Five in the morning.

As an important witness, Rachel was taken back to the Gotham City Police Station by Gordon. Together with Rachel, there was also the gang leader, who was in a coma until now.

Because of the sudden incident, Gordon called an emergency meeting.

“This time it’s not just about the gang smuggling case in Gotham City, it even involves a mysterious warrior group and a man in black who slaughtered 30 people present…” Gordon posted the photo of Rorschach’s back that the police officer took on the whiteboard.

The eyes of everyone present were focused on the back in the photo. The figure was wearing a black cloak, a black hood, and two triangular ears on top of his head, which were extremely conspicuous.

“Commissioner, we can call the surveillance on the transportation hub and investigate where this person came from.” A female police officer said.

Hearing these words, Rachel, who was sitting in the auditorium, felt guilty for a while. But she remembered that Rorschach said that when Rorschach was driving, he avoided all road monitoring equipment.

After all, Gotham City’s road monitoring facilities are extremely imperfect. Even some main roads are not monitored, which is one of the reasons why the crime rate in Gotham City is extremely high, and it is difficult for the police to grasp effective evidence to solve the case.

“Until we have more information about the man in black, don’t release his information for the time being. However, from today onwards, the man in black is extremely dangerous. Police must be arranged to strengthen patrols throughout the city. Once the man in black is found, Report immediately. Don’t face it alone.”

Gordon considers that the police have too little information about the man in black, especially his purpose, the motive for the killing, and so on.

However, from the behavior of this person hiding his true face, it can be seen that he does not seem to want others to discover his true identity.

That being the case, not releasing the information about the man in black, for the time being, is a good move because the murder case can be defined as a private fight between gangs.

Once an arrest warrant is issued and ordinary people are asked to find or report the man in black, he will likely make a move and kill more civilians. Gordon is more concerned about the lives of ordinary people.

“This man in black, code-named The Dark Knight, is a dangerous person. I will then apply to the director for the establishment of a task force to investigate the identity and whereabouts of this Dark Night.”

Gordon made a concluding statement and then stopped discussing the Dark Knight but asked about the specific situation of the smuggling case.

“Did the arrested gang leader reveal any useful information?” Gordon asked the male assistant beside him.

Gordon’s assistant is named John Brad. He is a newcomer to the police force. He is more upright and is quite valued by Gordon.

John shook his head at Gordon, and sighed, “No, the gang leader claimed that he had a mental illness, refused to cooperate with our interrogation, and then started pretending to be crazy.”

“Did you go to a psychiatrist?” Gordon asked.

“I have notified Arkham Asylum, and their chief psychiatrist, Jonathan Klein, is on his way.” John replied.

Gordon nodded, “When Dr. Klein arrives, let him evaluate the leader’s mental state.”

“Understood.” John nodded.

The Gotham City Police Department meeting continues.

Rorschach flew into the sky under the cover of night. He let the Necrosword continue to turn into a black cloak, blending well into the night and flew towards the city. Rorschach did not find any information on Superman or Clark Kent.

But when he flew to the small town of Smallville, Kansas, Rorschach saw Martha Kent, who was alone in the house at the Kent farm, as well as a photo of Clark Kent and the spaceship in the cellar.

“There is Superman in this world. But currently, Superman is not in Metropolis, nor in Smallville…”

Now that Rorschach has confirmed the existence of Superman, he no longer pays attention to this side, and flies to the central city instead.

Central City Police Department Section, Barry Allen is just an ordinary researcher, and he is still staying up all night doing the laboratory report of the crime scene at this time.

Star City, there is no trace of Green Arrow. It seems that Oliver Queenis has not returned.

He felt something when Rorschach flew out of the United States and arrived in London, England.

London, Museum of Human History.

Diana Prince, who is wearing an ordinary uniform of a woman, is sitting in front of the office, with her slender thighs up and reading the newspaper, holding a cup of fragrant coffee in her hand, taking a sip from time to time, looking very leisurely and comfortable.

Suddenly, Diana seemed to notice something. She put down the newspaper, got up and walked to the window, looking in a certain direction in the sky.

“Ares resurrected?” She felt a powerful divine power from the opponent.

This world has experienced the war of the gods, and the only god of the Twelve Gods of Mount Olympus who died was Ares, the God of War.

However, Ares provoked a war in the whole world. As the daughter of Zeus, Diana, in order to prevent Ares, embarked on the road of slaughtering the gods and finally succeeded in killing Ares.

The only one who can kill a god is another god.

However, Ares has a very special power. As long as there are wars and disputes, Ares will be resurrected sooner or later and then start the war again.

Because of this, Diana decided to hide her name and silently guard the world, waiting for the resurrection of Ares and defeating him again.

Diana felt the powerful strength of a god and thought it was Ares who was resurrected. The next moment, Diana changed her look.

She was wearing battle armor, a starlight crown on her head, a sword in one hand, and a shield tightly in the other hand. She stepped on the winged shoes, and with a lasso around her waist, she jumped onto the window.

“Ares, I can smell your stench from a long distance away.” After flying into the sky, Diana’s gaze immediately locked on the dark figure in front of her.

She stomped on her feet, her flying speed increased a bit, and she quickly rushed in front of Rorschach.

Rorschach heard Diana call him ‘Ares’ from a long distance and couldn’t help but shook his head with a smile, “Sorry, ma’am, you got the wrong person. I am not Ares.”

After seeing Rorschach’s face, Diana was obviously taken aback.

Then she pulled off the Lasso of Truth around her waist, fixed her eyes on Rorschach, and said, “Ares is the best at disguising and deceiving. To be cautious, I must use the lasso to make you tell the truth.”

Before she finished speaking, Diana swung the lasso in her hand and tied it towards Rorschach. Rorschach raised his hand and grasped the lasso in his hand, and the lasso emitted a bright light. This means that the lasso has the ability to make the person tell the truth.

“Tell me, who exactly are you?” Diana looked at Rorschach and asked seriously.


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Published On: May 23, 2023

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