Jerry can defeat a wizard like Sun Lok at level 30. Jerry is definitely stronger than Dave at level 200, despite the fact that he is not as strong as himself. He might not have to deal with Morgana for another ten or eight years with the power of the three working together.

“Jerry, I require your assistance with something.” Balthazar looked at Jerry once he had figured it out.

“What is that?” Jerry seemed to have noticed something when Balthazar’s expression changed suddenly.

Balthazar explained that Veronica gave herself to seal Morgana, and afterward proposed his plan to bring Jerry in assisting with obliterating Morgana.

Jerry immediately responded, “This is no problem, and since I know that you’re going to kill Morgana. I should be able to assist at that time because I have also made some preparations over the past six months.”

He waved his hand after he finished speaking, and he released the twelve robot soldiers that he had previously placed in the suitcase.

“What are these?” Balthazar and Dave were shocked when they saw the twelve tall and strong robot fighters.

“This is a high-tech robot I got through some friends in the past six months, and I asked those friends to install some weapons on these robots!” Jerry explained.

He turned his head after speaking and told the twelve robot soldiers, “No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 12, release electric shock!”

He has just used a magical spell to control the twelve robot soldiers. Despite their lack of intelligence, they can still comprehend some straightforward commands.

Lightning flashes between their palms appeared as soon as they raised their hands, appearing to be more than ten times more powerful than an electric shock.

Balthazar’s eyes lit up when he saw those brilliant electric currents. Electric currents scare most wizards in this world. Their magic power will become uncontrollable if they are attacked by electric currents, preventing them from quickly releasing magic.

He gave Dave anti-electric leather shoes because of this. The Lightning Ball was created because it has the same effect as an electric current, giving it an advantage over Morgana in battle.

Powerful electric currents can be produced by these robots. They might be able to contribute to the battle with Morgana if they are utilized effectively. Naturally, it would be beneficial to have a better chance of winning against the most powerful and dangerous wizard in history.

“What about their adaptability? Even if they can charge, it will be difficult to fight Morgana if they cannot move quickly, and they will only become living targets.” Jerry was asked by Balthazar.

Jerry selected No 1 to issue an order. No. 1 flew with his body up over the laboratory with his feet and back at the same time. Even though these robot soldiers aren’t as agile as Tony’s suit, they can dodge and move in the air pretty well and fly at a decent speed.

He asked S.H.I.E.L.D. to add electric shock weapons to the transformation at that time so that Balthazar could use them to kill Morgana when he returned this time.

She is the strongest wizard in history who is determined to destroy the world. There are probably a lot of red stars to be obtained if he can assist in her murder.

“Okay. It appears that the plan can be implemented in a month provided you make preparations.” Balthazar said. He clearly finds the robot’s movement to be quite satisfactory.

“It’s amazing that such advanced robots are around!”

You must be aware that the world of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” is currently in 2010, with the exception of the existence of wizards. Dave looked shocked at the twelve robot soldiers Jerry had released. In 2010, it would be considered very advanced technology to see robots that could fly and carry modern weapons.

Jerry turned to Balthazar and inquired, “Teacher, have you ever heard of Dragon Taming Magic?”

“Dragon Tamin Magic? That is extremely old magic.” Balthazar froze for a moment.

“Dragon Taming Magic piques my interest, and I want to learn more about it. However, it has never been mentioned in the magic book.” Jerry didn’t say he had a dragon, he just made up a reason.

Balthazar did not ask much. He would take the chance to deal with Morgana if he helped Jerry. He couldn’t say no to the request to learn more about the Dragon Taming Magic.

“Dragon Taming Magic is a form of covenant magic. We used that magic to command dragons to serve us when dragons were still around. However, since the last dragon died of old age 900 years ago, very few wizards were aware of this kind of magic.”

“As a matter of fact, this sort of magic isn’t totally useless, and a few wizards are as yet utilizing it today. However, bears, tigers, and leopards are controlled by them rather than dragons.”

“This magic can control animals in addition to dragons?” At the point when Jerry heard this, his mind were filled with ideas.

He can not only control dragons, but controls different creatures. Does that imply that he has the power to control the magical animals in “Harry Potter”?

“Of course, provided that you win their approval. You can let the magic work on them, or we used to call it Contract Magic.” Balthazar elaborated.

“Contract Magic? It really is a dull name.” Jerry exhaled.

“Is it impossible to carry out the agreement if the animal does not agree?”

“In theory, it is true. If the contracted animal doesn’t recognize you, you can’t fulfill the contract, but it’s not always absolute.”

He went on without waiting for Jerry to ask, “As long as you conquer it, or hit them to the point of death. The success rate of the contract will be high.”

” If you encounter someone you can’t beat, you can get approval and sign a contract through your favorability. If you come across someone you can beat, you can also sign a contract with them if you want to.”

Balthazar’s meaning was immediately apparent to Jerry. “Then, are you familiar with this type of magic?”

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