It has to be said that even though Diana has lived in human society for many years, the sense of justice in her bones has never faded away.

“Well, Diana, too much is too much…” Rorschach quickly dissuaded her. If Diana followed, how could he go back to see Rachel?

After all, he promised Rachel that he would definitely go back to find her.

Diana looked at Rorschach, puzzled, “Didn’t you say that the crisis will come soon?”

“Yes, but most of our future teammates have not yet appeared. You should know that everyone has to go through a road before they can all grow overnight, and I must guide them. As for you, you have a too hasty temper and tend to do bad things with good intentions.” Rorschach explained why he refused Diana’s request.

Diana thought for a while and felt that what Rorschach said seemed to make a little sense. Thinking of this, Diana glanced at Rorschach secretly, and her heart beat a little faster.

“Diana, I have another very important matter that I need to ask for your help. Which is related to the life and death of countless human beings in the future world.” Rorschach said, staring at Diana seriously.

Rorschach’s serious expression fazed Diana. She straightened out her huge chest with an expression of listening attentively.

“Can you lend me some money?” Rorschach said without changing his expression.

“What?” Diana suspected that she had heard it wrong.

Rorschach coughed lightly, “You also know that money is indispensable everywhere in this society. It’s not that I need to ask you to borrow money, but that our future teammates need your help.” What Rorschach said is convincing. As long as a reasonable excuse exists, it is not considered a waste.

If Diana is unwilling to lend money to Rorschach, then Rorschach can only rob a few gangsters.


Diana took out a wallet from the drawer, took out a credit card from the drawer, and handed it to Rorschach, “You can swipe this credit card at will, and the password is… The password is my birthday, my real birthday.”

“Thank you dear.” With a smile on his face, Rorschach took the credit card from Diana’s hand.

Diana specifically emphasized the real birthday, indicating that her identity certificate is now using false information. As for Diana’s real birthday, Rorschach didn’t know, and Rorschach didn’t dare to ask.

After all, Rorschach said that he is Diana’s future husband. How can a husband not remember his wife’s birthday?

If you say you don’t remember, you don’t love yourself enough, or you are a fake husband. No matter what the situation is, it means that Rorschach is lying.

He forgets about it. He planned to rob criminals and gangsters.


Gotham City Police Department, interrogation room.

Arkham Asylum Chief Psychiatrist, Jonathan Klein, came to the interrogation room to conduct a psychiatric evaluation of the arrested gang leader.

“Doctor, get me out of this prison. She has the evidence of our transaction.”

When the leader of the gang met Jonathan Klein, he greeted Jonathan Klein very familiarly. The two had met more than once, and the gang leader also knew that the shipment of goods transported today would eventually Enter Arkham Asylum.

“Who has the evidence of our transaction? I heard from the people in the police station that you were killed by a person code-named The Dark Knight?”

Jonathan bribed the Gotham City police officers. Now his conversation with this gang leader will involve privacy and will not be monitored. They don’t have to worry about being heard by others. The leader trembled visibly when hearing the code name ‘The Dark Knight’.

“That guy is a devil. He is invulnerable. He can fly over walls, and his eyes can spew flames. In just a moment, he killed more than a dozen people. You didn’t see it with your own eyes because that guy is terrible. ” The leader spoke incoherently about the horror he saw, but Dr. Crane, who was facing him, lacked interest.

He interrupted the leader, “Sometimes seeing is not necessarily believing. You should just tell me who has the evidence of our transaction.”

“I know you don’t believe what I’m saying. If I didn’t experience it myself, I wouldn’t believe it even if I was killed. It’s Rachel, Rachel Dawes, the attorney who has been investigating us.” The leader said fiercely.

“She deciphered our code?” Dr. Crane asked.

“It seems very likely that it may have something to do with the Dark Night. We have been shipping the goods for you for several months, and so many men died this time. If you want to continue cooperating, you must pay more!” The leader knocked on the table with his hand and said loudly.

Regarding the request for additional money, Dr. Crane smiled, “Is this your own idea, or is it Carmine Falcone’s idea?”

“It’s what I meant, and it’s also what our boss meant. I know you guys must be planning some big conspiracy. If you want to continue cooperating, you must show enough sincerity.” The leader looked confident.

“Sincerity? Are you worthy of talking to me about sincerity?”

Dr. Crane took off his eyes. His eye sockets were sunken, like a vulture staring at its prey, and he said, “Do you know what real fear is?” While speaking, Dr. Claire took out a bottle from his briefcase.

He opened the bottle at the leader, releasing some gas.

“They cry, they scream, just like you now. Because they saw beings more terrifying than the devil…” When the leader inhaled the white gas, everything in front of him instantly changed into a hellish scene.

Dr. Crane sitting facing him is like a god of death wearing a scarecrow mask, harvesting his life. The leader fell into a crazy illusion. He was trembling with fear and completely insane. He glanced at the leader with pity, then turned and left the interrogation room.

He had just stepped out of the door of the interrogation room when he bumped into Gordon, “Commissioner, this man has gone crazy and can’t communicate at all, sorry, I can’t do anything about it.”

After finishing speaking, Dr. Crane, or should be called the Scarecrow, left the Gotham City Police Department with a  smile on his face.

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Published On: May 23, 2023

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