controlled by the mind, and is guided by the soul.”

“A Kryptonian’s mind and soul are a little out of balance, and their physical abilities are overpowering it. This issue can be resolved quite easily.”

“I simply need to gather the Power Stone, the Mind Stone, and the Soul Stone, and under the operation of these three Infinity Stones, I can forcibly establish the balance of the three, and possess a magic power.” Rorschach thought as his eyes glowed and his mind raced with thoughts.

This process is quite easy. Three Infinity Stones are all that is needed for him to possess the power of it. Finally, he can achieve equilibrium in your body, spirit, and soul with the aid of the power of these three Infinity Stones.

“Six infinity stones are required in order to find the source of my magic.” Rorschach had an idea.

Rorschach can naturally reach the universe level and six Infinity Stones should be able to reach the level of the multiverse if he gains more points, improves his Kryptonian bloodline, and spends a few more years in the sun.

Ultron killed every living thing in his universe in the storyline when he acquired the six Infinity Stones, yet the Watcher could still be heard whispering to himself in the universe’s crevices. Additionally, Ultron has utilized the six Infinity Stones to ascend to the level of the multiverse.

The Time Stone is merely slightly challenging. There won’t be any issues if the Scarlet Witch succeeds Doctor Strange and takes over as the Supreme Sorcerer.

It was already dusk when he left Kamar Taj’s library. Wanda completed her first day of magic school as well.

“I will try to open a portal, Mr. Rorschach.”

When Wanda saw Rorschach leave the library, she jumped up and down in front of him like a little girl strutting her stuff while wearing an enigmatic ring on her finger. A scarlet energy circle emitting welding sparks erupted in front of her as she observed her hands moving in front of her body.

“Good work, Wanda.”

Rorschach praised without hesitation. At the same time, he stretched out his right hand unconsciously to Wanda’s head and stroked it a few times

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