“We will part ways here. Filch is patrolling the second floor. Be careful when you’re return!” Following their brief encounter, the Weasley twins concluded that Jerry was, in fact, a different Slytherin from what his younger brother Ron had claimed.

The important thing is that he has a kindred spirit and that he seems to have a knack for trickery, so as they parted ways on the fourth level, they thoughtfully reminded Jerry.

“Thank you and I’ll note that.” Jerry took a quick look at the address on the fourth floor, nodded, and walked downstairs.

Only ten days have passed since the start of the new school year, yet the Weasley twins couldn’t help but wonder. Are they going to the fourth floor’s restricted area?

At the school’s opening banquet, Dumbledore himself declared the fourth level a forbidden area, warning any wizard who ventured there would face severe punishment. How were the bold Weasley twins able to suppress their interest and refuse to take a closer look?

On the evening of the school’s opening banquet, they took were a bit interested in it. It seems like a really fun thing to do for them. But he doesn’t sure if these two, like Harry’s group, can pass in front of the three-headed dog.

It shouldn’t be that easy, he thought. They might not be able to open the first door at all. The fourth-floor Weasley twins’ adventure held little appeal for Jerry.

He is aware of the secrets on the fourth floor, of course, but his current magical ability does not allow him to plan for the events that will take place there. It is preferable to be realistic about his own magic abilities and to find a way to study more practical spells before doing that.

Jerry arrived at the entrance to the Slytherin common room after turning on the “Refreshing” and deftly avoiding Filch, who was patrolling on the second floor.

“Noble!” He entered the Slytherin common room, which he had been absent from for a month, after saying the password.


September 11th, Sunday morning, in the Great Hall on the first floor of Hogwarts.

Jerry was reading “Strange Magic Puzzles and Their Solutions,” which he had earlier borrowed out from the library, while sitting at the long Slytherin table and eating pumpkin porridge with a spoon.

The majority of the other Slytherin wizards were eager for the afternoon’s broomstick lesson. Draco was the one who stood out the most. He was currently braggingly recounting numerous incidents that occurred when he was riding a broomstick prior to starting school.

For instance, a Muggle helicopter forced him to make a highly risky escape. He was merely boasting, and the other wizards were also talking about their experiences and praising their incredible broomstick riding skills.

“Daphne, you’re staring at Jerry again.” Pansy took a quick look to the long table’s other side. Jerry ran into Daphne who was sitting next to him while he was reading intently.

With a little flush, Daphne responded, “What? I’m simply observing him as usual.”

Pansy laughed low-pitched as soon as she heard the words. There are only four female freshmen in Slytherin, and since they are all housed together, so their friendship is excellent.

“However, I learned from Draco that Jerry is a traitor and appears to get along well with the Gryffindor freshmen.”

After she laughed, an expression of uncertainty could be seen once more, but Daphne replied angrily,

“Draco is jealous of Jerry’s brilliance. Jerry is not a traitor. You have no idea what Jerry’s ambitions are. He doesn’t need to battle those Gryffindor students because he has always been the best and has never let Gryffindor down.”

“I don’t actually believe he is a traitor. He has at least gained a lot of points for Slytherin. Slytherin now has the most points out of the four houses.”

Pansy gave a slight nod of agreement. She and Draco have known one another since they were small, and they are aware of how competitive Draco is. Draco might have been absolutely overwhelmed with his performance at the start of the school year.

She didn’t entirely buy into Daphne’s claims. It will take time to determine whether Jerry is as good as Daphne claimed, as school has only been in session for eleven days. Only those who are vastly superior to them may lead the wizards of Slytherin.

“However, Jerry probably won’t be as stand out like now in the afternoon’s broomstick class.” Pansy smiled and cocked an eyebrow at Daphne at this precise moment as she had an idea.

Pansy was aware that Jerry was not a member of a famous wizard family and instead came from a Muggle orphanage, however his parents may have been wizards or at least one of them might have been.

This implies that Jerry has never previously ride a broom.

The wizard family’s children who have been around broomsticks since they were little, should be a bit accustomed to them.

Draco’s experience is primarily boasting, but he does have some decent broomstick riding talents. She also learned from Draco that she should make fun of Jerry and Harry Potter in the broomstick class, where it might be exceedingly tough for both of them to do later.

After a brief scowl in response to Pansy’s comments, Daphne firmly retorted, “Even if it’s his first time, I believe that Jerry is the best. He must be the best, no one can be better than him.”

“Alright then.” Pansy shrugged.

She then turned to Jerry once more and smiled as she stated, “He resembles a true Slytherin in appearance. It’s difficult to believe he was born in a Muggle orphanage. Perhaps he comes from a famous wizard family. Because of the noble blood in their bodies, they possess such great qualities.”

Jerry would laugh if he knew what Pansy was thinking right now. He has noble qualities, but he just doesn’t enjoy eating pumpkin porridge, so he takes it slowly and with a spoon. He would have devoured in no time if the bowl was a salty tofu soup.

In front of the young wizards, a horde of owl postmen crowded along the Great Hall’s windows and threw envelopes and packages. Every morning is the owl delivery time.

Draco excitedly displayed the new magic candy that his mum had given him to Goyle and Crabbe right away.

Pansy shook her head helplessly as she cast a peek at Jerry, who was sitting there beautifully sipping pumpkin porridge and concentrated on reading, before casting another glance at Draco, who was strutting his stuff with candy.

“Draco, aside from being born into a good family, you really don’t have any plus side over Jerry. Or it’s just your broomstick riding that was a plus from you.”

Always, girls mature before boys do. Pansy believes that Draco’s act of bragging about his gift is a little too childish. It would be challenging to defeat Jerry from his current position in the affections of all the first-year Slytherins, even if he did well in the broomstick class.

“But I still believe Goyle to be the most attractive.” Suddenly, Millicent spoke up from the opposite side.

Pansy and Daphne both rolled their eyes at the snide Goyle at the same time.

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