“Coulson, has Thor already informed you of the situation?” Jerry found Coulson at the base, who was in charge of getting rid of the expensive testing equipment.

“Yes, I have also reported to Director Fury. However, the chief will make follow-up arrangements after you confirm it.” Coulson replied.

“Okay, where is the director right now?” Jerry nodded without complaint.

It’s normal for Fury not to believe everything Thor says, so he needs more proof from Jerry, who is more reliable.

“At the moment, he is at the headquarters in Washington, where he is probably having a meeting with some of the highest-ranking officials. However, he explained that a video call with him would take place as soon as you returned.” Coulson took Jerry into a room that had been prepared in advance.

“Prepare the connection to Director Fury.”

“Yes, sir!”

The room’s large screen came to life after a few agents performed their tasks. Nick Fury was standing in a room that appeared to be very technological from the opposite side of the screen. Several erected screens were in front of him, and inside were a number of elderly strangers.

“The wizard has returned. Let’s see If what Thor said is true. Let us hear her story.”

“Miss Wizard, can I trouble you to describe in detail everything you experienced after going to Asgard?” Fury asked Jerry as he turned to face the group.

“Yes, of course.”

From the moment he entered the Asgard hall until he returned, he began to describe most of what he had seen and heard accurately. He did, however, not elaborate much on his identity or the discussion of Kamar Taj.

“Okay, I appreciate your assistance this time. You can inform Coulson of your intention to return to New York, and he will set you up.”

Nick Fury hung up the video with Jerry after hearing his story and asking a few more in-depth questions.

“How will you treat Thor by S.H.I.E.L.D.?” Jerry posed a question to Coulson after the video ended.

Coulson thought briefly and shrugged, “It’s difficult to say. However, for Thor, we can do nothing to him.”

Jerry was aware right away that Asgard was so powerful that even S.H.I.E.L.D. would not dare harm Thor because doing so would have serious repercussions.

The only thing that can be said about it is that having or not having a background is different. S.H.I.E.L.D. is keeping an eye on the Hulk without knowing his history and is on the lookout for him. Thor, who is just as powerful and has genes that are better than humans. S.H.I.E.L.D. may not even dare to keep an eye on him because of Asgard and Odin’s strength.

When Jerry eventually becomes as powerful as Odin and even more powerful than Asgard as a whole. Nobody will try to harm Aisha and Haas regardless of whether his identity is exposed.

“Do you intend to return to New York, Miss Wizard?” Coulson questioned Jerry.

“Ye, let the plane pick me up at Old Bridge Town, I plan to say goodbye to Thor.” Jerry thought for a moment.

“No problem, it is anticipated that the plane will arrive in the town in two hours,” Coulson said.

Then he asked, “Miss Wizard, your robot soldiers should be finished in a month. How can we get in touch with you?”

“Well, I have something for you. You can shout in front of the mirror if you ever want to get in touch with me. Wizard, Wizard, Quickly. To avoid detection, it would be best if you spoke Chinese.” Jerry presented Coulson with one of the two-way mirrors he had purchased in Diagon Alley.

“Likewise, on the off chance that there what is happening like this from here on out, you can likewise get in touch with me. We can talk more about it for the service later.”

You will need to use magic to enter the appropriate password in advance to open the double-sided mirror, similar to the fingerprint or password used to open a mobile phone. The wizard’s habits determine the nature of the secret language. Jerry made use of this phrase as a covert word at the time because it kept popping into his head unconsciously at the time.

Coulson read the words to the mirror and imitated Jerry out of confusion. He is not a specialist capable of speaking multiple languages like Black Widow.

Black Widow is skilled at espionage, disguise, and infiltration. Therefore, she must be fluent in multiple languages. Coulson is good at leading, organizing, and commanding the team but doesn’t speak many languages well.

The other mirror in Jerry’s hand released a wave of magic as Coulson recited the words. Jerry used the magic power, and the image that was being reflected in the other mirror showed up in both of the mirrors.

“What a magical mirror!” Coulson was astonished to see this.

“Okay, I’ll go to Thor right now.” Jerry left the room and rode a broomstick to Old Bridge Town, putting the double-sided mirror away.

With Jane in the yard, Thor took in the scenery and imagined a beautiful life ahead.

“Hello, Jer- Miss Wizard!” He hurriedly waved to Jerry as he flew by in the distance.

Jerry couldn’t help but question Thor’s ability to keep secrets, given that he almost called him by the wrong name. While Thor’s character is dependable, his brain is not.

He could only follow it now that it has reached this point, and he cannot use Obliviate on Thor. Otherwise, Odin will kill him if he finds out.

“Thor, I’m soon leaving for New York. Do you intend to remain here or change your plans?” After Jerry landed, he asked Thor.

He will come to Queen Frigga and study Asgard’s magic. Naturally, he needs to know where Thor is at some point. Heimdall alone could not have opened the Rainbow Bridge for him without Thor’s help.

“Oh, I was about to tell you that Jane and I will travel to New York in a few days. You can visit me if you wish to travel to Asgard.” Thor said.

Jane also handed Jerry a prepared note, and Thor said, “This is my address and number in New York.”

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