As long as Jerry doesn’t have any classes during the period, he will primarily spend time in the library.

He finally found the pertinent introduction in a book titled “About Legilimens and Legilimency Spell” After scouring a number of magic books.

Legilimency Spell doesn’t even appear in Hogwarts’ seven-year teaching materials because it is a rather advanced and dangerous spell. Even in the school library, there are no specific teaching strategies—only pertinent introductions.

Of course, one could exist in the prohibited area, but he hasn’t been there and isn’t aware of it. He discovered that Legilimency can be divided into two types: Legilimens and Legilimency Spell, thanks to the book “About Legilimens and Legilimency Spell.”

Legilimens were wizards endowed with Legilimency from birth. Which implies that they are born with the ability to read people’s minds and don’t need to learn. Just because of its tremendous mental force, this form of innate Legilimency seems to be difficult to manage. It will hurt a lot if there are a lot of people nearby.

The American wizard Queenie Goldstein from “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is how Jerry envisions it.

Even wizards can learn the Legilimency Spell, which was long ago specifically researched and created by Legilimens by researching their own Legilimency aptitude.

You can read someone else’s thoughts at this time, and you can even read someone else’s memory along the road, as long as you stare into their eyes and sing the mantra of Legilimency.

A master of Legilimency is a wizard who has mastered the art of reciting spells and practicing Legilimency to a very high level. Similar to Snape, Voldemort, and Dumbledore. They don’t require spells, and they only need to gaze at you to understand what’s on your mind.

Learn the antithesis of this form of Legilimency, which is Occlumency, if you wish to combat it successfully.

Another option is to avoid making eye contact with him and divert your attention to anything else, which will prevent the other party from successfully invading your memory. However, the book doesn’t specify what effect this will have.

Jerry believed there should still be some repercussions. Otherwise, Dumbledore wouldn’t be able to see all of Voldemort’s faults committed while attending school back then.

“Jerry, are you all right?”

After seeing Jerry safely accompany Professor McGonagall back, Hermione rushed over to give him a bear hug. The current situation was too frightful. Finally, she felt pleased to see that her best buddy was unharmed.

All of the Gryffindors now followed the prefect back to the common area, but she remained by herself out of concern for Jerry’s safety.

This wasn’t first permitted, but Hermione served as both the messenger and an eyewitness. Professor Flitwick, who remained, agreed that she would need to go into great detail later on when recounting the entire episode.

“I’m good. Just that Professor Quirrell was taken away by Madam Pomfrey for treatment after suffering grievous injuries.” After briefly stopping, Jerry grinned and gave Hermione a shoulder pat.

When Daphne in the Slytherin row noticed this, she quickly pouted and snorted on the other side. Snape entered the Great Hall at the same time. Obviously, dealing with a huge monster doesn’t require much work for a wizard of his caliber.

Finding out how the troll got into Hogwarts Castle and where it came from in the basement is what matters most.

Jerry and Hermione didn’t know how the troll appeared on the bottom floor, the four professors learned after a thorough investigation.

Jerry didn’t show up until Hermione’s screams caused him to emerge from the common area on the first floor of the dungeon, when she encountered the troll, Professor Quirrell, and Jerry.

They need to ask Professor Quirrell, who made the initial contact with the troll, if they want to find out what is going on. But before they can ask him, we have to wait for Madam Pomfrey to stabilize Professor Quirrell’s injuries.

In truth, Jerry purposefully avoided meeting Snape’s eyes when responding to the question in order to prevent Snape from using Legilimency on himself. He even activated the “Refreshing,” which made his brain repeat his own words by shooing away distracting thoughts.

He unintentionally noticed Snape’s reaction, which indicated that he didn’t use Legilimency Spells on him.

The sniper rifle was only now concealed, and someone of quality should not casually look into other people’s minds.

Professor McGonagall once more declared that he would award Jerry 10 points after hearing Jerry and Hermione’s words, which caused all the young wizards in Slytherin to applaud. Jerry was taken aback when Snape unexpectedly gave Hermione three extra points.

The explanation is that Hermione should be rewarded for her prompt communication with the instructors about what occurred on the lower floor.

After everything was finished, Hermione was personally sent back to the Gryffindor common room by Professor McGonagall, and Snape brought the young Slytherin wizards back to the Slytherin common room as well.

To check if any further trolls had entered the castle, Professors Flitwick and Sprout patrolled it.

Jerry gently rose from his bed around midnight and left the room. He collected the tranquilizer sniper rifle and the little suitcase that had fallen from Professor Quirrell’s wizard robe from the two classrooms.

He turned on “Refreshing” and carefully made his way to the Room of Requirements on the eighth floor.

He encountered Mrs. Norris, who was on patrol, during that time. However, Mrs. Norris did not bother him while under the influence of catnip powder.

He arrived at the Room of Requirements.

Jerry removed the small, palm-sized suitcase with some anticipation and cautiously opened it after putting the tranquilizer sniper rifle back behind the wizard’s chest.

“It’s actually alchemically created magic equipment.”

He appeared to hoist a cloud in the sky while holding the suitcase in front of his eyes through the palm-sized suitcase. He could see an open area the size of a football field through the break in the cloud, and there was a typical small villa there.

“How do you fit into such a tight space?” Jerry felt a little stuck after taking a look at the palm-sized hole and at the shape of his own body.

But when you stop to think about it, his size doesn’t appear to be a major concern, does it? After all, Professor Quirrell can extricate a three to four-meter-tall giant from such a small hole, don’t you think?

Jerry emulated how Newt entered the world of the suitcases in the film by setting the opened case on the ground, extending his foot in that direction, and then imagining that he wanted to enter as well.

His foot actually protruded into the space inside the suitcase, and sure enough, a spatial fluctuation appeared above the entrance.

At the box’s entrance was a ladder that was about eight or nine meters long. He walked onto the ladder after one of his feet had entered.

He firmly stood on the ladder and then raised his other foot outside, extending it into the space of the luggage as well.

The palm-sized bag was the only thing left on the floor of the Room of Requirement after he quickly descended the ladder and vanished entirely inside it.

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Published On: March 21, 2023

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