In the bathroom

Although the biological force field prevented Rorschach from getting any dirt or stains on his body, Rorschach took a bath anyway. He just wanted to go somewhere quieter. Since from the second Rorschach entered the room, Rachel continued to ask him questions.

Rorschach could only use taking a bath as an excuse to sneak into the bathroom, briefly staying away from the over-energetic Rachel and contemplating how to acquire traction in this world—at the same time, taking a bath or squatting in the toilet.

As demonstrated by scientific research, a concentrated burst of inspiration can be achieved through unconscious mechanical movement or light physical activity.

“I must first determine the potential threats on this planet for the sake of caution. Based on Rachel’s conversation, Dr. Manhattan is the only person who really poses a threat to me. Since we are aware that Dr. Manhattan does not exist in this world, we can rule out the possibility of this threat for the time being.”

“Furthermore, I really want to be familiar with the ongoing status of future superheroes like Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Aquaman…”

“All things considered, I’m simply a bystander in this world. My principal design is to luxuriate in the sun and become more powerful. Therefore, the next thing I ought to think about is becoming a superhero, or, to put it another way, the hero of a superhero.”

According to the characteristics of his power, he will get stronger if the person who believes in him is strong. Rorschach must focus on Wonder Woman, Superman, and other extraordinary superheroes.

“In addition, I have mastered numerous technologies far beyond this era, such as nano-steel suits, arc reactors, and technology for controlling nuclear fusion. When these innovations emerge, with just enough business, my value and wealth can effectively overwhelm the Wayne Group.”

Obviously, these should be possible as side missions. Rorschach, after all, still needs to work on increasing his strength. Wealth is only number two.

Rorschach summoned the Necrosword after showering, rewrapped his entire body, and transformed it into his “Clothes”. As he walks out of the bathroom, Rachel is sitting at the dining table in the living room, typing her laptop and occasionally flipping through a brown file.

Rachel blushed a little when she saw Rorschach emerge and asked Rorschach, “Why are you still wearing such dirty clothes? I don’t have anything for boys here.”

“It’s almost twelve o’clock. It’s too late now.” She said as she glanced at the pink clock on the living room wall.

“Tomorrow, I’ll buy a decent outfit for you, so you can dress decently and apply for a job. This can be thought of as compensating you for the harm done to you by the Wayne Group.”

Rorschach would like to explain, but there hasn’t been a notable extraordinary event in this world. She would only be frightened if he informed Rachel that he is an invulnerable alien, infinitely powerful, and able to destroy the entire world instantly.

Rorschach looked at Rachel’s document on the table as though she was researching a criminal’s sneaking case. He inquired, “Ms. Rachel, is there anything I can help you?”

Rachel consciously closed the file as she detected Rorschach’s gaze. Even if this file were shown to other people, picking up any useful clues would be impossible. Sometimes, Rachel even felt as though she was working in vain.

“Much thanks for your ability to help me, Rorschach. However, I believe it is safer for you not to know too much.” Rachel graciously declined.

After all, this involves highly risky gang smuggling.

“I saw you were deciphering a complex code just now, and I happened to have a lot of research on it. I’ll go back to sleep because you don’t need it.” said Rorschach with a smile.

As he spoke, Rorschach turned and strolled towards Harley Quinn’s room.

Rachel glanced at the code information that had long frightened her after hearing Rorschach’s words. Commissioner Gordon of the Gotham City Police Department obtained it. However, it was extremely challenging to encrypt this sequence of codes. Experts in cryptography are unsure of what to do about it.

Today, Rachel spoke with several important informants, but she could not uncover any connections between these codes. She brought Rorschach home after she accidentally ran into him.

“Wait, are you capable of deciphering this sequence of codes?” Rachel halted Rorschach.

Rorschach might be able to try it, according to Rachel. If he can decipher it, that would be amazing. If he can’t, then there’s nothing to lose.

“Show me the code.” Rorschach said as he came back to Rachel.

“Okay, this is the code that keeps track of the transaction’s time and location. I have gotten five sets altogether. The past four sets ought to have been done. The most recent is here. It would be great if you could decipher this sequence of codes.”

Rorschach received the five photographs from Rachel. The picture contains a few slips of paper with strange symbols and strange words written on them.

“What about it? might you at any point see the hint?” Rachel asked in anticipation.

“You should know that no matter what the code is, it will respond to the characters that are already in the world. Take, for instance, English. There are 26 letters in English, however the likelihood of each letter showing up in ordinary language is unique. We can compare the symbols we know to this probability, and we might be able to decipher the information in this code.” Rorschach nodded.

“Rorschach, what you are talking about is only the possibility of probability. Considering that the unknown data is too large, we need to write a corresponding program to deduce this probability one by one. Which requires multiple supercomputers to work at the same time…”

Rachel can understand the reasoning, but Rorschach’s probabilistic deciphering method of common words requires too much calculation. This is only assuming that the code corresponds to English. If it is a language from another country, such as Chinese, Latin, German, etc., the difficulty of calculation will increase geometrically.

“Forget it. I’d better think of other ways.” Rachel chose to give up.

Programming? Supercomputer?

Rorschach laughed.

The Kryptonian super brain quickly calculated and began to deduce the formula after picking up a pen from the table. After comparing the probability of each letter to the probability of the code being repeated, the sentence that corresponds was written down.

Interestingly, the code endlessly falls flat. Rorschach did not give up and changed the algorithm so that the derivation could go on. The sentence continued to make no sense the second time, failing. Rorschach was able to deduce a word every time until the tenth time correctly. She looked at him dumbfounded.

“Have you figured it out?” Rachel said as she was a bit surprised.

Rorschach ignored her and continued to screen and modify the algorithm based on the assumption that it knew the letters that corresponded.

Rorschach quickly wrote a complete sentence on paper: This Wednesday, trade begins at four in the morning at Gotham City’s Port 16.

“Rorschach, how did you do it? you are amazing!” Rorschach was hugged excitedly by Rachel.

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Published On: May 20, 2023

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